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Two Characters At Once

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Two Characters At Once

Post by Sonus Decessus on Tue May 09, 2017 8:06 pm

So, main thing about this is, what are everyone's thoughts on having a character of yours and another character of yours in the same roleplay??

Answer honestly, I know that some people prefer to not have their characters meet, for the sake of role playing with yourself is not fun. You can run into many issues and sometimes favoritism.

Example: Let's say a dragon (User) was fighting another dragon and supposedly another dragon (same User) jumped in and tried to save the FIRST dragon's behind because the USER didn't want their FIRST dragon to die.

Ya dig?
Some people just dislike that very much, and I completely understand that.

Then there is the other side of this argument, where some people can still role play with two characters in the same role play and be completely fine. They'd interact the same with other characters and keep their IC personalities. I've seen people do that, I've done this, and if you keep to your IC character's personality, nothing can really go wrong.

Example: Character #1 has a very hostile personality
Character #2 is very lively and smushy and lovydovey
These two would probably never meet in a situation. Correct? Their personalities wouldn't get a long at all. So that's where you put some common sense into things

So, really I'm asking this because the [Site Roleplay] will be beginning to spike, and soon, tribes will have to work together or against each other. I have two characters that somewhat have large roles, and will have large roles in this site role-play and will eventually have to meet sometime within this site dilemma. And some role plays you want one dragon to be in, and another to interact with someone else's characters. So, if you're for, what rules would you have to separate the certain characters? Would you like to set any boundaries? If you're against it, please explain to me in great detail of how this should NOT be a thing.

Work in silence, and let your accomplishments speak thousands of words.
Sonus Decessus

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