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Artymas's Stories :D

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Re: Artymas's Stories :D

Post by Artemise on Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:07 am

Ayato's History

Part One - His birth

From the society Ayato hailed from, the Northen Blue Tribe, which occupied a small space of the vastness of the rogue lands, you were either born normal or a monster.

Ayato was a monster.

He had the defect that was once worshipped and looked upon as a miracle - now scorned and feared. He had the ability to turn his wings into searing flames that did not burn; that shot projectiles and cut like steel.

He blamed his father for mating with a normal Northern Blue despite knowing the risks, and he still did.

His sister was normal, given a normal name: Kathyea Wyvethe. Keh - thay - yuh Veer - they.

He was given a normal name too: Etheiun Qyrowe. Eh - they - urn Row - ey.

It was the custom for the female to inherit the mother's family name, and the male the father's - if there was only one hatchling, they could choose which family name to inherit.

It was, however, required for the hatchling, if they were born a monster, to go by the name of the first rogue that they killed.

Hatchlings started out as little lumps of colourless meat - their eyes equally white. But once the whites turned black and red gleamed in replacement of pupils, your fate was decided.

You were a monster; you would be forced to kill, so that you truly would be one, whether or not evil really does reside within the depths of your heart.

What was evil, truly?

So many questions Ayato - Etheiun - had swirling in his mind.

The space that the Northern Blues occupied were divided into two: One for the normals, one for those who were not. You were fine once you were in your own territory, but some Normal dragons wanted to exterminate the Beasts (pretty name for what the monsters were), and thus they formed an organisation that frequently trespassed into Beast territory to hunt them down.

Sometimes they were successful. Sometimes not.

Their home located in the centre of the Beasts' territory - and thus was usually not targeted.

Etheiun led a normal life with his sister; once, they'd found an injured bird, so small that it could fit into their paws. It kept crying out, shrill chirps piercing the air, and Etheiun had complained; "It's so noisy! Are birds normally like this?"

Kathyea'd rolled her eyes. "You are noisy," she'd snorted, as she dug around for a worm to feed the calling bird. She held up one, and it wriggled in her hand.

"Ew! Gross."

"You're such a coward!" Kathyea dangled it in front of his face; Etheiun stumbled back with a cry of disgust that did not beat the bird's in volume.

Kathyea dropped it into the bird's open beak.

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Re: Artymas's Stories :D

Post by Artemise on Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:38 am

Chapter One, Part One - First Kill

The higher-ups of the Beasts council would arrive with a bunch of soldiers at a home once the Beast child turned two. Until then, their parents would provide for them.

They kept track of every child and their growth - they had to, because if they failed to do so, the Normals council would arrive with their army and annihilate the Beasts. While the Beasts had their defect and a magic ability of a certain element to accompany it, the Normals... Their magical powers were so much more powerful, and to oppose them would likely earn you an instant death.

The Normals council kept this a secret from the normal civilisation - they lied, said that the Beast children were forced by their own council, their own rules, to kill a rogue when they reached two. This instigated fear, hatred and disgust among the citizens - precisely what the Normals Council wanted. Over time, they had gone from worshipping of the Beasts to disgust - nobody (or at least, most of them) liked having someone so different mingling with them.

So rumours were born, and carried venomous disgust and hatred; the Normals council, who had been seeking a way to turn their citizens against the Beasts for decades, took this as an opportunity to create more hate.

And with the support of the majority of their citizens, forced out the Beasts to another part of their territory, giving them only a small portion of it. At that time, those dragons possessing the defects were rare, so overpowering them was easy.

Etheiun had quaked in fear, little tremours rippling through his body. "I... I'll be cast out into the wild? And return only with a dead rogue that I killed?"

"Not only a rogue. Anyone. A Tribe member would be good. Remember, ask them for their names first."

He had no choice but to obey.

And into the wild he was thrown.

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Re: Artymas's Stories :D

Post by Artemise on Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:44 am

Chapter One, Part two

Etheiun's thrown into the wild.

Oh gods above, what is he going to do?

With fumbling claws, he unstraps the brown bag that's slung round his shoulders; it rests against his back, nestled between his wings - it's the only thing he's allowed to carry with him. They'd allowed him to pack a choice weapon into it, a map marking out the territory, a compass, but no water. He'll have to find that on his own. Though, he's sneakily hidden a small container of water into his bag when they hadn't been looking. His parents had pretended not to realise, the subtle smile glimmering at the edges of their lips the only indication that they'd seen.

Smiling, he lifts up the container, short and round. It's transparent, and he can see the clear water shimmering and sloshing within it - but he can't drink it now, he has to save it. It's like a beacon of hope for him, though. He keeps the thought I have water with me in his mind as he trudges on, the sand that his paws sink into eventually shifting into tufts of grass sprouting from the solid, brown earth - solid! This is the first time he's walked on a surface that doesn't give way underneath his feet.

He's heard of places like this, though. Not heard, actually, read; Etheiun spends his time reading (he enjoys reading, but doesn't love it the way the nerds at his village did), or pretending to hunt. Sometimes if he's lucky, his parents would bring him along on a trip and watch as he hunts down something - carefully planned out for him. Fat lot of good it's going to do him here; if they'd known about what he would be forced to do, why pamper him?

Anyway. Crying and cursing won't do him any good. The latter, actually, might help.

He releases a few choice words underneath his breath, and it feels nice; Etheiun's gaze swings from side to side as he troops forward, wariness shining in his wide eyes. Wonder soon takes over, though, battling with the wariness on his face. He has to be alert, to look out for the creatures that stalks the shadows of forests; but how can he not be amazed?

Trees unfurl from the ground, their stems tall and steady, branches lurching out from the body in wizened fingers that seem to grope for the sky. Leaves fan out around the brittle fingers, crying out for sunlight as the wind rustles and moves them in a gentle dance, one that he watches in awe. He returns his gaze to in front of him, though, lest he trip.

He trips the next moment by an unseen branch poking out of the moss that forms a layer over the earth, mingling with thin strands of grass that look like they'll break at any moment. Etheiun curses again, and wishes that a rogue would appear out of nowhere. A nice one that'll help him, like the one in stories.

He needs to stop putting so much faith in stories, though.

Etheiun continues walking, not knowing where he's going, but sometimes, with the sharp end of a fallen branch, poke at the map, stabbing holes that indicate where he's gone. Or where he thinks he's gone.

He sips his water and walks on. Wonder ebbs away, weariness rushing forward to take its place. Etheiun soon turns back. He doesn't want to get lost. Had that been their intention from the start? The more he thinks about it, the more likely he seems. He's a Beast, a monster, an outcast; who's going to want him?

He doesn't even know if he wants himself.

Just like that, he's sad, the feeling tearing at him from the inside like how a starving animal would rip at food. His vision blurs, heat gathering over it, then it breaks and forms tears that fall in a steady stream. Warm, reassuring, solid. He's... Normal. He cries and feels the way they do, so why is he considered a Beast?

He wants to tear out his wings and throw them away.

Etheiun falls to the ground, and has no will to get up, merely sobbs into the ground like a pathetic wimp.

"Are you okay?"

The voice floats out of nowhere, and his head snaps up, his tears still warm against his cheek.

He spots a tall male, perhaps around eighty feet tall. The male has a smile across his face, warm and inviting, though it's laced with concern at the moment. Etheiun wants to tell him about the situation he's in, but for some reason, the only thing that comes out is a breathy "no," to which the male responds with a worried hum, before picking him up.

His embrace is so warm! Etheiun sobs harder at the happiness that unfolds over him. He's found someone who cares! He's so happy, and the male makes soothing noises. For now, he will not ask this hatchling questions.

Etheiun chokes out, "What is your name?"

"It's Arata."

"Oooh... It's such a cool name!" Etheiun manages to say through his closed-up throat. "Tell me about your family," he begs.

Arata smiles, and, sensing that it'll soothe the young one, begins softly about Ayato, talks about Touka, his hatchlings. How they bicker and snap at each other all day long. (But he doesn't say that they're gone. Dead.)

Etheiun listens, and wants so badly to live with them, but he'll never truly be part of them, and he realises this with a horrible clarity. He can't have their life, no matter how he pretends to if he joins him.

He's so jealous.

Etheiun smiles and nods. "I-I'm okay now," he says even though he's not, even with the burden of the knowledge of what he's going to do, and Arata nods, relief obvious on his face. Etheiun turns, pretends he's wiping his face as he opens his bag and takes out the dagger, hiding it underneath the folds of his bag.

Then he turns and swiftly slides it into Arata's chest. He doesn't expect it to work - but it does, wriggling its way through ribs. He drove it in further, scarlet spilling from the wound, warmth coating his face, his paws.

Arata's face goes slack with shock.

Etheiun starts crying again as the fatherly male's grip loosens on him.


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Re: Artymas's Stories :D

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