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Chatbox Rules

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Chatbox Rules

Post by Oculus on Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:48 pm

Rules of the Chatbox

-No Discrimination
We are all human. Treat everyone equally.

-No Swearing
There are minors on this site, keep it pg-13. A slip up occasionally is fine as long as it's not consistent. No avoiding the swear blocks.

-No Sexual/Adult Talk
Again, this is a Pg-13 site. Don't be talking of this. This includes sexual innuendos.
Don't make out either on chatbox. A lick and snuggling are fine, but no in-depth detail.

-No Trigger Topics
Don't discuss anything that may offend other users.  Everyone has their own beliefs and religions. Please be respectful of them. If someone is uncomfortable with the topic and asks to stop, just stop.
No talk of suicide. Period. If you have having issues, contact someone in real life. The internet is not the place to get help for this.

-No Spam
Members do not enjoy spam, so please keep those urges to hit the enter button instead of the space bar suppressed. If someone is spamming, please contact a staff so they can issue a warning and clear.

-No Arguing
If you have an argument, take it off the chat and to a PM. If things are getting heated, feel free to ask a staff member to come and assist you in diffusing the situation, or providing you with the answer to said argument if applicable.

-Be Friendly
Everyone here just wants to have fun, lets all be chill and have a good time.  Don't go on a hate spree of just belittling members or 'killing' or 'hurting' them. If someone asks you to stop, just stop.

Chatbox Help
-In Context (IC) Roleplaying
Chatbox roleplays are not considered cannon on the forum unless all users agree to it.
Italics are considered to be IC talking to access italics, hit the slanted 'I' button
To do IC actions, type "/me" and the action
Example: /me talks to the people in chat -------- [03:12:18] * Zolt talks to the people in chat

These can be found just to the left of the chat. The A with a line under it lets you pick a chat color, and the smile face lets you pick emoticons.

Other tips
To underline text, hit the 'U' button.
To do strikethrough text, use the 'S' button
To go into the 'away' section or to mention you are absent from the chat, do '/asb' or '/away'. You can also add a reason after, just like with the '/me' action.
Example: /abs Getting dinner -------- [03:11:26] Zolt is away : Getting dinner
If you don't want to hit the 'Log out' button, you can always so '/exit'. Just like with '/abs', you can add more information after it.
Example: /exit gtg real quick -------- [03:16:47] Zolt has logged off the chat on Sun 25 Sep 2016 - 3:16 (gtg real quick)

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