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Wait... This Isn't My Home![Private Alistair]

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Wait... This Isn't My Home![Private Alistair]

Post by Mina the Star Queen on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:54 pm

Okay, now I know I'm lost.... Mina thought to herself, as she attempted to navigate the woods of Shveki. While she was normally decent with directions, the hydra hadn't been getting the most sleep lately, so she had been a little out of it. Next thing she knew, she was wandering through the swamps. She groaned as she accidentally stepped in another mud puddle, hearing the squishing sound underneath her paws. She instantly recoiled, hissing as she attempted to remove the mud.

"Gee, this sucks. I don't even know where I am anymore! Oh, this continent is so big! How are dragons suppose to make their way around this place...." Mina's left head complained, looking around her surroundings. She wasn't really worried about any potential dangers. After all, rogues aren't very well informed about that kind of stuff. No, rather, she was searching for somewhere that might be dry.

The one thing Mina wasn't aware of, however, was that she had accidentally crossed over into Xoyan territory.

Her right head would suddenly lift up, "Oh, look! There's some dry land over there!
Finally, things are looking up in my favor!"
the dragoness would say cheerily. She normally preferred the mountains and forests, but through her adventures had somehow found herself here. Oh well, she supposed. T'was a way of life, after all. The problem with being wingless was that she couldn't fly over to a different continent if this one she found annoying.

Though, Shveki did have its fair share of nice mountains, so she supposed that was a bonus. Mina would make her way to dry land, blissfully unaware of any possible other dragons nearby.
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