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Nova (DONE)

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Nova (DONE)

Post by Nova on Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:57 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Nova
Gender: Female
Type: Western Dragon.
Species: Northern fire dragon.
Age: 26
Date of Birth: January 24th.
Personality: Nervous and quiet, Nova is very jumpy and easily startled. Sudden movements and loud noises tend to freak her out, and she finds it hard to speak with more than three dragons at a time. She is slightly gullible, and it doesn't take too much to gain her trust, but it also takes very little to lose it. She doesn't shy away from conversation normally, but she probably won't be the one to initiate it. She also tends to avoid things that remind her of her past life, as they can upset her. She doesn't like being forced to follow rules or obey others, and so she lives the life of a rouge. Nova is also a huge coward, more likely to flee than fight. She is even willing to abandon those she loves to save her own skin. Though not impossible, it would take a lot of willpower for her to stand and fight.
Hobbies: Reading, drawing.
Likes: Creating designs in the snow, heat, sleeping, night, the views near her home, drawing in the snow, fantasy stories.
Dislikes: Being too cold, thinking about her family or her past, deserts, forests, crowds, small spaces, large, threatening dragons, fighting.
Fears: She fears her family, her father was horrible to her and her siblings, and when they needed her help, she abandoned them. She worries that they hate her, and does not want to face them or any anger they may hold. She also fears the past. Bad memories make her upset, and she would rather avoid that. She is terrified of fighting, as she has little training and thinks that she might be permanently injured or killed. Nova will go to great lengths to avoid combat. Small spaces and crowds tend to stress her as well. Small spaces don't give her enough room to run if things start to go south. In addition, they remind her of home. Also, crowds make her worry that she might run into her family. Apart from that, they just make her feel uncomfortable, as she worries she might make a fool of herself. And being around them makes her feel trapped, which is a feeling she loathes.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: A few miles away from the coast on the Northeastern part of Verula, a little ways into the desert.
Tribe: Rouge.
Position: None.
Language: Universal.
Home: Although she has no permanent home, she tends to hang near Cashra's Lake.
Parents: Kentuul (father|Deceased|Fate unknown to Nova) Sunrise (Mother|Deceased|Fate unknown to Nova)
Siblings: Ember (Brother|Alive|Fate unknown to Nova) Dusk (Sister|Alive|Fate unknown to Nova) Keziil (Brother|Deceased|Fate unknown to Nova)
Relatives: Nope.
Mate: Open!
Offspring: Nope.
History: Nova was born into a family of rouges who lived far out in the desert. She and her sibling spent their first few years of life under their mother's care. She was kind to them. Their father, however, was less nice to them. Though never openly hostile, he was strict and commanding. Then, one day, they went hunting with their mother, but they were attacked by another rouge, and she was gravely injured. Kenthuul was furious when he heard this. He almost drove them out of their home, but Sunrise convinced him to let them stay. He wanted to move back to his icy northern home, but Sunrise seemed unable to recover fully from her injuries, which prevented her from flying (Wing injuries). So Kenthuul needed a way to vent his anger, and he chose his children, yelling at them over nothing, scratching them for disobeying him, and never allowing them out of the cave. Finally, they when they were fed up with this, Keziil decided to flee, and the rest agreed. They snuck out in the middle of the night, But before they got far, Kenthuul stopped them. Before he could do anything, however, Nova fled, and the rest distracted him, angry that she had abandoned them but not willing to let Kenthuul get to her. She flew, stopping in a few places along the way, until she reached Cashra's lake. Although she disliked the cold, it was the only place that both didn't remind her of the past and made her harder to find that she liked enough to call home. Her siblings, meanwhile, fought Kentuul. They won eventually, but Keziil died in the process. They returned home and tried their best to care for Sunrise, but, sickened with grief and unable to fly or do anything like hunt, she died of a combination of illness and starvation.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 21 feet tall.
Length: 66 feet long.
Wingspan: 43 feet long.
Scale/Fur/Feathers: She has small, rounded navy blue scales and silver underbelly scales.
Eyes: A minty green.
Accessories: Nope
Armor: None
Horns/Spikes: Her horns and spines are golden. Her horns protrude from the back of her skull and her rounded spines run down her back.
Overall Appearance: Nova's underbelly glows with a silvery blue light. Her wings, tail, spines, and horns all glow and emit small amounts of smoke when she uses her power. She is thin and wiry, mostly due to the fact that she doesn't eat much. Her colors, however, are bright and flashy, only dulling when she is ill. She appears to have a blue shine to her scales.


Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: She can breathe a flame of about 700 degrees Fahrenheit. As well as this, she can raise the temperature of her wings, tail tip, and spines, up to 600 degrees (Fahrenheit) , although it starts to burn her other scales if it gets too high, it starts to burn the rest of her.
Strengths: Nova is very good at avoiding a fight. She can easily lose an enemy, given enough places to hide, and is slightly fast, able to fly at a full 75 mph, but only for about one minute. She also has great eyesight (on par with that of an eagle's.)
Weaknesses: She is a terrible fighter, with no knowledge when it comes to combat. Along with this, her scales are not very tough, and can be easily pierced. Her sense of smell is poor, and her hearing is below average. She is not very strong physically, either.
Fighting Style: She prefers to flee any battle, but if she has no choice,
Magic: Nope.


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Re: Nova (DONE)

Post by Oculus on Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:33 am

~1/2 Approved~

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Re: Nova (DONE)

Post by Scortia on Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:36 am

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Re: Nova (DONE)

Post by Sponsored content

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