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Invitation to greatness

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Invitation to greatness

Post by Prasi on Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:33 pm

OOC: Introducing a new NPC of the Valeterrene, Tooku. Anyone can mention him or play him as they need him. Just remember his basic appearance, a purple snehk, and that he's a generally cautious but happy fellow. His rank can be read below in the post.

The small lanky dragon standing before Prasi's throne had purple eyes and deeper purple scales that glittered in the light like little jewels. His body type, serpentine as well as extremely lengthy, and bright scales all reminded the Rossa of her mother. She wondered for a moment if this male was some long lost cousin or something. Unlike his Vale queen and her mother, Tooku was a pure lesser eastern dragon, and one of the rare few that lived in the Vale. He held only a satchel with some traveling supplies in it; though Prasi wasn't sure why he had any traveling supplies when the male was being sent to Xoya territory which was only a day away from their capital. Giving her a bright smile and shifting himself into a comfortable position Tooku then bowed after accepting a large scroll. He put the scroll safely into his satchel then stood at attention for his queen. The male was both worried and excited for this trip. It was his first major assignment after years of training and shadowing a mentor. The old coot had finally wrenched his back the wrong direction, leaving Tooku to take his place as royal messenger. It could be a permanent promotion for him if he did well.

You will take the common roads through their territory, which are well marked on your map, straight to the capital. There try to speak directly with the Xoya leader. I trust you've been tutored on proper xoyan etiquette correct? and you are fluent in universal I would hope? Your mentor should have taught you that much by now, I hear you've been in training for years to do this. Prasi questioned the male who could be older than her by a few years, or younger she wasn't really sure. By his excitement he seemed younger.

Yes miss Rossa I am fluent in universal and I was the best of the three students my mentor had when it came to testing in etiquette from various tribes. I assure you I will cause no problems with the noble Xoya. He spoke of the xoya highly knowing that Prasi would catch what he meant. Most of the xoya thought very highly of their tribe and culture, so reminding them of their high stature would help to keep him in good friendly dialogue with them. It was also greatly important that he seem inferior to the xoya while there. Though in his mind he was pretty much inferior to everyone until he was officially the royal messenger. Then at least he'd be higher rank than his family.

Good I expect no less from old Kar. I trust you will give my message quickly and return with news from the Xoya. Now go, may the wind further your wings forward. Prasi gave him a strong stare and a short bob of her head expecting the male to immediately turn and leave with the message. She hoped her few links to the Xoya would be enough to bring their tribes closer. Prasi had plans, and it would be greatly helped if they were to work together on them.

Tooku bowed once more at Prasi's nod then quickly turned and rushed out of the hall. He had originally entered into a mentorship for royal messenger because of three things. One, he loved to fly, swim, slither, and run as fast as he could go. He loved the exhilaration of speed and pushed himself to go further every time he went out. Two, he was one of the smallest dragons in the tribe barely hitting twelve feet tall at the head. This meant that he was naturally agile and fast. Which was perfect for this job. Lastly three, he had no interest in any of the other jobs a dragon of his size and intelligence could do for the tribe. The only thing he could possibly do to help his tribe was to be as fast and intelligent as he could be as messenger. Right now he used that speed to zip past tribe mates and burst out into the air. Once flying he angled towards Xoya territory clearly ready to do the best he could.

Prasi was now alone in the royal hall. With no one to talk to or give a job to she sighed turning into a lump on the seat. When wold this job bring her any kind of fun or happiness? She wondered.

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