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An Icy Encounter (Private w/ Arctic Kaiju)

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An Icy Encounter (Private w/ Arctic Kaiju)

Post by Athena on Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:19 am

The boar was frightened.

It plunged through the trees, loping between the bushes and snapping roots and twigs under its inky black hooves. Its breath was hot and raspy, the whites of its eyes shining in its face. It was big, with a large, rounded belly, but fear lent it speed, terror drove its legs faster and faster, harder and harder. A shadow passed overhead,rustling the leaves of the canopy above. The boar tried to head for the safety of the hedges, but the shadow cut it off, sending it squealing towards the lake.

The unfortunate creature burst out of the trees and made for the water,hoping the lake would grant it sanctuary.It was wrong.The shadow descended on it and sword-like talons slammed down on its back.The boar screamed as the weight crushed it into the ground and the talons grabbed it around the throat.A twist, and the sounds of distress cut off with a final 'crack.'

Athena sat back,folding her wings to lower them to the ground on either side of her catch. Swallowing, she stepped off and turned the boar onto its side. Marks had destroyed the hide on its spinal area, but otherwise, it was a clean kill. The animal hadn't suffered too much. Not that she cared.

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