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Syke [W.I.P.]

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Syke [W.I.P.]

Post by Syke on Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:56 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Sykeira (Syke, for short)
Gender: Female
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Western Sky Dragon
Age: 20
Date of Birth: Nov. 5
Personality: When dragons first meet Syke, they may either get the impression that she's shy, reclusive, introvetred, or even snobbish. The later is entirely false. Syke chooses not to socialize with many other dragons not because she thinks that she's "better than them," but because she simply doesn't like to be around people all too often. Sure, she will hold a conversation with someone if she feels like it, but no dragon would see her seeking out someone new to meet or to talk to.

  • Learning Languages
  • Adventuring
  • Practicing Magic


  • Being alone
  • Flying
  • Helping other dragons


  • Being in one place for too long
  • Being misunderstood (mainly due to the chronic joint pain she suffered through that nobody could understand)
  • Ignorance


  • Enclosed/tight spaces
  • Complete silence

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Xøya
Tribe: Stormcallers
Position: Diplomat

  • Xøyan - Native
  • Universal - Native
  • Kenarun - Fluent
  • Arretiz - Almost fluent
  • Kishin - Can hold small conversatioms

Home: Nowhere specific since she embraces the nomadic nature of Stormcallers and frequently travels. However, when Syke returns to where the majority of the scholarly Stormcallers are, she has fixed up a small place for herself in the Tempest Ring.
Parents: Medicus (Xøya Dad) & Himmel (Stormcaller Mom)
Siblings: N/A
Relatives: N/A
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
History: A free spirited Stormcaller named Himmel was a diplomat and traveled to the land of Xøya where she fell in love with another western dragon named Medicus. They were together for a long time before giving birth to a single daughter who they named Sykeira, whose name embodied aspects of both Himmel's and Medicus'. Not too long after she was born though, Medicus and Himmel began to argue. As it turned out, apparently Medicus had an affair with another dragon from Xøya. Furious, Himmel took Syke and brought her back to the Stormcallers' land where she would grow up as a student with the rest of the Stormcallers. Wanting to keep Syke's heritage present in her life, Himmel who learned Xøyan in school and perfected it with Medicus, raised Syke as a bilingual dragon in Xøyan and the universal language.

As Sykeira grew older though, she began to become interested in learning other languages. It became a hobby of hers in fact. She decided to learn Kenarun in which she ended up becoming fluent in, followed by Arreitz and then Kishin (in order of fluency). Sykeira continued to study those languages, but not as a scholar. Much like her mother, Syke was adventurous and wanted to be nomadic. So, she decided to become a diplomat and adventure all around Nuira.

All throughout Syke's life, she suffered from pretty much daily joint pain that was usually coupled with a few subluxations here and there. If it was a really bad day, there would be a complete disloation. She always put on her poker face though and acted as if everything was fine - and it worked. Her pain was invisible to other dragons. She even fooled her mom  into thinking that she was getting better when she stopped complaining. Eventually, even Syke got so used to it that whatever she felt just seemed completely normal and she would go about her day almost just like any other dragon. The only difference was that she had set limits for herself that almost no other dragon knew about.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 45 ft
Length: 67.5 ft
Wingspan: 84.375 ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: White scales
Eyes: Crystal blue
Accessories: N/A
Armor: N/A
Horns/Spikes: Syke has two symmetrical horns extending back from above and slightly behind her eyes.
Overall Appearance: Specifics on horns and wing shape:

Abilities and Strengths


  • Healing Breath - If need be, Syke can release a gust of soothing wind that washes over a single dragon, healing them with whatever amount of energy Syke decides to put in. While the majority of her healing is done through direct contact, this method of healing is the one exception. It has a radius of 10 meters, can only effect one dragon at a time, has a 2 post cooldown and requires more energy to use than healing magic via direct contact.
  • Fire Breath - Syke possesses the ability to breathe out blue fire from her mouth. It never exceeds 2,200°F (1,200°C).


  • Intellect - Syke is highly intelligent, so she can typically outsmart people who aren't as smart as she is.
  • Speed - Not only is Syke a quick thinker, but she's also a fast flyer. She can accelerate to the speed of 120mph faster than most dragons can and maintain faster speeds longer than most as well.
  • High Pain Tolerance - Syke's pain threshold has always been higher than most people's, which is mostly due to the multiple injuries she sustained to her joints over the years ever since she was a young dragon. She simply just got used to the pain and isn't as greatly affected by it as most people, but that doesn't mean her injuries in any way are less severe than a dragon with identical injuries.
  • Concentration - It takes a lot to break Syke's concentration. She has been able to fight through lots of pain and still maintain concentration. However, that doesn't mean pain can't break her concentration. For example, if it's great and unexpected, Sykeira's concentration will without a doubt be broken. Multiple loud noises though have always been able to break it, even when they were expected.


  • Fatigue - Over the years, Sykeira found that when using magic, she would tire easier (almost twice as fast in fact) than other dragons her age who also happened to use magic.
  • Independent - Syke is very independent and will rarely accept the help of other dragons, which can be detrimental to her if she refuses to get help in a difficult situation.
  • Impulsive - Sykeira often jumps into situations without thinking. While one would think that it contradicts her intellect, it has very little to do with her level of intelligence and is more associated with her independence. Just as she rarely asks for help because she doesn't think she needs it, she also jumps into situations without completely assessing them, which can also potentially harm Syke.
  • Hypermobility - Syke can move her joints beyond the normal range of most dragons' joints, but that makes Syke more likely to dislocate, hyperextend, sublux, and sprain her joints.
  • Tiny - Syke is on the lower spectrum of Western Dragon sizes and is thus more likely to be hit harder by a larger dragon whose weight and muscle size are superior to Syke's.

Fighting Style: While Syke is capable of fighting on the ground, she much prefers to fight in the air. She uses magic to supplement her fighting.

  • Healing Magic - Syke inherited the ability to use healing magic from her father. It greatly accelerates the reproduction of cells in order to repair the damaged ones. Major abilities can even reverse harmful mutations, but those take years to master. Because of the molecular changes that healing magic induces, it often drains more energy from the user than most other sorts of magical abilities. All methods of healing but one (stated in abilities) involves direct contact with the dragon being healed, which means that some part of Syke mus directly be touching another part of another dragon, which means if a wrap of sorts is covering an injury, touching the wrap covering the injury would do absolutely nothing.

  • Illusion Magic - Sykeira has the ability to create both visual and sensory illusions. Her visual illusions are not tangible. She is unable to produce more than one at the same time. For example, she can create the illusion of a bird flying, but not while she creates the illusion of pain. Conversely, if Sykeira wanted to produce two different visual illusions (i.e. A bird and a rat) or two different sensations (i.e. Itching and nausea) that too would be impossible. Only one visual or sensory illusion can exist at once. Additionally, her illusions can only effect one being at a time. She cannot use a visual illusion on one being and a sensory one on another. To make things even harder, Syke must somehow either be able to see or hear whatever dragon she wants to cast an illusion on to successfully do it. Shadows do not count as seeing the dragon. If a dragon is silently flying and Syke could see the shadow but not the dragon, it would be impossible to cast the illusion. The longer she uses the illusion, the more energy it drains from her. For speculation, using an illusion for even five posts would leave her extremely lethargic, on the brink of passing out. The illusion can be cancelled by breaking Syke's concentration, her energy being depleted, or simply by Syke willing the illusion to stop.

  • Water Manipulation - Finally, Syke is able to manipulate H20, another magic ability she inherited from her mother. All the molecules of H20 she moves has the potential to reach speeds of 50 mph (22.352 m/s), often being much slower than the flying speed of most dragons, but still fast enough to hit other things that aren't as fast, such as the things Syke may want to hunt but can't quite reach.

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Re: Syke [W.I.P.]

Post by Scortia on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:13 pm

Is this still a work in progress?

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