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Skygger Recruitment (Open\Xoyans\Skyggers)

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Skygger Recruitment (OpenXoyansSkyggers)

Post by Delillah on Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:45 pm

Boredom. It was pure and utter boredom that plagued her and that since several weeks already. Until now there was nothing that could have been done about it. Usually the apathetic dragoness would seek her entertainment with rogues that snuck into the Schveki lands, but since the King discovered similar interest within it no rogue would dare enter the lands anymore. Quite a shame she had to admit. In any case, Delillah sat upon the walls surrounding the fighting pits located within the midst of the Skygger quarters. The moonlight shone brightly upon her black frame casting a threatening shadow upon the pairs beneath. She could see the sweat rolling down their backs as they attempted to fight, to beat each other and win her favour. What fools, but she couldn't say she disapproved of the determination shown by a few of them. Nonetheless, none proved to show the right qualities needed to become what they desired to be, and so they already began to bore her, not that it surprised her. Her Lord Oculus was, likewise not surprisingly, no where to be spotted and so she continued to observe, commenting occasionally.

It was while correcting a trainee that the solution snuck into her mind. As powerful as the Skyggers were, they were in dire need of fresh meat. Thus, for the first time in hours, she moved from her rooted position. Lifting a claw the trainees were on immediate alert and stilled their fighting simultaneously. They watched her as she rose and jumped off the wall, not bothering to share a glance. She passed through the pits easily, the worthless worms clever enough to part so she could pass. She stilled as she reached the gates "I do not remember to have mentioned anything concerning an end to tonight's training" her voice echoed powerfully through the pits earning her several lowered eyes in sign of submission as they returned to practise. Delillah continued on, she strode into the main skygger meeting hall and called upon Skià and her twin brother. Her beloved twins. They came in mere seconds, unwilling to let their mentor wait and wise so. The twins slithered through the doors like two angels of death. Simply the bloodlust plastered upon their visages  could induce any normal drake with enough fear to bring them cowering to their knees. For Delillah it was a welcome sight.

They hissed in welcome, their eagerness for bloodshed making her heart sing. "We will open our gates for drakes brave enough to come. We shall allow them to learn our ways and perhaps attain the honour of becoming one of us. Spread the whisper my darlings and do make it a challenge, I dont want lost Xoyans wandering through our gates. I desire those who listen and those who have been waiting. They have until the next full moon. Understood?" She spoke sharply , arching her neck so she could look back at the two. "Of course" again they hissed their answer and left without another word. And so the whisper would spread, but only those who truly had any abilities close to those required to becoming a skygger would hear of the recruitment. Now it was all about waiting, but she was not about to simply do nothing while she waited and let her current skygger wannabes look as incompetent as they were looking now. So she returned to the pit and resumed training, however this time she would get physically involved.

On the next full moon the pit would be empty and silent, not the call of a bird or the scattering of lizards would be heard that night. She wondered whether Oculus would show up, as Lord of the Skyggers she was certain he would have been the first to hear of the news. She herself would be hidden within the comfort of her shadows, patiently awaiting the arrival of the new wannabes.

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Re: Skygger Recruitment (Open\Xoyans\Skyggers)

Post by Athena on Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:08 am

The moonlight that streamed through the wispy clouds illuminated the path Viddera walked on, lighting the way to the pit. Her bulk melted in and out of the shadows, pale eyes set on the distant pits.

The moment Viddera had received the invitation for the Skygger tryouts, she had cancelled all of her plans and hastily excused herself from her duties for today, and had come as soon as she could. She was shaking with nerves, her tail darting frantically back and forth, the whites of her eyes shining in her face. Excitement and joy rushed through her. This was the day. Her chance. Her shot.

Her only shot.. doubt prodded at the back of her head with long, black fingers. What if I fail? She wondered, anxiety stirring inside her like a whirlpool in a still lake. What if I embarrass myself? Never make it into the Skyggers? She had done a good job of building her reputation as the silent but feisty Spion that took no bull from nobody. To destroy that, to humiliate herself and never reach her goal.. would be a fate worse than death.

As she entered the pit, Viddera stood straight, fixing her expression so she wore a clear face, (she wasn't a wannabe 'oh look at me I'm scowling 24/7' type) and ceased her trembling, stilling her tail so it trailed on the earth behind her. She approached the center of the pit and stood still, eyes scanning the shadows for movement. She couldn't see anyone. Had she come too early? Her tail twitched, for a moment betraying the nervousness washing over her like a heavy tidal wave.

She was scared. She had several reasons to become a Skygerr, both personal and for the good of her tribe. She wanted to serve the Xoya as best she could, and if that meant climbing the ranks in the military, she'd do it. She could fight, she could kill, and while she was not the best, she could do it well. She wanted to learn to fight, to be silent and as swift as an eagle's shadow. If I learn how to be as good as them... Who knows where it'll take me. .

Taking a deep breath, Viddera waited for someone to arrive.

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Re: Skygger Recruitment (Open\Xoyans\Skyggers)

Post by Oculus on Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:00 pm

(Go ahead and post with Viddera Delillah, Oculus will come in a bit.  Dun wait on him Razz)

Working his way back towards the familiar fields of his Skyggar training from the deep forest, he would work his way out and into the sky to return, having heard of the training set up by Delillah.

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Re: Skygger Recruitment (Open\Xoyans\Skyggers)

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