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Post by Haven on Mon May 21, 2018 8:41 pm

Personality and the Basics



Western Dragon


Around 788 years old

Date of Birth:

Haven has a commanding presence, dark and ominous. He is usually a dragon to keep calm and quiet even given an extreme problem to work through. Making Haven upset would be the end to a dragon, or an end to a whole kingdom. He is protective over the things he has grown to care about, family, his army, and his kingdom. He is ambitious with getting what he wants. He never rushes into a problem, he always calculates the correct or most logical way to do things. He was raised and trained fiercely, with zero tolerance of failure, and he presses the same training among his kingdom. His mere presence demands respect from any and all dragons below or above him, and his silence creates great unease throughout a crowd. Unpredictable in the way he thinks and acts toward his enemies, he keeps himself closed to nearly everyone, making dragons terrified to even be in his vicinity.
Haven feels like there should be no room for weakness and takes command right from the start. Haven has a tendency to kill with great precision and calculations, usually emotionless. He is very well educated, on the battle field, sitting on his throne, or making battle plans. Haven knows how to use his resources, if that means getting his own hands dirty, then so be it. He can be a perfectionist at times, especially with killing. Haven has trouble interacting with other dragons that he doesn't like, usually ending in a brutal death or public humiliation. Haven knows his limits, what he can and cannot do. When push comes to great shove, Haven takes immediate action and seizes the situation with headstrong attributes and settles whatever there is to be settled. He usually never loses his cool, being patient, but always ready to spring into action.

Haven trains nearly every day, in areal combat, terrestrial combat, claw-to-claw, and distance. He is well physical fit. Not only does he train his body, he also trains his mind. He trains himself to fight to whatever situation possible. Putting himself through mental and physical torture until he surpasses his limits with flying colors.

Reading History:
Haven learns about other tribes, their history and how if in a time they were dismembered or brought down by another force. He looks at their anatomy, continuously updating himself on their movements and/or fighting styles. If necessary, he would go see for himself... On the battlefield.

Bone Hunting:
As he is very intrigued by bones, that of dragons and of other creatures, he goes to the deserts to search for the white, solid bones. He has a room in the castle strictly dedicated to the bones he finds.

Training: He has taught his body to anticipate and to expect harsh training nearly every day. He can break several bones a day, only to go to the healer to get them fixed. He also continues to train soldiers, even though he is the King.

He loves to fly, on his free time he goes on long expeditions to fly out into a storm

In battle, and not training. He loves the rush of adrenaline and the look of pure horror as he attacks another. He is known to take chunks of flesh out of his enemy and eat it before their eyes. A nickname spread among rouges, "Cannibal."

This can be put many ways. If another dragon disrespects him, he would and will put them in their place with a slice of his deadly talons.
Other dragons.
He just- Doesn't like them.

Being ordered around by a dragon beneath him: He will not ever have that, reminding them with brutal force.
Seeing his kingdom suffer.
To see his Queen get hurt.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin:
In the heart of Shveki



Strictly Xoyan, a little universal.
If to try to communicate with other's: grunts, growls, roars, and physical body gestures

In the heart of Xoya, the Empire






Physical Appearance and Accessories

130 Foot

275 Foot

285 Foot

Black with hues of dark, dark purple in the sunlight.

Dark crimson red

Sometimes, he wears another dragon's skull upon his own, for intimidation and secrecy. He wears a onyx stone, embedded into his chest by powerful magic.

Sometimes he wears a bone platted tail band for maximum damage. He wears talons of other dragons as well, making his longer. If they were to break, he'd have his own talons to smash and tear with.  

He has many horns and spikes. Large horns protrude from his head, long, elegant and sweep to the sky in long curls. His neck, back, tips of wings, and tail all carry long, slender spines that can move, vertical or horizontal. He does not have a nose horn. Little horns can be found on his high cheekbones, under his chin, and connecting to his large horns that come from his skull. Each of his scales have a little point to them, like shark skin, only pointed out.

Overall Appearance:
Haven is very well armored, naturally with his large scales. They act like solid rock, making it deceptive to attack. The larger scales trace along the sides of his neck, shoulders, front of all legs, top of toes, down and on the sides of his tail. His back has the most armored plating. He is like a large, terrifying dragon, bulldozing through the dragons at battle. His shoulders connect with enormous muscles that line his wings. When he walks, muscles ripple throughout his body. His scales can change hue if looked at, at different angels and lighting. Straight on, pitch black, as if light is absorbed, at a glance, his dark dark purple flashes. At any angle, his scales give him the "trippy" feeling in the air, as he moves and glides, continuously changing direction. He has visible scars, nearly everywhere on his body, torn wing membranes, scars line his body. Chipped horns, chipped scales, but he polishes and cleans every day, to keep his glamour at top notch. Haven is a rather... Strikingly handsome dragon beneath his scars. Upon his back, a sail could be found, almost like that of the Spinosaurus. He carries himself with great dignity and with a regal manner. Even though his armor makes him look larger than he is, he is really a well built medium sized dragon, and on the slim side.

Art by: Imitar

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

Art by: Ben Wotten

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

Art by: Adalfyre

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

Artist: Adalfyre

Haven's Voice:

Roar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCGjAKpXh6A
This King can roar as loud as a 747 Jet Engine.

Abilities and Strengths

Haven has the ability to Manipulate Chaos Energy. The user can create, shape and manipulate the energy of the primordial Chaos in varying ways, allowing things such as energy projection, using the energy for various supernatural feats, to inducing effects of chaos, etc. It takes a powerful dragon with a healthy and strong state of mind to control such energy. He has been training since he was a hatchling. Chaos energy can distort one's mind, creating them to become evil if not used correctly

Chaos Attacks: The user can release/use chaos/chaotic forces to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.

Chaos Ball Projection: Create and launch spheres of chaos or even spears, can also be used to generate barriers of protection. These spheres or spears can be projected, used as a part of melee attacks. These can reach up to 70 feet, but weakens with every 40 feet it reaches and weakens 30%. The most powerful this attack is, is within 15 feet. This is Haven's most powerful offensive and defensive. It cannot shoot through objects to hit it's target, but it can damage the object itself.  
Weaknesses: May take time to create, about two full posts.
Can only shoot 3 at a time, as one of the orbs connects with something, that is when he can regenerate another.
Example of Chaos being shot, (ignore human and big explosion after)

Credit: Vignette

Chaos Breath: Discharge chaos from the mouth. These shapes can include bursts, streams, spheres, even a mist of it from the mouth. Like a fire dragon and fire, the Chaos charges within Haven's chest and neck, joining itself together in his open mouth. It can reach 30 feet at maximum power, then loses it's power after 19 feet by 40%. It's energy level is high, the temperature reaching 2,000°F. Second most powerful offensive. Dissipates around 34 feet.
Weaknesses: User may be limited to using only one variation at a time.
User must be able to breath in and out.
May be connected to Users lung capacity.
Can only shoot in a straight line, and cannot pull back the energy for 3 seconds. This means if Haven chooses to use this, he likes solid targets, not targets that can move out of the way. The power is so great that his body physically can't pull the energy back to his body, ending the stream of Chaos, and he can't move a muscle.

Credit: Vignette

Chaos Cutting: Use chaos entropy to cut opponents. The user can project the matter/energy in a way that allows them to cut through matter from a distance. Although this attack does usually slashing damage, some users are able to focus it into single piercing stab like immaterial bullet. The temperature is 1,200°F. This ranges about only a large arms length, coming only a foot away from his longest talon. Speed is decided on how fast Haven swipes. Each blow could be different, since each blow a dragon does duel out is different each time with different amount of strengths.
Weaknesses: This power is not strong enough to cut through bone. Doing only small cuts or dings to a dragon's hide, mainly used for hunting small mammals.
Even though this isn't one of his most powerful, he can use it 7 times in a row, eventually cutting through tough scales... But it sucks his energy down quickly.

Chaos Infusion: Empower and energize anything touched or used (usually a weapon) with chaos. He usually carries around a large scythe, used to rip into enemies as he transfers his energy to the object. The infusion only lasts for however long his adrenaline is rushing through his body throughout a fight, and if he keeps a hand on the scythe. The attributes include easier handling, lighter, and gives it strength to endure a fight's worth of cutting through rough scales.
Weaknesses: Has to touch an object, they cannot just look at an object and empower it.
Only works for his one scythe.

Chaos Spike Projection: Project chaos spikes along his own body, usually for defensive purposes, never used for offense. these spikes usually envelope the ones he already has, including his facial horns, back, tail, body, talons, etc. There are non that actually become their own.
Weakneses: Can chatter with one hit.
Can only form before a fight, and cannot regenerate.

Zap: A tiny short release of chaos to cause pain or discomfort, usually too low-powered to be destructive. To stun long enough for the user to sit upright once more. The sting would be like getting zapped by lightning.
Weaknesses: Not strong at all.
Is usually only to stun enemies that have thrown themselves upon him.
Has to be 2 feet away or touching object or opponent.

Weaknesses to Chaos Attacks:

Users may not be immune to effects of own blast.

Firing may be involuntary reaction, or released in constant stream.

Users will be exhausted when too much energy is used.

Users may be over-charged/wounded if too much energy is used at once.

Users need control to avoid unnecessary destruction.

Each user has their own unique ways of manipulating chaos. Haven's is iron and steel.

Overall Chaos Energy Weaknesses:

Most unstable/hardest to control type of energy.

Chaos energy is said to be controlled through the use of iron and steel.

Excessive exposure to Chaos energy may warp the user physically and/or mentally.

May require certain powerful objects for the user to acquire and control Chaos energy.

Haven cannot always use attacks when he is not in the right physical and mental state of health.


Physical and Mental Strength:
Haven has trained all of his life, he is lined with muscle and large scales that act as armor. His reflexes are fast, the reason why he can control such a force.

High Endurance of Pain:
Physical or Physiological, he's put himself through it all. To being in a cave of life threatening situations, to being put into battle drugged. If he were to be captured, he would die before he would say anything.

Can only use his magic when wearing his onyx stone and his two arm bracelets.

Cannot use powers when mentally or physically deprived

The cold limits his ability to walk, breath, and will kill him if he is not careful. If caught in a blizzard with no protection, warm covering, or fire, he turns to stone.

Fighting Style:
Haven fights depending on his opponent, situation, and if he is with soldiers. The surrounding, whats in it, and if he can make any moves at all. He picks his battles.
He can fight as a soldier, brutal, no mercy. He can fight in a line of soldiers, military like.
Another side, he can fight completely rouge, at times if he does not know how to fight the other. Can only use powers to an extent, or else his body goes into shock, thus leading to rarely using his powers, and relies on his cunning thoughts and physical power.
The gif at the top: Creator- simul-in-aeternum

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Re: Haven

Post by Artemise on Thu May 24, 2018 10:47 pm

1/2 Approved.

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