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Alistair Foster

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Alistair Foster

Post by Alistair on Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:12 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Alistair Foster
Gender: Female
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Night Fury
Age: 22 years
Date of Birth: October 11
Personality: To start with, Alistair Foster can be described as a dragoness who has a soft spot for all beings, especially the hatchlings of her own kind. One may use words like sweet and caring to describe her, and that is good for Alistair seeing as that is what she is going for. She is one who loves and strives to make others happy in her own little way, may it be looking after their babies or catching them some prey. She never forgets a promise and is always determined to keep one. However, this can lead to conflicts. If Alistair swore to keep a secret, she would be puzzled about who she should tell it to. Her instant answer to herself is no one, but in some cases the secret can be unfaithful and Ali would be stuck. This leads to issues and possibly broken friendships. Her own friendliness can be a problem as well, as wary dragons may see her more as manipulative and assume she has an ulterior motive.

Though Ali is basically a wizard with hatchlings, there are some cases where the small ones end up exasperating her. Aye, this Night Fury is capable of anger. She tends to bottle up her emotions on the job when she does get mad (thankfully, this is rare), but often pouts when she's alone. It especially annoys her when she's accused of something by the baby dragon's parent, or that the mother or father won't trust her. With the Xøyan Tribe very combat-oriented, it no longer surprises the female when there are some, um. . . Stubborn dragons, I guess.

Alistair is a finicky female who is picky in multiple situations. She is certainly a picky eater, no doubt. She also has a certain sense of humor. She hates dirty or dark jokes, since she is near hatchlings most of the time and she doesn't want to put stuff in their heads. She gets protective of said hatchies, and she is capable of getting nasty and offensive to defend the young ones. She is not one to fight, but she tries to be threatening.

As for romance, Alistair can be a flirt. However, she is delicate with how she uses her words. Her goal is to leave her male of interest wondering if she actually likes him. Of course, she doesn't always reach this goal, which can lead to embarrassment of both her and the male. Alistair tries to be sly, and always attempts to keep her interest guessing.

~Alistair watches over hatchlings as her way to contribute to the Stormcallers. She oversees hatchies whose parents are out and about and also the ones who were orphaned.
~This Night Fury enjoys catching fish and getting her paws on fruit.
~Sometimes Alistair may paint when she has nothing else to do.
~She also relishes in observing natural wildlife. All of it is fascinating and simply gorgeous.
~Fruits and nuts, especially melons and walnuts. Walnuts are very tasty and Alistair doesn't mind snacking on them, although they are basically impossible to find in her current habitat. It's the same with fruits. The only stuff related to fruit up in the peaks are berries.
~Autumn. The colors are beautiful, and it's not so hot but not so cold either. Just how Alistair likes it.
~The color orange, like the color of some sunsets. What's wrong with having a favorite color?
~Fish. Alistair will have it any way, cooked or raw! She's very grateful when this is given to her, as fish is her favorite food.
~Hatchlings. They're just plain adorable, and they're also part of her job.
~Summer. WAY too hot for me, thank you!
~Allergies. Who enjoys pausing to sneeze every ten seconds and having itchy eyes?
~Being itchy. Ugh whatever, who enjoys being itchy at all? Not me!
~Having sticky scales. It's obnoxious, isn't it?
~Severe heat. I knew that summer would kill me sometime. . .
~Burning to death. Who wants to be killed by something you absolutely hate?
~Being loathed. Alistair wants to be friends with everyone because she is super innocent like that, so it really damages her feelings when someone dislikes her. It makes her feel like she did something wrong.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: The Alpines in Layrian
Tribe: Xøya
Position: Hatchling Caretaker
Language: Fluent Xoyan and Universal
Home: Wherever the Xoyan's live
Parents: Insignificant.
Siblings: Insignificant.
Relatives: None.
Mate: Maybe soon. <3
Offspring: None.
History: Alistair has had a simple life. She was born a rogue, but when she got older she joined Xoya and became the hatchling caretaker there.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 4 feet
Length: 25 feet
Wingspan: 40 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Alistair sports dark charcoal-black scales that appear to be very smooth and feel rather cool to the touch. She has no special markings.
Eyes: Yellowish-Green. Sometimes green seems more dominant than the yellow shade, and vice versa.
Overall Appearance: Alistair is a sleek dragon with a slender shape. She has a certain type of anatomy that not many other eastern dragons share, which can only be referred to as the slim build of a Night Fury. Alistair is short yet long in size, having very large wings that she is very proud of. They sometimes drag the ground behind her when she walks. She has a long tail as well, which has two fins on either side at the end. Though this female has a long body, she has rather short legs that manage to hold her body up with little effort.

Unlike most dragons, instead of Alistair having a narrow and pointed snout, she has a rounded head with a pretty frill at her cheeks. All in all she has a sense of grace, although sometimes she may pop into silly poses.

Her pink tongue is wide and has a slight fork at the tip.

By Slavenakie

Abilities and Strengths

~Alistair is good at dealing with baby dragons.
~Being given her dark hide, she can blend in well in dark areas.
~This dragon is also fairly swift in the sky. On her feet she is just average, but when she flies she is much faster. She reaches her top speed, 120 mph whilst in a deep dive, but her horizontal speed is slower. The fastest that one can get is 60 mph. Her soaring speed is 40. She can hold up her top speed for about a minute and a half.
~It is said that dark colors are the ones that absorb more heat. With Alistair having dark scales, she gets hotter than dragons with lighter-colored hides. This makes her more likely to get a stroke.
~Alistair is very small, so to larger dragons she is easy to shove and push around. A big one may be able to pick her up.
~Alistair can't fight at all, so she is basically a free kill in combat.
~Alistair has very large wings, and they sometimes get in the way of daily activities. Not just to her, but to other dragons.
Fighting Style:
~Alistair doesn't fight at all.
~Alistair has the skill to place magical lotus traps on the ground. She only uses these in a dire situation, like when the hatchlings are in danger or when she is being chased down. Since she doesn't have much experience in summoning it, she can only summon one every five posts. It sprouts from her paw, and it then burrows itself underground into hiding. It is triggered to strike when it's stepped on. It spins up and pops into sparks of flame in the shape of a firework, yet stays at ground level. The trap has a very low chance of gravely injuring or killing a dragon. It may just leave a very small and weak burn. If the victim is fire-resistant, it won't effect them at all. The lotus doesn't have a damage radius, so the only one hurt is the one who stepped on it.

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Re: Alistair Foster

Post by Oculus on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:53 pm

~1/2 Approved~

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Re: Alistair Foster

Post by Scortia on Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:27 pm

2/2 approved!

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Re: Alistair Foster

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