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Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

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Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

Post by Scortia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:19 pm

Many fear the creatures that lurk in the darkness. Or perhaps it is simply a fear of the unknown. If you can't see it, how can your rational mind judge if it is dangerous or not? You are caught in a suspense. This, sometimes, can be even more dangerous that what your actually scared of, that you're worried it might be. The mind has a diabolic habit of imagining the worst case scenario.

The unknown can drive a man mad.

Strange things have been happening around Shveki. Strange things that are making people uneasy. But at the same time, they haven't. No one knows what is going on yet, but the fear is still there.

Fear of the unknown

Who knows what one might find, on an unsuspecting hunting trip....

(The following is a kickstarter for the sitewide plot, involving the dragons from Shveki, as it wouldn't make sense for a Shveki dragon to be on Layrian without a reason. This rp, however, will take place roughly two weeks to a month after the events of Black Snow. This is completely separate, though, and could be considered a separate part from Black Snow. Takes place around dusk.)

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Re: Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

Post by Azelf Agorani on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:40 pm

That afternoon had been quite productive, thought Azelf to himself. He strode around town happily, his head held high. He had managed to finish all of the paper work he had needed to get done, as well as all the personal work he had needed. Not to mention life for the Valeterrene had been pretty sweet, lately. Everything had been progressing nicely. Everyone was efficient, and everyone, for the most part, seemed happy. But no one was probably as happy and self absorbed as Azelf was, as he trotted towards the edge of the town.

But alas, no one could shake that feeling.

Nobody could explain it, but for some reason, things felt off. Azelf, of course, didn't much care for these things, as they only pulled down his attitude. His naturally optimistic personality prevented him from contemplating these thoughts for too long.

At the moment, Azelf was off to retrieve something from a friend of his, Nuatuk. The two had recently been meeting about a project Azelf was working on, and he was going to collect the newest piece from her. The only problem was she lived an awful distance from the main village. Claimed she enjoyed solitude.

Azelf didn't buy that for a second!

Besides, how could someone dislike being surrounded by other draconiforms, who compliment you and give you nice things? Oh, it was simply wonderful. Azelf would shake his tail back and forth in anticipation, as he wandered deeper into the jungle.

But Nuatuk didn't just live far away from the main village, she didn't live within the borders at all. While she was technically a Valeterrene, her house was outside of the Valeterrene borders, which made Azelf a bit nervous. But nonetheless, it was her decision, so why should he argue? He distantly wondered if he should bring a guard with him, but shrugged it off. It wasn't like Nuatuk was super far from the border, after all. Plus, he'd only be a few minutes.

Growing tired of his walk, Azelf would spread his wings, launching himself into the air, and soaring through the jungle, hardly a concern in his mind.
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Re: Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

Post by Mina the Star Queen on Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:11 pm

Ooo, what pretty clouds!

This was a thought that occurred to Mina as she stared up at the sky, her eyes wide. The breeze seemed to be carrying small, black snowflakes on it. The dragoness had only gone out for a quick walk, when she had stumbled onto the breeze. It smelled richly of soot and ash, of smoke and fire. It was an unusual encounter, to be certain. She hadn't been expecting the unusual sight. All she had done was got out of her cavern bed to go get something quick to eat.

But nonetheless, it was here. It wasn't, however, noticeable, despite the unusual appearance. It only seemed to really drift lightly across the shore, and then dissipated into the air. Mina, curious, decided to follow the trail of black droplets. She didn't exactly have anything better to do. After all, she wasn't really all that hungry.

She'd start to make her way over the rocky mountains, unknowingly heading towards the border of Valeterrene territory.
Mina the Star Queen

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Re: Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

Post by Iwaizumi on Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:21 pm

Iwaizumi had felt uneasiness stirring in him for the past few days, and today had decided to go out, to walk off his worries - what was there to worry about? yet he still hadn't been able to shake off the feeling that something was coming. His walk had turned into a journey to the borders of Valeterrene territory, something he rarely did, preferring to stay within range of civilisation, and not wander out into rogue lands, but here he was, edging across the end of the space his Tribe claimed as their own. Spreading his wings, he launched into flight, flying through jungles after jungles, trees whizzing by, and soon was soaring out into the sky as he grew bored of dodging trees, towards some mountains; he did not notice a fellow Valeterrene flying in the trees below him, only a black dot on the mountain. He slowly descended, noticing details emerging as he drew closer to the dragon, who turned out to be a wingless hydra. Landing several feet away from them, he bowed down politely. "Hello," he greeted in Universal.

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Re: Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

Post by Artemis on Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:11 pm

Artemis hung by a fallen tree, unknowingly very close to the Valeterrene. She was here because she hoped that perhaps there would be a freshly killed animal this far away from her own Xoyan territory, but this far, she had found nothing.

She huffed and walked straight ahead, away from the tree and towards water in the distance. She had yet to notice any form of oddity, though she had been feeling... off... lately. She put it to hunger, which she was currently trying to solve. Perhaps the dragoness could catch some fish in the water, if she were quick enough. Even her satchel had nothing but objects and Artemis had been unable to find any nests, bird or dragon alike, to loot for eggs. It was getting far harder for her to find things to eat. Dragons weren't even leaving around corpses of deer or bones anymore. There wasn't a thing that even a vulture could touch.

Artemis reached the sand and let out a high-pitched rumble, her imitation of what other dragons call "purring". It was warm here. She stopped dead, suddenly seeing a milky-white, three-headed thing near her.


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Re: Deceitful Creatures [Open][Plot]

Post by Sponsored content

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