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Little Lost Hatchling (open!)

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Little Lost Hatchling (open!)

Post by Athena on Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:20 am

What was that?

No, what was that?!

Shula twisted around with a little yelp, convinced a monster was looming up behind her, jaws gaping to snatch her up. Nothing. Nothing was there, but her little heart hammered against her chest, as if trying to push itself free of her rib cage. She quivered from head to tail.

She was lost.

Why, oh why had she taken the wrong ride?! She'd sneaked into a dragon's satchel, thinking they were heading to the other side of the city, back to the Home. Instead, the idiot had flown out of the city and over here! And when Shula had finally spoken up, he'd screamed and barrel rolled. She'd fallen down, down down into the canopy, crashing through the branches to land with a squelch in the muddy swamps of the Shveki territory.

Shula was on edge. She'd heard terrible stories about this place. Tales of strange, mutated creatures stealing dragons away in the night. She was certain one was hunting her now, breathing down her neck, jagged teeth brushing her scales-

She looked over her shoulder again, breathing heavily. Nothing. Bugs and birds played in the foliage, but she couldn't see them. A branch snapped next to her and spooked the hatchling into a run. Her earrings jingled as she dashed through the undergrowth, making little squelches with each step she took. Her eyes were drawn constantly to the spots of darkness in the murky swamps. Her imagination ran wild, conjuring up terrible creatures with six eyes and big, jagged claws hunting her down. The smells and towering trees overwhelmed the hatchling.

That was when her talons slipped on some mud and Shula tumbled down the slope. She shrieked and then wailed as she hit the cold water. Dirt and other gross liquids got into her eyes and mouth. Clawing her way to the surface, she tried to grab the bank, but her talons slipped right through the mud and the river carried her downstream.

She was sucked underneath and had to fight for every breath. Fear, terror kept her alive, kept her from getting tired. The current started going faster, carrying her quicker and quicker towards gods know what. Shula tried to scream, but she was forced back underneath.

Her head smashed against a rock and everything went dark.


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Re: Little Lost Hatchling (open!)

Post by Kyuurei on Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:48 am

Kyuurei was just walking besides the river in the land of Shveki, heading the opposite direction of the river to where the river flowed from, the mountains. He was on a vacation as Shveki was not his homeland, he was a fellow Inira who seeked nothing more but a trip through their mountains and see what they are like. Just like any other places, the mountains were mysterious in their own way and he wanted to find something interesting about them.

"Halt! I see something in the river!" Faye spoke up abruptly, snapping Kyuurei out of his autopilot trek and he flew over to the river where a tiny body lay afloat. After a quick investigation and spotting something, Kyuurei instinctively jumped into the rapid waters and lifted the unconscious youngling up and out of the water with his maw but they weren't out of the river yet. As the rapids got tougher, they were bigger rocks breaking up the currents. Kyuurei grabbed onto one and made his way to the top of the rock then proceeded to jump back onto the dry, solid bank without hesitation.

He laid the youngling down on the rather overgrown grass and moved his head closer to the youngling, further examining it. He can sense that it was still alive but it seems that its head was badly effected. Kyuurei looked up to Faye who was flying next to him and he opened his satchel and pulled out a bunch of Stachys byzantinas, also known as an antibacterial bandage, and put some on the youngling's head where the wound is. The leaves will absorb the blood and prevents any infection from occurring. Now all Kyuurei and Faye have to do is to see if the youngling recovers and regain consciousness...

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Re: Little Lost Hatchling (open!)

Post by Athena on Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:41 am

Colours... dancing like butterflies in front of her face. A ringing in her ears, faint, like the buzzing of that mosquito she could never catch. She turned her head away from the noise, but it pursued her, never changing its tempo. That's annoying, she thought, before she opened her bleary eyes.

Wait. Where am I? This isn't the Home. Heck it wasn't even the sky of the Stormcaller City. It was cooler here, and the matte grey sky peered between the thick leaves of the canopy. Mud. There was mud pressing into her back.

Oh, and her head. It  hurt. Shula gave a soft, pitiful moan and grabbed the side of her skull with a talonless paw, shutting her eyes as tears of pain sprang to her yellow eyes. "Owhow..."

(sorry this is so short!)


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Re: Little Lost Hatchling (open!)

Post by Sponsored content

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