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Atlas, Magic Scholar NEEDS APPROVAL

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Atlas, Magic Scholar NEEDS APPROVAL

Post by Atlas on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:28 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Atlas
Gender: Male
Type: Eastern
Species: Mana Dragon
Age: 213
Date of Birth: July 12
Personality: Atlas is a rather eccentric young male, believing that the tribes should focus on developing and discovering magic. Hyper and cheerful, he's rather chipper, and tends to rant quite a bit about magic and it's uses. Despite his bubbly personality, he is quite introverted towards strangers, and especially towards higher ranking dragons. He's actually quite shy, and rather sensitive.

Atlas is a hopeless romantic, and has a positive outlook on life. He tries his best to be helpful, although this can come off as overly-motherly or annoying. Once you really get to know Atlas, you'll find he's actually very thoughtful and caring, if a bit obsessed with magic. His lack of socialising can lead to many thinking of him as 'odd,' but he does try his best to be a good friend.
Hobbies: Atlas doesn't do much apart from charting stars and studying magic, particularly use of light. He does like to take walks in Nature, and collects special stones and keeps them in a little wooden chest painted gold.
Likes: Atlas enjoys rain, finding to soothing to listen to as he works. He also likes to splash in mud, as well as take walks in nature, particularly around lakes and rivers.
Dislikes: Atlas dislikes arrogant dragons, dragons who believe that they are above him and others. He particularly hates dragons who dismiss magic, who believe it is not important. He has a hatred for unneat writing or drawings.
Fears: Atlas is afraid of large, open spaces. He's also very afraid of having his work stolen or destroyed. He also has a fear of public speaking, you will NOT get him up onto a stage even if you offered him position of King of the world.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Gavin Fwea
Tribe: Stormcaller
Position: Scholar
Language: Universal
Home: With the Stormcallers
Parents: He's not sure
Siblings: he has no idea
Relatives: He has no clue if he has any relatives
Mate: No
Offspring: No

Atlas hatched as a lone egg, in the care of a compassionate Wyvern who raised him from birth. Although she was not his mother, Leea was kind to him, although she made it clear Atlas could not stay with her, for she had her own clutch coming. As soon as he was ready, she set him out into the wide, open world.

At first, Atlas was scared, this being his first time alone in the world. For two months, he hunted in the rogue lands, scavenging kills when he could and catching hares, until he found the Stormcallers tribe. He joined up as soon as he could, and that was where he discovered his love of magic, his talent for it. He's kept to himself so far.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 5 Feet
Length: 60 Feet
Wingspan: Atlas doesn't have wings.
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Atlas' scales are white and then he has a pitch black set of scales that make up his body. His fur is red.
Eyes: Emerald green
Accessories: Atlas wears a satchel that loops around his neck. It carries any rocks he finds and other items he discovers on his travels.
Armor: Atlas doesn't wear armour.
Horns/Spikes: Atlas has a set of yellow horns that sprout where his fur begins. They are smaller then other dragon's horns, and are followed by two tiny sets of spikes that line his cheek.
Overall Appearance:  Atlas has a long, snake-like body and two sets of feet, one at the front of his body, the other where his tail meets his rump. He has long, cat-like whiskers that float in the air around him -due to the excess use of magic pumping through his veins- and red fur that sprouts just over his eyes. It's fluffy and soft, and runs from in between his horns all the way to the tip of his tail. His underside is white, it's thick white scales, and black scales that make up his general body. He has a small, pink scar just under his right eye.

Abilities and Strengths

Strengths: Atlas is very fluent in magic, having a real talent for it. He is very observant when it comes to studying anything to do with magic, able to notice the little things others won't. He's also very determined, he will not give up on his quest to find all of magic's secrets.
Weaknesses: Atlas has no resistance to fire, as well as no resistance to ice. He CANNOT fight to save his life. He's not very strong (physically) and can easily be overpowered. He isn't very fast either. He also has very few offensive spells that aren't well developed due to his morals.
Fighting Style:  Atlas, when forced into combat, is a magic wielder. He will use everything he's got to protect himself and his work. He will try to use his defensive powers to ward them off, and if that doesn't work he will go on the offensive, using spells to drive his opponents back.


Atlas is brilliant at a single type of magic, although most of them are used for enjoyment and entertainment. He specialises in Light Manipulation.


Light Conjuration; Atlas has the ability to conjure a ball of light at will that will float by his side unless he directs it elsewhere. It's about the size of a basketball and is a bit warm, but it won't burn even an ice-based dragon. This ball will last for about three posts before it goes out, and a new page of the role-play must be started in order for Atlas to use it again. (Once per topic page, essentially) This ball is purely for either entertainment or lighting dark areas. Atlas must say two words in order to conjure it; "Tenebris illuminata!"

Light Redirection; If there is a shadow and a source of light, Atlas can manipulate the light to form shapes on the wall. it looks as if he's changing the shadows, but he's not really, he's just manipulating the light to form the shapes. Atlas can create complex shapes, like squares and circles. He can do this all he likes, as it isn't a powerful spell, it's purely for entertainment. To do this, Atlas must say; "Litera Obes,"

Dance Of The Lights; Upon the words 'Lux en Danceth!' all nearby light sources -such as candles and small flames- will release tiny bits of light that will follow Atlas' movements. They will dance around all near dragons, forming shapes such as circles and squares, perhaps even simple animals like mice and lizards. This ability lasts for two posts before the lights return to their sources.

Defensive Spells;

Blinding Flash; By closing his fist and then flexing it, Atlas can produce a 'blinding flash' that hurts the eyes and turns the victim's vision white for a few seconds. This won't do any permanent harm, it's meant to scare off threats, nothing else. Atlas can only do this four times before he begins to tire.

Light Boom; At the words 'Lux Ignit!" and when he slams his paws into the ground, Atlas can send a 'wave of light' at his enemies, heavy enough to stop a larger dragon in their tracks or at least irritate them, and a potentially blow back a smaller dragon. This doesn't do any damage, again, it's for purely defensive means, and Atlas prefers never to harm anyone. He can use this three times in a topic.

Distraction Light; At his command -"Lutinos Escap!"- an almost hypnotic ray of light will begin to circle the chosen target, spinning so fast it looks as if it's all around you. It's used for distraction and to enable Atlas to get away. This only lasts for a post before the light dies down and disappear. On perhaps more cat-like dragons, the light will transfix them. It doesn't do any harm. He can use one per page of a topic.

Offensive Spells;

Scalis Defendo/Scales Defence; Used purely as last resort, Atlas has had this ability since he had scales. At the words 'Scalis Defendo!' about fifteen of his scales will peel off and attack his target, slicing and cutting them, as well as darting around to confuse them. The scales are fast and sharp,  as well as persistent, but they require Atlas' full attention to attack properly. The moment he is distracted, the scales will drop to the floor. The scales can fly up to twenty feet away from Atlas, and can last for two posts before they zoom back to Atlas and take their places back on his body. Against armour and hard scales, they will only be able to confuse and irritate, and perhaps chip a few scales, but against soft skinned dragons these are sore and very annoying.

Light Beam; This is Atlas' breath attack, a beam of light that reaches 70 degrees in Fahrenheit and lasts for about five seconds.He can use this once ever three posts.

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Re: Atlas, Magic Scholar NEEDS APPROVAL

Post by Scortia on Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:46 am

1/2 Approved!

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Re: Atlas, Magic Scholar NEEDS APPROVAL

Post by Vortex on Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:51 am

2/2 Approved!

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Re: Atlas, Magic Scholar NEEDS APPROVAL

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