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Knowledge is power [open]

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Knowledge is power [open]

Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:14 am

Harry woke up somewhere warm. Instead of nice, free room on the bill of a merciful dragon, it was Tsidia. One day. Eating to avoid conversation was not a good idea. Lesson learned. By now the midwinter solstice was long over and everyone was gone. Excluding those on the floor. Before he could get up, Tsidia was already talking to someone. She never had a problem with jumping on a random stranger and pushing all her problems on them.

"Hi, you look like someone sensible. I'm Tsidia. A bit lost."
Before they could say a word she held them in a soft embrace, sharing her warmth as her tail coiled around them. "Can I know where you're going?"

Nothing worth his attention. Harry's injured wings reminded him why he was here in the first place. He fixed his posture and tilted his head to Tsidia. A discreet gesture to show that he was leaving. She didn't seem interested but had nothing against. This is where they split for some time.

The corridor was rather empty. Doors leading to rooms and rooms leading to doors. The only thing that stood out was the big tower, with spiral staircases, like in all those fantasy tales. This was where all important creatures lived, including "queen Imperia" herself. Or rather, just Imperia. She didn't like formal names from what he could remember. He should pay her a personal visit sometime. Lost in thought he didn't realize he was walking in circles for quite some time. There should be a map somewhere around here. Or something like that.
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Re: Knowledge is power [open]

Post by Atlas on Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:52 am

The Mid-Winter Solstice had ended just yesterday, and now the palace was empty again. A part of Atlas was glad, he wasn't one for drink and dance in a deafening crowd. However, it felt a bit strange, with things back to normal.

He himself hadn't attended, locked up in his home for studying. He wasn't going to relinquish the opportunity to learn new spells for pretty dragonesses and newcomers. In his hand -or, er, paw- was a book, which he was reading with vigor, eagerly eating up the words on the page. His whiskers were lifted and curling, a sign of happiness and glee.

He turned the corner, and then something dropped onto his shoulder and Atlas squealed.

Shula broke down in laughter, something that made the young Eastern scholar frown. Beetroot red, he glanced around, hoping no one had seen. "Don't DO that!" he hissed, bending down to pick up the book. The fiery red hatchling giggled and climbed onto his back, where she nestled into his mane."Sorry! Couldn't resist!" she giggled. "You were so absorbed in that weird book of yours," she added, picking at one of the hairs on his spine.

"It's not a 'weird book,' it's a guide to Light Magic," he responded curtly, though he knew Shula would not be swayed. Grumbling to himself, he glanced at the page number and chapter before he clamped it shut. "How'd you get in here?" he asked.

Shula shrugged. "Been here since yesterday. I'm so full!" she gestured to her belly, which was swinging back and forth. Atlas chuckled. "I take it you ate too much," he remarked as he set off down the hallway. "Mmhm!" Shula said proudly, scrambling up his neck to sit in between his gleaming horns.

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Re: Knowledge is power [open]

Post by Ja'nua on Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:05 pm

Ah, the Mid Winter Solstice. A time of feast, or joy. No doubt dragons were still enjoying themselves elsewhere, but the party at the palace had died. Now there were merely the remains of the party, as everyone else had either gone home, or there were just a few stragglers that were cleaning up whatever mess was left.

As for Ja'nua, he had only come back because he had unfinished business to attend to. He had a couple charts and graphs he needed to retrieve from Imperia.

Now, Ja'nua himself wasn't much of a party person. Instead, he had taken the opportunity of the party to file out some tests and exams. Afterall, people are less likely to question you when they're drunk off their rumps at a party. Ja'nua was a scientist, after all, and took every opportunity he needed to in order to get the results he needed. He had just so happened to have left a few small things with Imperia, and needed those back.

Ja'nua slithered through the empty corridors, the distant smell of wine and meat filling his senses, making him groan. As he turned a corner, he noticed several dragons standing about. He didn't recognize the two, but he was faintly sure he hadn't seen them at the party.

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Re: Knowledge is power [open]

Post by Sponsored content

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