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Post by Savan on Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:40 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Savan
Gender: Male
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Unknown
Age: 120
Date of Birth: March 19th
Savan grew up to be a very kind, caring, and above all else, an exceptionally loyal soul. His years under his foster mother’s care, and schooling has helped him in becoming a very powerful ally to those he befriends. Unfortunately due to the years of company absent of other dragons, Savan’s personality has become slightly cold.

Naturally, Savan is very, very laid back individual, and can easily forgive accidents, or trip-ups and while very little can be said about the dark dragon at first, those he comes to be close with find him to be undying in loyalty and kinship, and see him for a much different and loving individual. He won’t hesitate to defend those he calls family, or those who cannot fight for themselves.

Savan is a very curious individual who loves to explore and study about the world of Nuira and its denizens, while also helping those along the way. Though the unfortunate reality of his past has lead to a more secluded lifestyle; Savan can be very reserved and even shy, hostile at times, especially when in a congregation of more than a small group of dragons, around more than four is when he begins to bail out.

Though friendly, there are some areas where Savan feels threatened, or scrutinizes others that would rather stay hidden.

TL;DR: He's very laidback, patient, very kind, caring and loyal, though somewhat cold, and hostile when his patience begins to wear thin.


Wandering/Exploring in his spare time allows Savan to think more clearly, and helps him solve issues overtime while discovering new locales. He also enjoys it simply to admire the beauty of Nuira and let the worries of the world flow away.

Reading: Savan is a literal Bookworm. During certain days in Savan’s youth, Astra would bring him various books from afar, primarily on different dragons that exist in Nuira.


Books: Savan simply enjoys reading books.

Star Gazing: On most nights, Savan gazes at the night sky in memory of his deceased foster mother especially when the moon is out.

Listening to stories/gossip: While starting conversations is something Savan can’t truly grasp, he sometimes blots out the crowd to listen to certain gossip, or stories.

Tickled: Savan is sensitive to soft tou-he likes being tickled.


Heat: While it doesn’t affect him harshly, Savan is able to inhabit warm climates comfortably, such as sunny glades and grasslands. In the desert is where it begins to affect him more severely. See Weaknesses.

Past: Savan’s past may have had its ups, but the downs overwhelm two-fold. There are moments where he gets caught dwelling on it at the occasion; he has learned to keep it behind him for the most part, and dislikes getting into detail.

Being the center of attention: From time to time, Savan enjoys a chat, but having a large group swarm him can be very stressful to his isolated self.

Loud Sudden Noises: Savan hates loud noises, he can only tolerate them up to a certain point before he starts to become hostile.


Loss of those Close: Savan cannot stand the fact of losing someone as close to him as his foster mother, Astra. If those he regards as kith were to be lost, it would negatively impact him harshly.

Outcast/Banished: The general idea of being banished or ousted from a group hangs constantly on the edge of Savan’s mind.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Found and hatched by a river north of Gaiyen Forest. Raised in a secluded Grove in Gaiyen Forest.
Tribe: N/A | Rogue
Position: N/A | Rogue
Language: Universal
Home: Secluded grove in the Gaiyan Forest. Most of the time he comes and goes.
Father: [Unknown to anyone]
Mother: [Unknown to anyone]
Foster Mother: Astra | Star Wyvern. [Deceased]
Siblings: No siblings.
Relatives: N/A
Mate: No mates, but is available.
Offspring: N/A

Found floating as an egg down a river north of the Gaiyan Forest by Astra, an elden Star Wyvern, Savan hatched into Nuira under a full moon, and was adopted by his savior quickly afterwards. Under the impression she was his biological mother, Savan led a charitable and happy life, raised deep within the Gaiyan Forest within a secluded grove, protected by the trees from would-be predators, and warmed in the winters by Astra. Savan would learn to weather the elements whilst under the curious tutelage of his mother.

However, reality would soon catch up to him two years before he would become a fully grown dragon, when his would-be-mother, now revealed to be his foster mother, told the truth of his past, and the vast differences between them, just before she passed away.

She explained he was found on a river tucked into the confines of a hastily made float of plant materia, and a woven scarf that covered his egg.

Completely devastated by the news, Savan soon left the secluded grove after burying her, heading north towards the river his foster mother told him about. He searched thoroughly from each side-and ends-of the vast river, but found no trace, not a single fruitful mark of his origin.

Through his first century, Savan made friends with another dragon for a short while, before parting ways with him. This meeting slowly began to change his views on the world, and soon realized his search would eventually lead to nothing, and began to switch towards the future instead.

Soon, he began to take Astra’s teachings and re-apply them in his new journey. It only took a few more years before he completely left the river behind…

And hopefully to a better state of mind...

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 62ft.
Length: 85ft.
Wingspan: 100ft.
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Semi-smooth dark scales with gentle gray markings under his eyes, on his shoulders, and tail.
Eyes: Teal
Accessories: Regally woven Scarf laden across his chest and neck, three buckles keep it in organized chaos as he wanders. It doubles as a small pack when needed.
Armor: N/A
Horns/Spikes: Two horns on his head with barbed bone on their first outer curve backwards, before the horns begin to sway upwards. Two spikes on the base of his jaw jut shortly backwards, while a stubby protrusion of bone protrudes from his chin.

Steel colored spikes line his spine, ending at his tail, while a Sapphire blue hides behind the curve.
Overall Appearance: (See picture.)

(Tail is not to length proportions in this drawing.)

Abilities and Strengths


Some of Savan’s elements are unique and undocumented, which can help him surprise his opponents.

Terror Element Summary: Terror, as Savan has come to call it, is an element that he hasn't fully understood, while he is capable with Terror, it on the other hand is as mysterious as who his parents were. Savan has yet to master and learn the full extent of it. What can be said about the power, is it is very powerful and dangerous.

Terror Breath: Basic attack, a potentially dangerous cone of breath jets out of Savan’s maw up to a distance of (100ft) in the form of a menacing violet color, constantly damaging anyone caught in its wake in the form of a swirling cloud of claws, devastating unarmored dragons while slowly whittling away at the scales and armor of more armored dragons; which can lead to eventual damage if caution is not used. This can be very deadly to smaller dragons if exposed, especially whelplings.

Terror Missile: A very powerful projectile of ominous energy is fired from Savan's maw, up to a range of (200ft) at breakneck speed, exploding on contact with anything it hits in a (15ft) explosion that can knock a small dragon off its feet, while capable of pushing away medium and larger sized to certain extents. If it exceeds its range after a while, the bolt visibly destabilizes and explodes.

The Terror missile cannot be deflected by powerful wings or winds, but can be dodged by an attentive dragon or deflected/block with magical barriers, or simply natural cover.

(4) post Cooldown

Shadow Element Summary: Savan’s version of Shadow is his more known ability set. While it primarily focuses on positioning and actively keeping his enemies away with debilitations, it can also be physically damaging through certain moves. He is partially immune to any and all of its effects.

Shadow Breath: Basic attack, capable of traveling (80ft), Shadow breath is a cone of breath exhaled from Savan’s maw, moving like an ominous silvery-black smoke that spreads into a choking fog. Those caught in its grasp have a difficult time seeing, and if inhaled, asphyxiate for (1) post. The extent of the suffocation effect usually ranges from a coughing fit to those who are in the cloud briefly, to a literal absence of breath to those enveloped in it.  The fog itself lasts for a few minutes, (1) post.

Shadow Breath can be nullified by strong winds and wings capable of clearing it away. This doesn’t count for those already afflicted.

Shadow Ball: A condensed version of Shadow Breath is fired onto the ground (or faces) of his enemies, causing them to cough if they breath it in while struggling to get their bearings again. It has a range of (150ft) but its spread is much smaller than simply breathing it out. The density/spread of the blast is around (20ft), the impact is completely harmless, if not strong enough to stumble an unaware dragon. The cloud stays for a few minutes (1) post.

Cooldown of (2) posts.

Shadow Tail: By infusing the blade at the tip of his tail, Savan is capable of sending out a sharp-edged form of Shadow towards his target up to a range of (30ft). The target in question is gashed deeply if it hits, or leaves a slightly or heavily indented cut into the armor or scales of a dragon.

Cooldown of (2) posts.

Cloak: Savan has the ability to cloak by warping and swaying the light particles around him for (3) posts. The only thing that can be seen is the blurred scenery behind Savan, making it incredibly difficult to spot him. At night and in decent shade, he is theoretically impossible to spot, aside from the occasional glint of silver when he is exposed to moonlight.

Savan can still be attacked and harmed in this state and can still be heard normally. If he is hit in this state, the cloak will 'wobble' from the impact point on his body, temporarily showing him much more easily. He can also disperse the cloak at will.

Cooldown is doubled however long he remains in cloak, ie 1-2 | 2-4 | 3-6.


Resilient: Through his years of wandering alone, Savan has been through some rough events that would otherwise break a fragile dragon. His body is able to take a lot more damage than most others before the pain becomes unbearable.

Dexterous Tail: Savan boasts a long tail with a blade stretching further than most others'. This allows him to strike from his rear, as well as use it as an intimidation weapon. He is also exceptionally accurate with it, able to impale or deflect small objects in flight using the blade.

Calculating: Savan studies his enemies and allies with intense focus, constantly trying to learn how they fight, and what weaknesses he could cover for them, or exploit. Aside from combat, he can study the crowd, or certain dragons, attempting to understand their emotions on a closer level, while also keeping an eye out for trouble.


Long Tail: Due to the fact that Savan has a long tail, others are able to grapple it with more ease, or simply bite it, opening Savan up for an attack.

Loud noises: Savan really hates loud, sudden noises, especially of unknown origin, which can make him lose focus, or simply cause him to freeze in place long enough for a strike to easily land on him. After the first few times, he’ll be able to eventually adapt to it and block it out.

Overheating: Savan is weak to heat based attacks. While his scales can take the impact, he himself can overheat quickly in desert and arid locations-and attacks based on heat, which makes him more sluggish, leaving him weaker.

Past Taunting: While he can be even-minded, Savan is prone to falling into a bout of rage and reckless abandon when his past is mocked in battle. In this state he will tend to ignore pleas or orders which his foe can manipulate to their advantage.

Fighting Style:

Medium Preferred Range: Savan prefers fighting at a distance his enemies have a difficult time hitting or meleeing him, keeping them close enough to hit them with a timed strike, or preferring to use a breath attack, all the while keeping the enemy on their toes. His primary focus is to get behind his opponent and strike where he can’t be struck back.



Savan is able to use telekinesis to a limited effect. He can lift half his size, and drag up to his size with diminishing effect. (90ft) range. However Savan's Telekinesis is not without its flaws: A dragon can escape it simply by squirming in his magical grasp, making it harder for him to focus his Telekinesis on them up to a point where he'll have no choice but to let go, due to the mental fatigue.

Dream Manipulation

Savan possesses a unique ability to sense the dreams, and nightmares of-and in general-sleeping dragons around him up to (100ft) away, and is able to delve into them, while making certain dreams of his own to possibly aid or attack them. Compared to his own mind, Savan can be an invader, an observer, or an ally, depending on whom he uses it on. While he can manipulate, he cannot permanently change anything. If he is in the mind of someone, and is under attack in the real world, a fair amount of damage can drag him back out, and depending on how long he’s been in, will have certain repercussions.

While in their dreams, Savan is able to:

-Manipulate their pleasant dreams into vicious nightmares, and vice versa. (Take control of their dreams.)
-partially reveal secrets*
-partially look into their past*

*This can be situational and is not always successful. He is not able to simply locate or find their history and secrets. The Dreams and Nightmares are what Savan studies in order to understand the deeper emotions and possible backstory of a Dragon.

However, while in their dreams, Savan is NOT able to:

-Take control of their mind
-Move or talk, or otherwise operate in the real world


-Savan can be driven out of the recipient’s mind if said dragon figures out what is going on, or is strong enough mentally to resist the nightmare.
-Savan is only able to delve into a dream twice an in-rp week, as this is heavily taxing on his mind.
-Savan has a limited time for being in the Dragon’s dream/mind. He can keep this up for about four hours before losing focus/passing out.
-Savan can ONLY do this on sleeping or otherwise unconscious dragons (or dragons willing to let this happen), and must be within eyesight to be able to delve, or simply next to them.
-When Savan is in a dream, the telltale signs he is in one are:
A pair of violet glowing eyes.

Fun Facts:
Savan is Sanskrit for Moon.
Astra is Latin for Star.

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Re: Savan

Post by Oculus on Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:39 pm

Still WIP?

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Re: Savan

Post by Savan on Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:41 am

Yeah, He'll be finished by tomorrow.

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Re: Savan

Post by Savan on Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:34 am

Savan is now ready for review and approval!

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Re: Savan

Post by Artemise on Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:05 pm

1/2 Approved! I like your abilities!

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Re: Savan

Post by Vortex on Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:36 pm

2/2 approved

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Re: Savan

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