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dark Empty dark

Post by Tsidia, the mind player on Fri May 25, 2018 12:18 pm

On the evening sky, a dark fog looms over a mountain nearby. The darkness is impenetrable, to all but those foolish enough to get close. A set of white lines appear to be somewhere in the smoke. The lines sway in the wind and slice through the moist air.

Torn whispers of chant echo, but the incantation is wild. The voice is deep and struggles to spell the endings of words. As the time passes, the darkness grows. It starts consuming terrain around it. After an hour, all top of the mountain suffers from the smoke.

The white lines stick together and merge into something of an anthro build.  Before one can grasp the meaning of their actions, they fade once again. Return to vibrating inside the aura in a formless fog. By the time anyone enters, panting and steps join in the chorus of the act. Those noises aren't coming from any one place in particular. They seem to echo in the entire darkness, in every direction, everywhere at once.

Consistency changes and solidifies. The gas has a gel-like feeling while passing through. Other than that, it seems to cause no harm.

The energy condenses, then rips away to everyone in its range. Behind, it left a lure of a fruity smell. Its magic feels replenishing and resourceful. Some mage would be intrigued for sure. Or at least some other prey. The trail led to the centre of the fog. An offer of a great reward, but at what cost? There was only one way to find out.
Tsidia, the mind player
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