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Kyuurei, the wicked Refrigerator

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Kyuurei, the wicked Refrigerator

Post by Kyuurei on Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:28 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Kyuurei
Gender: Male
Type: Western dragon
Species: Spitzwing- sometimes referred to as Kyuurei's surname
Age: 14 years old
Date of Birth: April 3rd
Kyuurei is a sweet, adventurous and brave dragon who seems to almost always have infinite amount of enthusiastism in him. When not facing against the perils of the nightmarish lands, his number one priorty is always exploring the wonders that lies within the planet. Though he tends to act naive, he can be quite cunning and have some knowledge on how most things in nature works. He is not afraid when things gets serious and will stand up for his relatives and friends.

However, Kyuurei can be quite rash and sometimes, make wrong decisions that may (or may not) impact on his life or anyone else's. And even though Kyuurei is naturally full of energy but if he somehow has less than a half of his regenerating energy, he'll become grumpy and outbursts of happiness are short-lived at this time around. This is better avoided if we just don't drain Kyuurei's energy...  

Kyuurei's inquisitive nature enables him to wander very far, especially when he is bored. So if you're mentoring him, always keep an eye on him!  
Hoarding 'treasures'
Wandering around places, especially ones Kyuurei has never been to before
Helping/Giving other dragons a talon or two
Studying and practising magic like a good Inira would
~Antique stuff
~Birds and Wolves
~Exploring new places, and finding new treasures!

~Giving up
~Being confined
~Reading/ writing for long periods of time, it just gets boring
~Being mocked for his inability to fly/ small wings, despite having the item to fix this problem

~Having something bad happening to his relatives or someone close to Kyuurei
~The unknown, just because Kyuurei is braver than most, doesn't mean he doesn't have fears
~Failing to protect/save someone

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Icello Reigion
Tribe: Kaamil
Position: Inira
Language: Mainly Kenarun, but can also speak Universal
Home: Kyuurei may be a free wanderer but he has a second home located in one of the Etcan Mountains.
Parents: Kyuurei mentions his father a couple of times but nothing about his mother.
Siblings: Single child
Relatives: Quite a lot actually
Mate: Maybe later
Offspring: N/A
History: Kyuurei was born as a rogue, then later joined Kaamil and worked his way up to Inira. In a short, incomplete summary

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 21 feet
Length: 52.5 feet, 31.5 feet if not counting the tail
Wingspan: 36 feet, 64 feet when the feather's powers activate
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Grayish cyan scales cover most of Kyuurei's body while blueish white fur grow on his back. The fur can expand or decease it's size depending on the current temperature of the environment. Though most feathers are a shiny cyan, there are long feathers spouting out from the top and back of the forehead and behind the hind legs, they can be raised or flattened at will. Fur changes colour depending on temperature. His wings are cyan, or light blue. They aways seem to shimmer and sometimes reflect light from its surroundings.
Eyes: Pink
~Kyuurei has a white bird partner which was taught to speak only Kenarun

~A single feather earring located on Kyuurei's right side which contains three feathers on red-yellow gradient and a purple pattern. They are enchanted to enable Kyuurei's temporary ability of flight. The ability lasts for at least 3 posts maximum and a 4 post cooldown if all 3 posts have been used only.

~He has a shiny gemstone on him but it's usually out of sight.

Armor: No plated armor worn.
Horns/Spikes: Three sets of horns, though the highest positioned on the back of his forehead is larger than most.
Overall Appearance:

~The freckles on the cheek is only the right side
~The gills are located on the sides of the neck

Abilities and Strengths


~Wing Shield: Using his feather earring, Kyuurei can expand his wings over his head to act as a shield against physical and magical attacks, absorbing its force instead of taking damage. Though his wings don't cover his back, leaving it suspectable to attacks. After a decent amount of hits or one powerful attack, his wings will eventually 'break' (As in, the magic in the earring has been used up) and will take 4 posts for them to recover and be able to shield or fly again. The shield doesn't work either if the earring is already on a cooldown from a flight.

~Weather Guard: The purpose of Kyuurei's fur is to keep him comfortable in or at least survivable temperatures. While his fur can grow or shrink, it can also change colour or tone at the least. In hot temperatures like in a desert or a volcano, his fur goes polar white to keep the heat out as much as possible, in cold areas such as the snowy lands or the mountains, his fur goes a blueish shade of black to attract more heat. It's useless for camouflaging yes but at least it does its job well.

~Energy regenerating aura: Kyuurei emits an invisible aura of energy that is what keeps him awake for days and days. It is a natural ability and one of the abilities that Kyuurei was born with. This aura can be affected drastically by some mysterious substance known to drain energy/magic from lifeforms, making Kyuurei super sleepy or worse...

~Thanks to gills, he can breathe while underwater.

~Kyuurei's physical strengths lie mostly in his head and tail so he melees with these body parts the most.
~Gutsy, full of courage, boldness and spirit. Yep
~High agility, Kyuurei is able to move around on land and in the air quickly. He is also a quick thinker.
~Magic/energy-draining abilities, if energy was to be fully drained from Kyuurei... I won't say that word, it's so final! D:<
~Reckless, Kyuurei tends to act impulsively mainly due to curiously or his teenage mind and can cause many accidents.
~Depsite capable of breathing fire and lighting, Kyuurei is not resistant to either of them
~Wings, Kyuurei is flightless without his feather earring and its power is only temporary so he cannot fly or use his wings as a shield forever.
~Lightweight, though Kyuurei can get a good grip on the ground with his claws, he can be easily blown away with a powerful force as well as thrown off balance when not on the surface by strong air or water currents.

Fighting Style: Varied
All of these abilities below takes up Kyuurei's mana. Mana may be similar to energy but they are separate thing that have their purposes, in this case for mana is to turn energy (not to be unconfused with Kyuurei's aura) into firepower!
Since some magic abilities drain more mana than others, there is a limit of 8 points before having to recover mana. (4 posts cooldown after the limit has been reached.) If some points are used but have not reached the limit, a point is taken off in a post after the last magic attack was performed.

The amount of points each attack takes up is stated with the info below:  

~Ice: Kyuurei have had this element since birth, so he is natural at using his ice ability though it still requires magic. With this icy cold ability, Kyuurei can freeze his enemies into a solid cube because that's what ice is. Though freezing opponents into ice cubes only work for those smaller than 14 feet. All else is a certain part of an area the ice hits. The element has two types, Icebeam [2 points] and Icejet. [1 point]

For beam, it is a line of ice that can reach up to 100 feet, though it takes up a post to charge up the beam before unleashing it. This beam may be long but it is slow in turning and changing directions, quite easy to dodge if the opponent is small and/or quick.

As for jet, it is simply a longer-ranged cold breath that can only reach up to 20 feet, far shorter than ice beam. Though it has better potential to freeze.

~Fire: It is probably a strange element for an ice dragon to learn But Kyuurei is not an 'ice' dragon so... With the burning beats of the flicking flames, Kyuurei can set things on fire and make others feel warm with temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius. Like Ice, this element has 2 types of attack, flameblast [2 points] and flamethrower. [1 point]

Flameblast is another of that charge up an attack where Kyuurei has to wait for one post before sending a huge ball of fire out of his maw, this giant ball lasts up to 100 feet before dissipating.

Flamethrower is a stream of fire that can reach up to 20 feet just like Icejet, only that the fire is continuous till out of breath.

~Lightning: Kyuurei hasn't practised much of this element. So he can only summon a bolt of lightning that which can only shock his opponents (no paralysis or brain damage or anything of the sort). [2 points]

~Reflective Wing Shield: An upgrade of the Wing Shield. You can tell it's activated when you see the feathers on the wings are much more shiny than usual as well as glowing slightly. Like the name says, it reflects all sorts of physical and magical projectiles away when bounced upon, though never at the opponent who threw the projectiles. (because that's to op) The only projectiles Kyuurei cannot reflect back is heavyweight objects, such as boulders and wood logs etc... Instead, he will get knocked back a couple feet away from the impact. (or squished if it's huge, I mean why)  
This ability takes up 2 points for each time it was used, specifically if in a single post.

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Re: Kyuurei, the wicked Refrigerator

Post by Scortia on Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:40 pm

1/2 approved!

My life in a nutshell:
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Re: Kyuurei, the wicked Refrigerator

Post by Artemise on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:55 pm


-- 2/2 Approved

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Re: Kyuurei, the wicked Refrigerator

Post by Artemise on Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:32 am

Moved out from inactive apps.

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Re: Kyuurei, the wicked Refrigerator

Post by Sponsored content

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