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Orco the Sea Dragon

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Orco the Sea Dragon

Post by Athena on Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:11 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Orco
Gender: Male
Type: Western
Species: Half Sea wyvern, half Sea Dragon
Age: 25
Date of Birth: June 16th
Personality: Orco is a peaceful, friendly dragon. He's quite inquisitive, nosy even, and adventurous, delving into caves and the abysses of the ocean to explore. He avoids any sort of bloodshed at all costs, but will defend his sister if he has to, however even the smell of blood will cause him to have a panic attack. He's bubbly, energetic and kind, with a big golden heart which loves to give to others.
Hobbies: Orco loves doing his job, as it involves exploring, so he's a bit of a workaholic. His work is his hobby. Literally. He also races underwater, timing himself, and practices acrobatics in the water.
Likes: Orco loves exploring and reading. He prefers being in the water, as it is where he is most powerful.
Dislikes: Orco hates pompous and arrogant dragons. He has a strong dislike for being above water, as he is weaker there. He despises heat and being dry, as he feels sticky and thirsty when he's out in sunlight for too long without water.
Fears: Orco fears blood, which is why he leaves healing to his sister. He is afraid of any gore or any kind. He fears losing Cordillia or letting her down in some way.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: He was hatched in the Skeval region
Tribe: Lakara
Position: salmon
Language: Orco knows Aquatic, Universal and can somewhat speak Vlow.
Home: With his sister in the Lakara city
Parents: His dad, Shark, is a Salmon and his mother, Ripple, is a Seahorse.
Siblings: Cordillia
Relatives: No
Mate: No
Offspring: No

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 20 feet tall
Length: 30 feet
Wingspan: 30 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Orco's scales are greyish blue, shaped like fish scales, only larger.
Eyes: Cream
Accessories: He wears a satchel, which he has to enchant every few hours to remain waterproof. He also wears a small amulet around his neck molded in the shape of a stone, leaping dolphin. He found this on one of his adventuries.
Armor: Not unless commanded to
Horns/Spikes: Orco only has two horns. They are creamy, like his eyes, and branch out from the back of his head and curve upwards toward the sky. They have little ridges on them.
Overall Appearance:
Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: Orco possesses enchanting abilities. He can shoot a jet of hot water that reaches 40 mph and can hit a target forty feet away.

-Orco can breathe underwater.
-He can see perfectly in complete darkness without the help of his stripes.
-He's very fast underwater, able to reach speeds up to 90 mph.
-Orco is not strong, and can easily be overpowered by a larger dragon.
-He can't fight for toffee, so he can make bad decisions easily in a fight and can be quickly beaten.
-He cares for his sister more than he does himself, so if someone were to lie to him and tell him Cordillia is in danger, Orco would easily believe them.
-He's a terrible liar.
-Orco is like a snail above water, only able to run at 20 mph tops, and can fly at 15.
Fighting Style: Orco, when forced to fight, will try to be underwater. He will swim around or below his opponent, jabbing at them when possible. He will do his best not to kill, only disarm or subdue. If the enemy is above water, he will try to jump up and drag them in.

Waterproof - Orco can enchant anything he likes to be waterproof for a short time, from paper to rocks, the item will remain dry and unaffected by the sea, although if he goes too deep, the effects of the water pressure will still apply. This will last for a few hours before he has to re-enchant it, or else the effects will wear off.

Levitation: Orco, with a move of his paw, can levitate small objects under and above water. He can levitate anything within twenty feet of himself, and can cause the objects to reach speeds of 35 mph.

Water Bending: Orco can manipulate water to do his bidding, be it to make shapes above water or to push him towards his target. He can do this to bodies that are within thirty feet of himself, and can form large shapes like cubes, spheres or even dragons.


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Re: Orco the Sea Dragon

Post by Scortia on Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:14 am

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Re: Orco the Sea Dragon

Post by Oculus on Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:46 am

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Re: Orco the Sea Dragon

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