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Artymas's Stories :D

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Artymas's Stories :D

Post by Artemise on Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:36 am

After weeks of trying and failing to make my topic in this Stories section, I finally managed to make myself do it so yay.

Random stuff will be posted in here lolol, maybe fanfics or backstories for my dragons or just some random story.

My writing is still crap so I'm sorry if it's cringy. //is slapped



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Re: Artymas's Stories :D

Post by Artemise on Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:02 am

Here we go, I'll just do Chrom and Robin Artemise and her family

'her family' :D

"You'll be learning how to count today," said Artemise's mother - a beautiful female with scales that were the colour of the sky - to her child, who shook her head in impatience, waving her tiny wings. "I don't want to learn about numbers. I want to fly!" To emphasise her point, she pointed her long, slim tail at the heavens.

"Counting," Artemise's mother said firmly. "Your wings are still growing. All you can do now is glide," to which Artemise responded, "then I want to learn how to glide!" A chuckle sounded from behind Artemise's mother. "Vyllinia," a tall, but gentle-looking male said, "let me do it." Saying this, he told Artemise, "Do you want to grow up and then, when confronted with numbers by a stranger, say that you do not know how to count?" Falling right into the trap, Artemise blushed red in horror, the colour obvious against her body, inked blue. "That'd be embarrassing!" Aeolus smiled. "So now we learn how to count."

Artemise's protests were drowned by her mother's words, telling her mate that she would be going out to hunt, which he responded with a teasing "bring us good food," before turning his attention back to Artemise, and spent the afternoon teaching her numbers. There was a nasty little test at the end of the day (when she had proclaimed confidently, "I have mastered the art of numbers and counting!"), and Aeolus had asked, "What's one thousand minus seven?" and Artemise hadn't been able to get it right, only giving him a scowl before running off.

"That was one of the most boring days I've ever went through," Artemise complained when night had fallen, but her scowl smoothed out into a smile as she bit into the last of her meal, savouring the sweet taste, before turning and running, disappearing into one of the many corridors that their enormous cave had. She went into the smaller one, so that her parents couldn't follow after her ("I deserve a break!" she muttered to herself). The corridor widened out into another room, large and empty - and there was a cool hole in the ceiling! through which poured pale moonlight, lighting up the place.

Artemise walked along the walls, determined to find a secret passage, or something like that at least. She was quite confident that there was a cool mound of treasure buried somewhere in her home, and she continued scraping her walls against the rough, rocky walls. Something slithered over her paw, and she froze, looking down.

Feeling many legs against her paw.

With a scream of disgust, she waved her paw, something long and black flying from it. She stood still, watching the thing creep towards her.

What on earth was that?


A centipede.


It edged towards her.

She stared at it in disgust.

Its many legs drummed against the floor, and she backed away. No thanks. Really. No.


With a shrill scream, she ran back the way she had come.

Her parents weren't able to stop laughing at her that night.


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