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List of Tribes, their Leaders and others

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List of Tribes, their Leaders and others

Post by Artemise on Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:31 am

Just a thing that I thought would be useful for new members, instead of having to ask around. If there's any wrong info in here, just PM me. :D Here, you can find the Tribe leaders and high-rankers / notable dragons.

The names in square brackets are their main account, if there is no account for the character.

Kaamil -
Kainura: Erisdar [Whispering Soul]
Fiunuri: None yet.
Fiosi: None yet.
Icien: None yet.
Inira: Kenma
Nemara: None yet.

The Vuari -
Chief: Fate
Sage: None yet.
Emara: Sapphire
Tsunrok: None yet.
Mestra: None yet.

Valeterrene -
Rost / Rossa: Prasi
Shrleav: None yet.
Tulyath: None yet.
Nragin: Azelf Agorani

Stormcallers -
Ruler: Imperia

Lakara -
Orca: Zolt

The Ki'Sha -
The Kuz'a: Scortia
Lekuz'a: None yet.
Irem and Grog: Irem, none yet; Grog, Acer

Xoya -
Kommandant: Haven
- Offense: None yet
- Defense: Azriel
- Intelligence: Oculus
Skyggers: Sephtis, Delilah


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