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Talar Valerce (OPEN)

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Talar Valerce (OPEN)

Post by Whispering Soul on Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:18 pm

Spring once more. Esridar thought with a tinge of sadness. It was around the time when his father had died many years ago, but now was not a time to mourn, for it was Talar. The warm season had arrived and patches of snow flowers had begun to wake from their long slumber, giving the normally barren landscape an almost, water like look. The soft blue hues of the flowers and the melting snow was a wonder to see. Such beauty in such a barren place. He complemented silently. Looking out from the balcony of the palace which he lived in, Esridar watched as farmers wheeled carts full of food for the Talar Valerce, dragons were bringing decorations -petals of flowers, leaves, and carved pieces- to the central square of the tribe- the Celestial Stone. Spreading his massive feathered and webbed wings, Esridar leapt from the balcony feeling every draft of wind and warm air in his feathers as he glided down to the ground, landing quite awkwardly on his hind legs. He turned and took a step towards the Square, but then turned and leapt back into the sky. He flew for quite some time, before landing once more on a isolated hill that overlooked the tribe. A small stone laid in the snowy ground, flowers that had sprouted near the grave gave the area a calming scent. Looking into the cloud speckled sky, Esridar spoke softly. “Father, i’ve been trying my best to make peace with the Ki’sha and protect the tribe you left in my claws. I have tried but I feel as if I have not done enough.” He lowered his head, feeling shame creep into him. A soft warm breeze gently blew agaisnt him, he knew his father was with him. “But as you would always say, ‘Sometimes you have to let the answer to your questions come to you, instead of seeking them.’ but…” He sighed.” I’ll try and make Kaamil safe, and I will always try. I promise to you, that this Talar Valerce will be the best one since your death.” With the self assuring words still in his mind, he took off into the sky and flew back to the Kaamil tribe. He landed swiftly and trotted to the Stone to help with preparing the feast for the Talar Valerce. “ Nemara!” He called, searching for the head hunter. He soon found her. “Nemara, I would like you to gather a hunt for the Talar Valerce.” The Nemara nodded and bounded off to gather the Huins. Turning to the Celestial Stone once more, Esridar looked around quickly, before walking up to a Morai that was watching the gathering of the dragons in the square. “Morai, I would appreciate it if you could find a tracker to deliver invites to this Valerce to the other tribes nearby, for I seem to not be able to find one at the moment..” The Moral nodded.”Yes sir.” Esridar then went to the farming complex, and began to gather a few bright green leaves from the trees that had been nurtured in the cold climate. Running back to the square, he speckled the stone with the leaves. This Valerce will be one of the best. He concluded silently.
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Re: Talar Valerce (OPEN)

Post by Artemise on Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:10 am

It was spring, yet it was still cold, Artemise thought as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes, savouring the feel of the cold wind against her face. Oh well. That was to be expected; after all, the Kaamil lived in the North, and it remained cold there throughout the year. That didn't mean they had no festivals to celebrate the spring, though. Talar Valerce was the name of the festival that she was expected to attend today, and, not wanting to be late, which was bound to give Esridar a bad impression, Artemise opened her eyes and spread her wings, throwing herself into the sky with a jump and a flap of her wings. On her way to the celestial stone, she spotted Esridar, gathering leaves, and she suddenly remembered the white flowers she clutched in her paw, meant to be scattered around the cool stone of the structure where the festival would be held. The Celestial Stone.

Artemise watched as Esridar ran back to the square, and circled once before starting to descend, silently landing beside Esridar. "Greetings, Your Majesty," she shyly greeted the Kainura, giving him a hesitant half-smile - she might be loud around her friends, but that didn't mean she was also extremely loud upon meeting a stranger, especially one of high rank - before turning her attention to the white flowers, randomly scattering them around, hoping that it was okay to do so. "It's quite a nice day, perfect for Talar Valerce," she commented politely, watching as the breeze blew the flowers and the leaves around, turning them over and over as it scattered them further around the stone. Then she moved away from Esridar, to stop a flower from being blown right off the stone. She put it back to its original place, but it was blown away again, and with a huff of annoyance, she let it go, watching it flutter through the air, away from them.

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