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The Bandit's Feast (Invite only. PM before joining.)

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The Bandit's Feast (Invite only. PM before joining.)

Post by Chrocey on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:31 am

The dining hall was exquisite. Beautiful chandeliers hung from the ceiling, illuminating the room in a very calming indirect glow. Beneath the chandeliers were long tables that had been set up right next to one another, additional candles had been placed on the tables to provide a little extra light for the hungry guests that would be attending this grand event.

In addition to the candles, table cloths with intricate white designs had been draped over the pristine oakwood. Separated evenly along the length of the tables was over a hundred silver plates, utensils and cups.

The backs of the chairs were high, serving a dual purpose of making the sitter feel like royalty, and to obscure their vision from what was happening behind them.

Along each side of the room were various doors that led to other parts of the Twilight Palace. Silver herself had requested that these doors be guarded well, and truly hoped that Imperia had decided to listen to this request. These guests weren’t exactly going to be ones to trust with free reign of the palace.

At the end of the whole length of tables was an elevated platform. One with a smaller dining area and a few lavishly designed seats. The space looked to be reserved specifically for those of royalty.

Silver stood on this platform and looked over the currently vacant room. Her claws tapped against the stone floors nervously as she inspected each and every part of her elaborate plan. Everything had to be just perfect. The tiniest mistake could shatter the whole illusion that she’d been trying to construct, and in the process ruin her chances of eliminating her foes once and for all.

After quite some time since the bandits attacked Shula and she—at least over a month—the ice dragoness had finally worked her way up to a position that allowed her to pull off something grand. Not only this, but conspire it with the ruler of the Stormcallers herself.

Truly, Imperia would have to be the one to decide if everything looked well enough. Silver had spent all morning trying to design the interior, but even she had to admit that her eye for fashion wasn’t as strong as her mother’s at times.

Silver had a few ideas in mind as to how the events of this evening would transpire. The moment Imperia arrived, she would be excited to share some of these ideas with her.

For now, however, she would simply resort to pacing around the dining hall, fretting about every little imperfection she found.

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Re: The Bandit's Feast (Invite only. PM before joining.)

Post by Athena on Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:53 am

Shula felt strangely out of place in a room like this, what with the fancy chandeliers and decorative table clothes that adorned the room. She was afraid to touch anything, lest she break something.

The hatchling had -for once- taken a bath for the occasion, so her red scales shone a gleaming crimson in the glow of the candles, no longer clogged with dirt or dust. Her golden earrings winked in the light and for a moment, she felt as regal as any princess. Being clean felt strange to her, as she usually spent her time in the dusty streets, stealing spoons and agitating her caretakers.

Her attention was drawn from her own appearance to Silver, who was moving as if she were standing on hot coals. Shula understood why she was nervous. The queen was coming! And to potentially help them, no less. Still, the rapid tapping of her claws on the floor was not helping her own anxiety.

She'd sat on the elevated platform, tail coiled around herself, and as she watched her friend and partner in crime pace around the room, she was reminded of a fretting mother. "Everything looks okay," she insisted, for the fiftith time that half hour.

She wondered what the queen would think of her. Shula knew she was notorious for her boisterous and naughty behavior. Probably won't like me, she decided, a tad glumly. She played with the single turquoise earring, which sat just below the left gold, to ease her worries. She still felt horrible about losing the other one.

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