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Post by Senka on Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:55 pm

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Personality and the Basics

Name: Ruisen
Gender: Male
Type: Aquatic Lindwurm
Species: Abyssal Doublewing Leviathan
Age: 55 years old
Date of Birth: A June evening
Personality: Ruisen is a hardworking dragon, who'll do his best to complete a task with quality and other dragons in mind. He tends to keep wherever he is clean, whether is be his workspace, home, or his own writing on scrolls. He can even go as far as tidying up someone's place without any word of doing so. When around new dragons, he's eager to meet them, but not because he's a social butterfly. He only wants to cross dragons that aren't a threat off his list of dangers. When first meeting him, he'll be skeptical at first, not wanting to trust anyone right away in case they are dangerous. After Ruisen has fully met someone, he'll begin to trust them. He completely trusts and is loyal to his friends.
-Drawing others
-Messy things
-Greasy Food
-Carefree dragons
-Violent dragons
-Rain (Note: it makes him uncomfortable, not scared)

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: The edge of the Regima ocean, in a ravine that lies in the Abyssopelagic zone
Tribe: Lakara
Position: Salmon
Language: Universal, Aqautic
Home: Being a Salmon, he can settle anywhere, as long as it has a body of water.
Parents: His mother, a Tuna, Rolige and his father, a former Seal, Tavshed
Siblings: He has two older siblings; a brother, Fluisteren, and a sister, Preutelen
Relatives: Ruisen has not met any other relatives, but has heard about his aunt Forbyder who runs a rogue clan somewhere in the Remeid sea.
Mate: Not yet, but he is available.
Offspring: He hopes to have children once he is sure he can raise them adequetely
History: Ever since Ruisen was a hatchling, he dreamed of being a Seal, as most dragonets do. His parents, though, took this to heart and began training him to be one. The training wasn't harsh, it was nothing like the actual training that goes on in the castle, and Ruisen loved it. He dreamed of the day he could protect his tribe from giant squids and the like.
However, as he was training, his interest grew to the dark, unexplored depths. Most Lakara couldn't see or swim in that deep of water, and those that could, didn't see the appeal. At school, Ruisen began to take scrolls about the depths, and grew disappointed at the fact that there wasn't a lot of information. He asked older dragons if there was any more scrolls, which they told him that the deep sea scrolls the school owned were written by dragons above water, and more detailed scrolls could be found in the palace library. Ruisen, now interested in dragon culture on land, took maps of Layrian along with deep sea scrolls.
As he grew older, he kept training, and when he was in and out school, he'd read scrolls about Nuria's land. By the time he was a Fish, he'd decided that the duties of the Seals weren't for him. While his parents weren't angry, they were a bit disappointed when Ruisen wanted to serve his tribe as a Salmon despite his training.
Since then, he's been exploring the Abyssal and Hadal zones and mapping them out, occasionally mapping areas of Layrian and Verula.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 55 feet
Length: 110 feet
Wingspan: 160 feet on the first set, 100 feet on the smaller ones
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Ruisen has indigo scales. Bioluminescent markings run along his body, arms and face. His tattoos include the language on his wing arms, the bird footprints on his lower wings, and the waves on the higher set.
Eyes: Ruisen’s eyes are darker to see in the deep sea. The pupil will expand to take in as much light as it can in dark places. When he is out of the water or in brighter parts of the sea, his pupil will grow into a slit, protecting his eyes as much as it can.
Accessories: He carries a dark leather satchel, in it is a scroll containing maps he has drawn, ink consisting of whale blood and squid ink, and a quill. There is also a small piece of cloth, usually kept wet, used to rest his eyes from the bright sun. On some days, he adorns a red scarf.
Armor: Ruisen has never worn armor since he had trained to be a Seal.
Horns/Spikes: Navy blue fins run from the top of his head down to the end of his tail. His tail fin starts where the dorsal ends. Extra fins start at his chest and end at his belly.
Overall Appearance:

Abilities and Strengths

-Can travel into deeper depths of the ocean
-Flashable markings
-Can emit a dolphin-like chirp and whistle
-Cautious and Aware. He doesn't want to leap into danger, so he keeps a keen eye on whoever he doesn't know.
-Thanks to his Seal training, he can defend himself from most attacks and fight back, but not for too long.
-Perfectionist. He can never properly hold a conversation or focus when there is something he can fix.
-Bright Light
-Dry, hot areas
Fighting Style: Ruisen would be a defender, not a fighter. When it comes down to it, he would flash his markings as bright as they would go to disorientate the foe, then while they are dizzy, depending on the situation, he'd talk them out of it or slash at them, either with his teeth or claws. He would only kill if he believed the dragon was truly and righteously deserving of so.
Magic: Ruisen, being a lindwurm, has no magic.

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Re: Ruisen

Post by Artemise on Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:32 pm

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Re: Ruisen

Post by Scortia on Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:14 pm

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Re: Ruisen

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