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Sekta the Rainbow Snake

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Sekta the Rainbow Snake

Post by Sekta on Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:03 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Sekta-coatl
Gender: Male
Type: Amphiptere
Species: Rainbow Quetzalcoatl
Age: 1419
Date of Birth: September 9th
Sekta used to be such an aggressive character, scaring off numberous draconiforms both intentionally and unintentionally, as his frightful appearance contributed to it. This was because he was a Nftari and he took his job seriously. However, his aggression has cooled off within his thousandths as he saw no point spending the rest of his life terrorising others in order to do his studies. Now Sekta is a patient, collected and wise Safyz'a of the Ki'Sha who wishes the best comes for them, despite their past mistakes in life. Also having made mistakes in life, Sekta believes in second chances and that everyone should deserves them.
Sekta is usually introverted, only speaking when someone speaks to him, but whenever he speaks, ooh boy, he likes to talk a lot. Sometimes what Sekta says is important, but other times it is so unnecessary long that you might get bored and fall asleep... Oh, don't forget that Sekta is loyal to the Ki'Sha tribe and won't speak to dragons from other tribes(rogues excluded) unless he is told to. (But what if tribe member disguised as a rogue? Ssssh...)
Studying anything literally...
Refreshing his memory on histories and mythologies
Telling Stories
Giving wise advice to his tribe fellows

~Talking, Sekta LOVES to have conversations with anyone regardless of their origin or rank
~Telling/listening to Stories, Sekta's main interest and could spend hours telling a story
~Dragons who are Younger than him, wait that's everyone...

~His head feathers being touched/pulled, these feathers are quite sensitive due to old age so Sekta prefers to not let anyone touch them
~Ice + Snow, though it can get cold in where Sekta lives, at least there's a simple way to get warm and is not always that 'wet' feeling.
~Cold Water, Sekta can actually swim but he despises cold water for the same reason above  
~Dragons who also loathe Sekta

~Not dying peacefully
~Dishonoring his Spiritual Ancestors

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Somewhere in Verula, Sekta's memory on early childhood is rusty
Tribe: Ki'sha
Position: Safyz'a
Language: Fluent Kishin and Universial. Had learnt a bit of Ga'ar but not very fluent in it due to lack of books about it.
Home: Sekta lives along the Ki'Sha tribe
Parents: Parents? What parents? Died from old age
Siblings: If Sekta did have siblings, they're somewhere else probably
Relatives: A lot of nephews!
Mate: Is it not too late to have another mate?
Offspring: Sekta had some but they didn't survive past young adulthood
History: If Sekta told you his backstory, you'll be sitting there for a long looooong LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG  time.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 70 feet
Length: 701 feet
Wingspan: 1052 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Like a regular amphiptere would, Sekta has striped green/dark green scales that runs across his long body. Sometimes, they are seem in an orange/yellow colour instead. The most notable thing about Sekta is his gigorous crown of long feathers that make up a rainbow as well as his bird-like wings which are in the colours of the rainbow too.
Depsite Sekta's old age, these scales/feathers are still in great condition thanks to natural body repair
Eyes: Amber
Accessories: No daliy outfit
Armor: Only for big battles
Horns/Spikes: No notable horns
Overall Appearance:

(Extra: Sekta has the eye mark similar the Egyptian God Horus)

Abilities and Strengths

~Powerful wings: Not only Sekta's wings are colourful, they are powerful enough to push him off the ground and ascend into the air and create air gusts to push foes away from him. While creatures larger than him (in height) could take more force to be blown away, he cannot push those above 100 feet away. (Or those who are heavyweight) The distance of the gust are random and depends on how long Sekta flaps his wings. The maximum distance is 250 feet

~Earth's Roar: Whenever Sekta roars (not hiss), it is so loud that it can shake the earth at magnitude 5.4 max. The roar can expand as far as 150 feet diameter. However, it is not used very often as using it once can drain Sekta of his strength for the day. It takes one post to 'warm up' his throat before unleashing a roar. Once it is done, Sekta cannot roar for the rest of the roleplay topic.   


~Good Patience

~Good memory

~High Intelligence & Wisdom


~Sekta's head feathers are subjective to pain, even a tug can make Sekta lose his calmness

~Ice + Frosty climates, Sekta was never used to this iciness and can severely weaken him

~Overgrown body, not having huge strength and defence, Sekta is just an easy target for physical and elemental attacks.

~Poor Agility, Sekta lacks the ability to move/change direction quickly, on land and in the air
Fighting Style: Sekta uses his magic and abilities in any fight.

Being the Safyz'a, Sekta has processed and practised a lot of magic in his lifetime. These are the magic spells Sekta currently knows:

>Rainbow Flame: Sekta sends out a beam of rainbowy flame that can reach up to 58 feet. Other than making the draconiform temporary colourful and giving a small burn, Sekta can use it to perform other magic listed here and from the spellbooks. How he does so is either by setting it on fire while muttering the words in his head in order to enchant the object, or place some fire in a circle inside a circle as part of a spell.  

>Enchantment of Metal: Sekta can enchant any sort of item/structure made of solid metal. It doesn't matter how big or small the enchantment is, all it requires is that it must have a large portion of some sort of metal element. The types of enchantments are varied but they all have a certain impact on the user or the area. Examples include enchanting a sword or an armour to improve its durability and enchanting a metal roof to make spikes form and poke dragons with them. (I mean what) Just think animus from the Wings of Fire series without the parts where some dragon could use it to force someone to do something or make themselves invincible and/or immortal. The object can only have one effect at the time and if was done in a roleplay, Sekta can only enchant two objects per topic.  

>Circle of Healing: Sekta can draw some circles in the sand, place some gemstones in the smaller circles, and perform a healing spell to heal large and/ or fatal wounds and scars including sealing off the rest of a limb that was ripped off. It takes quite a lot of energy for this spell to work perfectly, so Sekta doesn't bother with the smaller wounds and leaves them to other healers. There is a small chance that the spell may fail.

>I ran out of ideas damn it

Last edited by Sekta on Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:41 am; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : SDFSAHJADGAWJWDGAWYGAGHFRWUJAJDGWUASH)


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Re: Sekta the Rainbow Snake

Post by Artemise on Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:31 am

I recommend adding some more weaknesses to balance out your character.

-- 1/2 Approved??

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Re: Sekta the Rainbow Snake

Post by Scortia on Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:08 pm

I agree with Artemise. One tip I have is try adding more weaknesses to the actual abilities and magic themselves. Such as your roar requires a 1 post warm up, and can only be used once per topic, or something like that.

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Re: Sekta the Rainbow Snake

Post by Sekta on Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:45 pm

Bump, I removed the last ability because it was sneking pointless.


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Re: Sekta the Rainbow Snake

Post by Scortia on Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:44 am

2/2 approved.

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Re: Sekta the Rainbow Snake

Post by Sponsored content

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