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Of Minds and Dragons [Private Rihzome]

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Of Minds and Dragons [Private Rihzome]

Post by Ja'nua on Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:09 pm

Sweet fairies peck at your cheeks

As you sing a song so sweet

The water that drips from your lips

Is such a pleasant treat

But watch the water turn to mud

As the river runs with poison

And the sweet song from your lips

Turns vile from lies you bathe in

Quill placed against his temple, Ja'nua would think. This was probably his third rewrite of the poem today. He was getting closer, certainly, but there was still something he wasn't happy with. Perhaps it was the awkwardness in flow? He couldn't quite put his tail on it, but all he knew was that something was off, and he couldn't for the life of him, figure out what. And it was this reason that was driving him crazy.

Sighing, the wyrm would place his quill down, looking out his window. Perhaps he just needed a breath of fresh air. He hadn't been outside in forever, and some clear sky and savanna winds would do him some good, he thought to himself. Lifting himself up, the wyrm would pick up his poem, and put it away somewhere where the wind wouldn't blow it away, and where he would remember to find it. Once it was tucked away, Ja'nua made his way outside.

The outside of his small castle was actually pretty nice. After all, he did have a mountain view. He slithered over to the edge of the cliffside, staring out over the rolling savanna, as it would turn to desert.

For a moment, the old wyrm would simply sit there, closing his eyes, letting the wind brush against his scaled. Then he would sigh, muttering something beneath his breath. Maybe he could go for a stroll. To clear his mind, and get new muse, perhaps. Nodding, the wyrm started on his way, slithering across the way that lead him down the plateau.

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