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The Storm Of The Black Sun (OPEN)

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The Storm Of The Black Sun (OPEN)

Post by Silhouette on Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:21 pm

Shifting her stance, the dragoness lifted her gaze up to the sky and sighed as she allowed the solar eclipse to momentarily burn her eyes. It didn't hurt as much as it would've if she didn't possess the blood of the Urban Brimstone Inferno inside her, much like her sister, Sonus Decessus. How has her sister been these days? It has been quite some time since the two of them were able to be together. Has her sister vanished? Was she hurt? Was she alright? After all, she hadn't spoken to Ardent either...nor Esseth. The only ones that she seemed to have more contact with was her child, Senka, and her beloved mate, Rihzome. The silver eye and the cerulean eye stared a moment longer before the burning got to be too much to bear.

At times, she missed the fire that would've been in her soul...missing the feeling of potentially being a stunning being of fire and light. Instead, she was darkness...the epitome of shadows of the night...darkness that dances upon the land when all lights vanish from the day. Nighttime was her time, her wings reflecting the subtle light of the moon and stars on the skin folds.

A yawn came to her, so subtle and yet so abrupt. No sound came, but it was a rather large yawn...enough to reveal her elongated teeth and her forked tongue. She was waiting for her beloved, but this land is so open and large...the land of the Stormcallers, and having found only a simple peak to nestle in and observe this natural phenomenon proved to be a bit challenging. How she hoped that Rihzome will come to her soon enough...there is one reason that it would also be beneficial...

She wanted to know if this would be a good spot to potentially make a permanent residence...raise hatchlings if they are had, store the treasure that was there. Truly, this land was beautiful.

Unable to not be part of this natural phenomenon...Silhouette lifted her wings, and soon enough the wyvern was off and weaving gracefully through the natural obstacle course that was placed before her.

'I wonder if anyone else is flying about today...' Silhouette thought to herself as she barrel-rolled, only to then open her eyes to the darkness that was quickly approaching. What an odd eclipse...

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