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A New Chapter Unfurling [Open]

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A New Chapter Unfurling [Open]

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:02 pm

Shiro's once again crossed out of Vuari territory and is now wandering out into rogue lands. This isn't an uncommon occurrence. No one ever notices her leaving, anyway; she's too insignificant, merely an Onari. She doesn't try making friends with the Vuari, either, so it's partly her fault.

This time, she's headed towards the Ki'Shan territory, where the most fearsome and ruthless of dragons are rumoured to reside in. Of course, she isn't going to go in too close - too many stories have reached her ears, of foolish or brave dragons daring to trespass and ending up dead, to put it nicely. Mangled, actually, scales torn to ribbons, crimson blood leaking from wounds slashed all over their ruined body, terror sparking a dulling light in their eyes -

A brief bout of dizziness passes through her mind, and Shiro halts abruptly to rub a paw against her head. Maybe it's just the heat, she thinks as she continues, each step rubbing her prints into the tan-coloured sand; the desert is a vast expanse rolling out in front of her, in endless, windswept sand dunes. The blasted sun's heat slam into her, and she wishes she has the ability to control wind - some coolness would be much appreciated in this land.

Windswept. She likes the word, Shiro thinks as she trudges on, her wings spread out slightly around her, in an attempt to allow the heat to rise off her body. She doesn't exactly sweat, but fur does trap heat and make her feel like she's being baked alive. She suddenly feels sad for the deer and prey who pass into dragon's hands; they're cooked in a myriad of ways, though the only difference is that they're dead, so they don't feel the pain.

This emotion is quickly replaced by amusement. Her thoughts are so fleeting, never remaining for long, quickly replaced by another and another...

She stops right when the smell of Ki'Shan territory hits her, and she backtracks a bit, waiting for someone - anyone - to appear. A rogue, a Ki'Shan, whatever. She, however, thinks that being so close to a Tribe would increase her chances of meeting a new dragon...


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Re: A New Chapter Unfurling [Open]

Post by Destinia on Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:16 pm

Now, you might wonder, what on Nuira was an ice dragon doing in the middle of nowhere, in the desert. Well, the answer to that question was quite simple. She hadn't the faintest clue. Well, she sort of did. The deserts of Verula could actually get pretty cold at night, which was perfect weather for Destinia to go out, hunt, and conglomerate with friends. But it was rare for the majestic ice dragoness to go out in the middle of the day. With all her feathers, it was likely she'd probably be baked alive.

But Destinia had her reasons. She had been feeling strange shifts in the energy recently. Apparently the stormcallers could feel it, as well. Or maybe it was just her. From the rumors she had heard around the castle, apparently Imperia had had a run in with the Kuz'a of the Ki'sha, and even more nerve wracking rumors were that the encounter had not ended well. Some even claimed a fight broke out, but this Destinia doubted.

After all, if a fight really had broken out between Imperia and Scortia, then the Stormcallers and Ki'sha would go to war for certain. In this aspect, Destinia was greatly appreciative of the fact rumors were just rumors. But what worried her was the fact that these rumors had obviously stemmed from some form of truth.

Which meant a fight with the Ki'sha was still possible.

Destinia would lift her wings, and take to the air, her face quickly being pelted with the hot desert winds. She didn't want to think about a war, especially not one with the Ki'sha. They were unpredictable, violent savages, who were more than willing to give up their life in servitude with the crown. That kind of loyalty could be terrifying!

The great ice dragoness sighed, letting herself float on the wind. She absently shook her head, and tried to think about something else. Almost as soon as she thought this, fortunately, she spotted something in the distance, she paused, immediately tensing up. Quickly, she snipped the air, and her face drained of color.

Apparently, she had unknowingly been flying closer towards Ki'shan territory, since the smell of Ki'sha was overpowering here. She immediately looked for cover, but saw none. Her next best bet was to fly into the clouds, hope the dragon doesn't spot her. And so she did that.

But who's to say the stranger might not have already spotted her?
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