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Haven of Nightmares

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Haven of Nightmares

Post by Haven on Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:33 pm

First topic message reminder :

Personality and the Basics

Western Dragon
986 years old
Date of Birth:
Haven does not speak unless he wants to speak. He does what he is told without much objection. He was raised and trained fiercely, with zero tolerance of failure. He keeps to himself to the shadows. He demands respect from the ones he clearly overrules. He thinks, "Of those to who earn the right to live, should live to the fullest. Those who fail, should be put down." Unpredictable in the way he is, he keeps himself closed up. "There shall be no room for weakness". He does not like shinny things, but bones, they fascinate him. He believes in the Death Penalty, or death to those who do wrong. He can be a perfectionist at times, and very flirtatious, but can never keep a mate. He is not one to trust.  He has low tolerance for dragons who think they are smart when they are not.
Haven doesn't interact with dragons, making him a perfect at secret holding. He would die for the one that commands him, almost as if a programmed machine. He knows what he can do, how and when. He acts upon mostly instinct, more savage, little emotion. As a smart warrior, he usually always has a backup plan, and if he fails, even the slightest, he puts himself into mental pain, scarring even, to remind himself what tribe he is in, why he is in it, and why he should not fail again.
Haven trains nearly every day, in areal combat, terrestrial combat, hand-to-hand, and distance. He is well physical fit. Not only does he train his body, he also trains his mind.He trains himself to fight to whatever situation possible. Putting himself through mental and physical torture until he surpasses his limits with flying colors.

Reads History:
Haven learns about other tribes, their history and how if in a time they were dismembered or brought down by another force. He looks at their anatomy, continuously updating himself on their movements and/or fighting styles. If necessary, he would go see for himself... On the battlefield.

Bone Hunting:
As he is very intrigued by bones, that of dragons and of other creatures, he goes to the deserts to search for the white, solid bones.

Studying Shadows:
Of that of which he fights with, together with the shadows, he brings their abilities to his attention.
Training: He has taught his body to anticipate and to expect harsh training nearly every day. He can break several bones a day, only to go to the healer to get them fixed.

He loves to fly, on his free time he goes on long expeditions to fly out into a storm

In battle, and not training. He loves the rush of adrenaline and the look of pure horror as he attacks another. He is known to take chunks of flesh out of his enemy and eat it before their eyes.  

This can be put many ways. If another dragon disrespects him, he would and will put them in their place. If they dare disrespect his Queen, his Majesty, death would be upon them before they could even breath.

Being ordered around by a dragon beneath him: He will not ever have that, reminding them with brutal force.
Not being good enough for his tribe
To see his Queen get hurt.
Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin:
In the heart of Shveki
Strictly Xoyan, a little universal.
If to try to communicate with other's: grunts, growls, roars, and physical body gestures
In the heart of Xoya, the Empire
Unknown until revealed in a role play

Physical Appearance and Accessories

114 Foot
200 Foot
285 Foot
Black with hues of dark, dark purple in the sunlight.
Dark crimson red
Sometimes, he wears another dragon's skull upon his own, for intimidation and secrecy. He wears a onyx stone, embedded into his chest by powerful magic, the place holder for his soul when he summons it.
Sometimes he wears a bone platted tail band for maximum damage. He wears talons of other dragons as well, making his longer. If they were to break, he'd have his own talons to smash and tear with.  
He has many horns and spikes. Large horns protrude from his head, long, elegant and sweep to the sky in long curls. His neck, back, tips of wings, and tail all carry long, slender spines that can move, vertical or horizontal. He does not have a nose horn. Little horns can be found on his high cheekbones, under his chin, and connecting to his large horns that come from his skull. Each of his scales have a little point to them, like shark skin, only pointed out.
Overall Appearance:
Haven is very well armored, naturally with his large scales. They act like solid rock, making it deceptively to attack. The larger scales trace along the sides of his neck, shoulders, front of all legs, top of toes, down and on the sides of his tail. His back has the most armored plating. He is like a large, terrifying dragon, bulldozing through the dragons at battle. His shoulders connect with enormous muscles that line his wings. When he walks, muscles ripple throughout his body. His scales can change hue if looked at, at different angels and lighting. Straight on, pitch black, as if light is absorbed, at a glance, his dark dark purple flashes. At any angle, his scales give him the "trippy" feeling in the air, as he moves and glides, continuously changing direction. He has visible scars, nearly everywhere on his body, torn wing membranes, scars line his body. Chipped horns, chipped scales, but he polishes and cleans every day, to keep his glamour at top notch. He has large slits within his neck, three on each side. These are like extra nostrils, to sense fear from 10 kilometers away, and to gulp the sensational snack down. Upon his back, a sail could be found, almost like that of the Spinosaurus.

Art by: Peter Prime

Art by: Ben Wotten
Demon: With his demon form, which he summons from Hells Gates, he becomes his soul, which was locked up and guarded by a demon Finrohir, one of the strongest to guard. He guards Haven's soul from being taken and used by the wrong demons. Haven can summon his soul to and from the locked chamber, even farther than Hades' Underworld resides. Deeper than mythological stories.

Art by: Damie

Ruth Tay

Roar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCGjAKpXh6A
This King can roar as loud as a 747 Jet Engine.

Abilities and Strengths

Walking Among Nightmares:
Nightmares consist of feelings of intense terror, fear, distress, or anxiety. He has the ability to jump into other's dreams, but only while he is asleep as well, and only if they are in the vicinity of one mile. If they to wake up, slowly or suddenly, he would be shoved back into his own body, waking up as well. With a fast awakening, he cannot use this power again until two nights. If to slowly wake up, he can jump back into another dream, for the limit of a single post. He would already be pushing his physical and physiological limits. This can also happen in the REM part of sleep, not before, and not after. He can not physically hurt the dreamer, but can put some nasty images, voices, and put his face into their dream. Limiting him to the correct time to enter dreams, his window only open for 1-2 1/2 hours a night. He does not know in that mile of the dragon. When he falls asleep, his power draws himself to their dreams. If they move, then they are rather... Sleepwalking? He will be ripped out of the dream.

Feeding Upon Fear:
Adrenaline can spread through the air, engulfing the one with it in a cloud of the chemical. The sides of his neck can sense it, and hypersensitive pores on the tip of his nose can sense it. (Like a shark can sense electromagnetic waves and blood) Inside his gills, there are hundreds of hypersensitive pores always active. The range would be about 50-100 feet depending on the wind and where he would be at.

Producing Fear Inducing Chemicals:
His body can naturally produce chemicals that can induce fear and jump start the "Fight or Flight" mode in a stage of gas. Naturally, a dragon's body produce these chemicals, cortisol, adrenaline, and then glucose into the bloodstream, to start up the energy to "run". Haven's chemicals have a nasty twist to them, making you only feel terror, to an extent of rarely or to not move at all. Locked terror. This takes little from Haven, since the gas of chemicals comes naturally as fire comes natural from a fire dragon. You can resist this gas, it is possible, but, there is not a way to not feel displaced or strange. A slight tickle of the back of a brain. The fear of there is a fear, but your body does not have to act upon it. The gas itself is gray and black, shifting in the light. It's rang is about 30 feet before evaporating or having little to no effect

His soul, stuck somewhere were none could find, can be summoned. It takes time for his soul to reach it's holding stone and melt into the body of the male. His face practically peals itself from it's bone, revealing bloodshot eyes, blood, patches of flesh, and blood. His scales seem to shrink, making him able to defy gravity in the ways of an Eastern Dragon, moving, bouncing and floating upon the air. His body produces his Chemical Gas at rates of 2x of what he can originally. The near site of him can bring horrible terror to one's heart. He needs plenty of space, an open field or something with large amounts of space. Little spaces, narrow spaces, he can not transform. under attack or pressure it will and can mess with his mind. Emotionally wrecked, he wouldn't even dare. If it puts his troops under threat, he will not.

(Limited Time on These Abilities:
He has limited time on each ability, to sensing, to producing chemical fog, and traveling to dreams. Physically, he can keep a battle up, physical and with his abilities, most likely only lasting a few hours before passing out from pure exhaustion. Walking Among Nightmares, Producing the Gas, and the Demon)
Physical Strength:
Haven has trained all of his life, he is lined with muscle and large scales that act as armor. His reflexes are fast, and he can bring down a force of hundreds to bow at his feet. (metaphorically)

High Endurance of Pain:
Physical or Physiological, he's put himself through it all. To being in a cave of life threatening situations, to being put into battle drugged. If he were to be captured, he would die before he would say anything.  

Blocked Gas:
If Haven's snout is clamped shut without even the trace of a space that his thick fog can escape, he becomes vulnerable. He does not have normal nostrils upon the end of his snout, only upon the sides of his face where he can breath, not exhale gas.

No Other Long Ranged Weapon:
He does not have another way to protect himself, he does not have fire, ice, acid, or whatever a dragon can posses. Just thick smokey chemicals.

Haven's soul is very dangerous, and only to be summoned when the magic that holds it, allows it. And only when the magic knows for a fact that Haven is in danger, other than that, Haven cannot have his soul. If Haven gets angry and asks for it, the magic does not let it go from its box. The dragonness that took his soul and placed it under spell was his own mother. Rarely does he, so rarely Haven is a full blown Demon.

Demon Mode:
Very vulnerable to attacks, scales practically falling off of him. It takes him a day to gain control over his body after his soul has been with him. Almost molting from the skin that has become too small, and back to his original size.

Heat drains the energy from him, making him dulled, not only his senses, fighting, controlling his mind. Everything.

Pockets of Pores:
Since these hypersensitive pores are sensitive, if stabbed, long term or permanent damage can take place. They can close up, just like nostrils on the end of other dragon's noses. If not, stabbed, torched, or even dirt can damage them. It can be extremely painful. He can blackout, become aggressive towards his allies, or even death.  This is also a soft spot to pierce a weapon through to the heart, lungs, or other intestinal systems. Fatal, and even death.
Fighting Style:
Haven fights depending on his opponent, situation, and if he is with soldiers. The surrounding, whats in it, and if he can make any moves at all. He picks his battles.
He can fight as a soldier, brutal, no mercy. He can fight in a line of soldiers, military like.
Another side, he can fight completely rouge, at times if he does not know how to fight the other, or if he's fighting a dragon that does not... Exactly know how to fight.

Little magic is in his blood.

Verse of Summoning:
Summoning can be difficult, even for the greatest wizards of the dragon world, depending on what you are summoning. His mother had created a summoning spell, specifically for Haven's soul, and for Haven only.

Small Spells:
He can pick up small things, lesser than the mass and volume of a book.

The gif at the top: Creator- simul-in-aeternum

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Re: Haven of Nightmares

Post by Scortia on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:43 pm

What all did you add to this?

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Re: Haven of Nightmares

Post by Sonus Decessus on Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:18 pm

Not done yet. Technically haven't added anything yet

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Re: Haven of Nightmares

Post by Scortia on Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:21 am

Okay. Well, let me know when you're done with everything, and then tell me what you added, so I know what to grade o3o

My life in a nutshell:
[21:39:56] Silhouette : (Why the pic?)
[21:40:05] * Blaze isnt over dramatic, he just doesnt like ardent being "one" with Scort.
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[21:53:14 19/11/2016]@ Oculus : are you guys mixing up Hetalia with Hentai?
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[21:53:31 19/11/2016] Silhouette : (I think that was it Oculus)

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"Man, I wish my art didn't suck." - Scortia, commenting on her own art
"Yep, there's wind." - Connie Maheswaran
"YO, WHO'S BABY IS THIS?" - John Laurens, in a comic I read
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Re: Haven of Nightmares

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