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Post by Vibbz on Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:27 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Ral'Has
Gender: Ral'Has is a man-dragon, although Mountain Lindwurms see little purpose in gender.
Type: Ral'Has is a Lindwurm
Species: Ral'Has is a Mountain Lindwurm
Age: Ral'Has has forgotten how old he is. Migh he be a hundred? A thousand? Ral'Has does not know.
Date of Birth: Ral'Has came into existance in September. Ocotber? No... August. Ral'Has has forgotten whe he was born.
Personality: ---
Hobbies: Ral'Has is a merchant dragon. Ral'Has spends his time buying and selling his goods for other dragons to enjoy.
Likes: Ral'Has is fascinated by smaller dragons, and wishes he could remember when he was a small one as well. Ral'Has loves old things. Ral'Has has a collection of trinkets from millinea past, but he tells few about it.
Dislikes: Ral'Has hates theives! Ral'Has' favorite glowing stone was stolen by a group of large dragons. Ral'Has will never forget their faces.
Fears: Scared? Ral'Has? No. Ral'Has is not scared of much.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Ral'Has has forgotten where he was born. He might have been born in Shveki, but he does not know.
Tribe: Ral'Has has no reason for the politics of tribes.
Position: Ral'Has? Rank? What?
Language: Ral'Has speaks all the Shveki languages. Throughout his travels, Ral'Has has needed to know all of the Shveki languages at some time.
Home: Ral'Has lives wherever he is. Ral'Has sleeps where he must.
Parents: Parents? Ral'Has does not know if he ever had parents.
Siblings: Ral'Has' siblings do not like him much. He has not seen them in about a century.
Relatives: Ral'Has has little need for his family.
Mate: Mate? For what?
History: Ral'Has is smart, but doesn't remember much. Ever since about a century ago, Ral'Has has been unable to remember anything prior. Ral'Has is sure something caused his memory problems, but he does not know. All Ral'Has knows before a century ago is that Ral'Has was. Since, Ral'Has has only been a merchant.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: (How tall is your draconiforme?)
Length: (How long are they from head to tail?)
Wingspan: (What is their total wingspan?)
Scale/Fur/Feathers: (What color are they? How do they look?)
Eyes: (What color are their eyes?)
Accessories: (Do they wear anything? Scarfs, satchels, whatnot.)
Armor: (Does your character wear any kind of armor?)
Horns/Spikes: (Does your draconiforme have any spikes or horns? What do they look like? What color are they? Where are they located?)
Overall Appearance: (What is your draconiforme’s appearance? Anything not mentioned above. Pictures acceptable.)

Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: (What kinds of powers and abilities does your draconiforme posssess?)
Strengths: (What strengths does your draconiforme hold? Mental and physical)
Weaknesses: (Are there any weaknesses your draconiforme has? Must have at least +1 more weaknesses than there are strengths)
Fighting Style: (How do they fight? Are they aerial combatants? Long ranged, short ranged, magic wielders, barbaric fighters?)
Magic: (Is your draconiforme capable of magic? What kind of magic?)


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