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Kaamil High Rank Application

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Kaamil High Rank Application

Post by Whispering Soul on Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:52 pm

Finally got around to doing this. Don't know what took me so long.

Fiunuri:The Fiunuri is the Healer of the tribe, it is one of the Parliament and normaly has an apprentice. The Fiunuri is the second ruler, he must follow the Kainura's orders and he is also allowed to call upon Parliament for a Court. The Fiunuri controls anything related to herbs and/or healing supplies.

The Nemara is the head hunter, and deals with anything related with the hunters and gathers. The Nemara is chosen by the Kainura. They are part of the Parliament.

Icien: The Icien is oldest of all the magic users and the strongest magic user in the tribe, the Icien controls anything related to magic and/or magical items. The Icien has three to four apprentices at a time, the oldest becomes the next Icien when it dies. The Icien is part of the Parliament and can call for a court.

To apply to the position you must complete this app.
Your Dragons Name:


How does your Dragon fit this position?

How Active will you be?

Why should your dragon be chosen for this position?

What benefits will your dragon bring to the tribe as that position?
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Re: Kaamil High Rank Application

Post by Artemise on Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:49 am

You might want to make the template into a code tho lol.

Your dragon's Name - Kenma.
Position - Icien.
How does your dragon fit this position? - Kenma is a magic user, and is old, having time and experience on his side. He is also quite a thoughtful dragon, quite sensitive to others' emotions and willing to accept their opinions, making him suitable for working with others, or listening to the worries or troubles of his underlings.
How active will you be? - I come online almost daily unless I've got something up, lol
Why should your dragon be chosen for this position? - Firstly, character development - it's always character development for me, because that's one of the more important things in rps. As you can see, Kenma's very shy, making him somewhat unsuitable for high ranks, as it requires confidence in communication, but that's the fun part. Becoming the Icien will give him the opportunity to develop his character; confidence is what he lacks, something he can work on if he's an Icien, because he will be pushed to do so, in order to be worthy of his rank. If there's one thing Kenma doesn't like, it's being given something that he doesn't deserve - so he will work on it. Not to mention his fear of higher-ups, which he will also have to overcome.

Secondly, he was made to focus on magic (because I lack characters that specialise in magic, as far as I can remember). Seeing that he doesn't like to fight, he doesn't really use his magic much, seeing no purpose in doing so, but as the Icien, he may actually be able to use his magic for something: the Tribe, and for his apprentices if he ever gets any, who he will teach. Kenma's often alone, and has almost no friends besides Katyusha; he is mostly quite lonely, lacking a purpose in life, and lives only because he does not wish to face death earlier than necessary, so being an Icien will also give him a purpose in living, which up to this point is just delaying the inevitable.
What benefits will your dragon bring to the tribe as that position? - Personally, I feel that the role of the Icien is not only to educate their underlings on the proper usage of magic or to develop their magic skills, but also to defend the Tribe if necessary, seeing that the Icien is the strongest magic user, and also the oldest, meaning that they have a lot of experience to provide insight in situations. Kenma will be willing to try to learn the art of combat to defend his Tribe, one way he can contribute, in times of war; and like mentioned, he will be willing to share his experiences, to aid the Kainura in decisions if ever necessary.

Besides this, he can also help out by developing other dragons' personalities. As the Icien, he would be given more chances to meet new dragons, and I'm willing to create topics for these, which can up the activity of Kaamil.

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Re: Kaamil High Rank Application

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:51 pm

Your Dragons Name: Solstice Equinox Wolf-Irn
Position: Fiunuri
How does your Dragon fit this position?: Solstice is getting old and has lots of experience with healing, as well as having a power to heal. She knows what she's doing. She likes to be in command of things and cares for her patients greatly. The only drawback is how rude Solstice is, but being in a position of power would subdue her and she'll be far more docile, making more careful decisions and controlling her outbursts. It may even help her in the long term, when she's no longer in power. Solstice enjoys healing others and will do anything for the good of her tribe, and being among the Kaamil elite will give her more energy and be happier than usual; it will help her socialize. Her pride in the tribe will allow her
How active will you be? I'm on daily, I only won't be if I'm busy
Why should your dragon be chosen for this position?: Solstice is well-educated and will enjoy being able to teach the next generation, particularly hatchlings. Her previous and continued education will be put to use. She'll enjoy teaching, learning and the whole job as a whole.
What benefits will your dragon bring to the tribe as that position?: In case of danger, Solstice will be able to help the tribe, like a sort of medic. Everyone will be (clinically) safe in her paws. Solstice, thriving around high ranks as she does, will do her best to fulfill her orders. She'll be able to help boost others' pride in their tribe, in case there's ever a falling out. Solstice is willing to do just about anything for the Kaamil.

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Re: Kaamil High Rank Application

Post by Sponsored content

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