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Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:56 am

Why this isn't in Chatbox chronicles:

- Removed time and data stamps
- Fixed broken text and grammar
- Removed everything not being part of the story
- I felt like it
Tsidia, the mind player : Hi
@ Vortex : Hey
Tsidia, the mind player : Hello
* Vortex waves
* Tsidia, the mind player waves back
* Vortex approaches. "Hello, I don't believe we've met before."
* Tsidia, the mind player lays down and purrs softly. "I'm Tsidia"
* Vortex smiles faintly. "I'm Vortex. Pleased to meet you."
* Tsidia, the mind player wiggled her tail "Hi Vortex"
* Vortex restrained himself from chuckling, sitting down. "Hello Tsidia."
* Tsidia, the mind player leaned against him gently booped him with the tip of her tail "boop"
* Vortex exhaled, chuckling softly and coiling his own tail around, booping her in revenge. "Boop~."
* Rihzome hugs both, shadows booping both Vortex and Tsidia at the same time. "Double boop~"
* Vortex stares at him with a playful expression. "Cheater."
* Rihzome stuck his tongue out at Vortex, and booped him with his snout. "That better?"
* Vortex chuckled, doing the same thing back to Rihzome. "Yes."
* Majesty picks up shampoo and viciously scrubs vortex
* Tsidia, the mind player snuggles both of them
* Vortex meeps, looking up at Rihzome with a 'help' expression.
* Majesty is the shampoo goddess
* Vortex bows down to the goddess. (Falls on the ground, squirming as he is scrubbed)
* Majesty eats ice cream oo
* Vortex wipes himself off while the 'goddess' is distracted
* Majesty stuffs ice cream in Vortex's face
Tsidia, the mind player : O.o
* Vortex groans, licking a little of it off, glancing between Rihzome and Tsidia
@ Vortex : Oh
@ Vortex : -Rihzome
* Vortex wiggles over to Tsida, cleaning his mask absentmindedly
Tsidia, the mind player : /mw giggles and licks him lightly
* Tsidia, the mind player giggled and licks hin lightly
* Vortex sighs, his scales still slightly damp, followed by a chuckle as she licked him.
* Tsidia, the mind player smilled little silly and licked him again "you smell nice"
* Vortex smiled as well, his tail flicking back and fourth. "As do you~."
* Tsidia, the mind player smiled wider and gently rested her snout on his chest with a soft purr. "Thank you"
* Vortex purred softly, moving a paw to gently stroke her neck. "You are welcome."
* Tsidia, the mind player hissed and moved her neck away. Then blushed and looked away "s-sorry I really don't like being touched there"
* Vortex immediately drew his paw back, nodding in understanding. "Ah, I see. Sorry." He apologized, instead gently rubbing the top of her head.
* Tsidia, the mind player purred softly and scratched his cheek lightly
* Vortex murred quietly, continuing to rub.
@ Vortex : Barely any of Vortex's cheek is visible
@ Vortex : Just a little heads up
@ Vortex : His mask covers most of it
* Tsidia, the mind player slowly wrapped her tail around his. "Is this mask part of your body, or..."
* Vortex shugged. "It might as well be, since I almost never take it off... Almost."
* Tsidia, the mind player nodded and hugged him lightly, encoiling her tail with him
* Vortex smiled warmly, returning the embrace, her tail restricicting most of his movement.
* Tsidia, the mind player purred louder "I like you Vortex"
* Vortex chuckled, nodding a little. "Thanks... I like you too."
* Tsidia, the mind player hummed quietly, slowly closing her eyes
* Vortex hummed in synchrony, gently booping her snout with his own.
* Tsidia, the mind player smiled and continued humming, booping his snout with the tip of her tail
* Vortex drew his head back a little, very gently nomming the tip of her tail.
* Tsidia, the mind player lifted her tail and bent it in three visibility whiter spots, before returning it to Vortex
* Vortex raised an eye ridge, thinking for a moment before gently licking one of the spots.
* Tsidia, the mind player purred very deeply, involuntary
* Vortex purred softly in response, seeing her reaction and continuing giving attention to the first one, shifting his paw a little and gently rubbing another.
* Tsidia, the mind player purred even deeper, blushing softly and letting her body relax, connected to him in warm embrace
* Vortex wondered if he could reach the third with his tail, waiting a few moments then trying, succeeding better than he had expected, as not much of him could move.
* Tsidia, the mind player with her last effort climbed mt. Vortex and splashed her body on top of him purring deeply, directly into his brain
* Vortex exhaled happily, the purring into his brain sending a... calm feeling washing over his mind.
* Tsidia, the mind player closed her eyes and let the world slowly fade away
* Vortex closed his eyes as well, but still remaining in reality.
* Tsidia, the mind player let her consciousness expand, pushing all the happy feline emotions into Vortex
* Vortex twitched, half his mind telling him to accept them, the other wanting to destroy the invasive emotions. Shaking his head, he allowed them into him, purring a bit louder.
* Tsidia, the mind player was woken up by purring, and answered with her own, holding tightly whatever she was currently resting on
* Vortex sighed as she held him tightly, immobile, but not exactly complaining either. "Thank you..."
* Tsidia, the mind player smiled and licked him lightly "Thank you too Vortex", she said and rolled off him, still holding him
* Vortex moved his head, gently licking her snout, wrapping his forelimbs around her in an embrace
* Tsidia, the mind player blushed little deeper, licking his mask and wrapping around him in all ways possible, resting on him and purring deeply. "I feel safe with you Vortex"
* Vortex squirmed a little, then falling still, blushing softly and nuzzling her cheek. "...Good..."
* Tsidia, the mind player stayed silent for a minute and looked up at him. "...can I ask a question you don't want to hear?"
* Vortex gazed back into her eyes. "Perhaps... depends on what you ask me."
* Tsidia, the mind player sighed "why do you wear this mask?"
* Vortex sighed heavily, as he had been expecting that question, drawing his head back a bit. "Well... it hides what I truly am... from myself and others..."
* Tsidia, the mind player continued looking at him, fixing her gaze on him, not moving "Can I... take it off?"
* Vortex looked away for a moment, then turning back to her. "I suppose, just... be gentle."
* Tsidia, the mind player nodded and very slowly, and carefully moved her claw towards the mask, breathing heavily
* Tsidia, the mind player takes off the mask
Tsidia, the mind player : Achievement unlocked - unmasking: see what lies behind the mask
* Vortex closed his eyes, feeling the reversion take place, his undamaged body being replaced by his much more damaged one. As the process finished, he opened his eyes, black, soulless voids staring back at her. "This is... what I am."
* Tsidia, the mind player stared at him for a few seconds and purred softly, hugging Vortex, transferring warmth of her body to him
* Vortex shivered, hugging her back lightly, the transferred warmth not going unnoticed
* Tsidia, the mind player smiled and purred in his ears again, slowly wiggling her tail around
* Vortex purred, although it sounded like a rough growl, sighing and gently nuzzling her cheek again
* Tsidia, the mind player scratched his cheek lightly and booped the true Vortex with the tip of her tail
* Vortex smiled, though it wouldn't look like a smile since he had no lips, closing his eyes and 'purring' loudly
* Tsidia, the mind player didn't mind the diabolic noises at all, smiling back at him and giggling lightly
* Vortex tightens the embrace. "Thank you Tsidia..."
* Tsidia, the mind player smiled wide "now, I feel more safe"
* Vortex tilted his head. "Do you? Huh... That isn't something I'd expect."
* Tsidia, the mind player licked his snout, or rather something which was where snout should be "I know who you are now, so I know you won't hurt me"
* Vortex chuckled deeply, nodding. "I suppose you may be right... I wouldn't hurt you, and you probably know that."
* Tsidia, the mind player relaxed and laid back down, closing her eyes "will you keep me safe here?"
* Vortex curled what was left of his tail around her's. "Of course, as long as you are here with me."
* Tsidia, the mind player quickly fell asleep in his embrace, holding him and smiling, trusting her Vortex to keep her safe
Tsidia, the mind player : ~END
Tsidia, the mind player

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