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not completed

Post by Gray on Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:54 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Juriszu
Gender: Female
Type: Western dragon
Species: Sea dragon
Age: 499 years
Date of Birth: 30th November
Personality: Juriszu appears cold and distant to anybody and is cruel and vicious during battle, just so that nobody dares to approach her. But for those who actually persists to stay with her would know that the glacial personality that she shows is nothing but a shield around herself, a shell around a personality which is differs from it; a funny and cheerful dragon, who has an optimistic air around her, tries her best to help around. Although her personality is friendly, things happened to her, which resulted to Juriszu becoming a ruthless and brutal dragon, known for her merciless and monstrous ways. Those who knew her previously would try to talk to her, but she would brush them off unfeelingly.
Hobbies: Enjoy the scenery, Practice sparring,Observe.
Likes: Sleeping,Eating and Singing(she doesnt do that much recently, only humming to herself every now and then)
Dislikes: Bothers,Dirt, too much of eating around the bush.
Fears: Love, rejection, abandonment

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: The Ocean
Tribe: Lakara
Position: Seal
Language: Universal,Aquatic and Xoyan
Home: The Ocean
Parents: Juriszu's parents were killed by an unknown species 100 years ago.
Siblings: No
Mate: No
Offspring: No
History: erm, not yet

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: (How tall is your draconiforme?)
Length: (How long are they from head to tail?)
Wingspan: (What is their total wingspan?)
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Scales
Eyes: Bluish-green
Armor: Nah
Horns/Spikes:  She has webbed fins at her head,covering two tiny triangular horns.
Overall Appearance: (What is your draconiforme’s appearance? Anything not mentioned above. Pictures acceptable.)

Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: (What kinds of powers and abilities does y
Strengths: (What strengths does your draconiforme hold? Mental and physical)
Weaknesses: (Are there any weaknesses your draconiforme has? Must have at least +1 more weaknesses than there are strengths)
Fighting Style:
Magic: no

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