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I'd like to play a game...

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I'd like to play a game...

Post by Chesulloth on Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:59 pm

This is a sort of experiment/test of a sort. I am going to place a character/user in an inescapable room. There will then be two characters/users that the first character/user supposedly cares about. And the final thing is... a gun. The first character/user will be given the gun, they will then have to shoot one of the two characters/users placed in said room with them. This experiment is designed to find out which characters are most connected to one another. If I do not get the answer that I need, I may be forced to alter the situation to better suit my purposes. Characters/users taking part in this experiment may rp the situation out as much or as little as they want. I would appreciate it if those participating would really think about their decisions, and not just think about the relations between characters but between the users themselves as well. After all... you are killing them... If incentive is needed, a prompt audio que will be played. The countdown to... whatever happens when you take to long, will only be known to me.

Without further ado... Let us begin...

Vortex, would wake up in an empty room with almost no lighting to see a dark pane of thin shimmering glass. There was a dragon sized 9mm pistol sitting on the metallic floor of the white padded cell. A bright white light clicked on, revealing Tsidia and Rihzome on the other side of the glass. Each one was chained heavily to the ground, and the chains had an odd shimmer to them as well... Each dragon was free to speak, but they could barely move. The lights turned a menacing, but cold, dark red and an emotionless voice spoke from somewhere unidentifiable, "Welcome, to the game. I'm guessing you understand how this is going to work. If not I'd be happy to explain it..." The room was just cold enough to be uncomfortable, and the padded walls would remind anyone of an institution/asylum. The voice spoke once more, "Just remember, you are on a countdown..." Another voice, this one had an annoying whisper of a voice as it spoke, "Tick-tock, tick-tick-tock, tock-tick-tock..." The original emotionless voice spoke, "Unless anyone has any questions, let's get going shall we? Whenever incentive is needed, a helpful audio que will be played for your motivation and my amusement..." As the voice stopped speaking, the lights returned to their bright white color...


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