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Mirrothosis Nyekundu

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Mirrothosis Nyekundu Empty Mirrothosis Nyekundu

Post by Whispering Soul on Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:17 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Mirrothosis Nyekundu
Pronunciation: (Mir-ro-sus  Ny-ca-un-do)
Gender: Male
Species:Mirror Scale
Date of Birth:Unknown
Personality:Mirrorthosis is quiet. Considering, he is mute. However, Mirrothosis is kind hearted. To most things anyway. He’s always had a soft side to youngin’s and will anything to help one in need. However, he is tough if he needs to, but Mirrothosis doesn’t like to kill or injure, lest he needs to.
Hobbies: Read, Write, Train. 
Likes: Rivers, anything with a soft and peaceful sound to it, and Mirrors.
Dislikes: Fighting, killing, Blood Razers, dragons in high power.
Fears: Mirrors, Nighttime, and Wyverns.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Shveki
Tribe: Civilian in the Xoyan tribe, but he travels a lot.
Position: Civilian
Language: Any written/signed language.
Home: Xoya
Parents: ???
Siblings: Samnious Nyekundu
History: Mirrothosis remembers back only four hundred years in his life. He grew up with a rare mutation that some of his species get. The mutation gave him incredible control of psychic powers, but the downside made him forget things if he used his ability too much. The ability showed up after his four hundredth year of life, and he showed quite an affinity to it. However, he didn’t know the downside of it. Samnious, his brother managed to find him after Mirrothosis disappeared after an “incident”. Samnious keeps an eye on his brother well, just in case something happened again. Recently, following an attack on his brother by Zollyunis, he began to hunt bad dragons to stop anyone else from being hurt. There have been times when using his physic ability has made him forgot however.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 58ft
Length: 128ft
Wingspan: 108ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Mirrothosis has smooth grey-white reflective scales, being able to take on any color in the black and purple ranges. There is a range of fins going down his back, with a set of feathers on the end of his tail.
Eyes: Opal Black.
Accessories: His normal attire consists of a black gem tied to a necklace on his neck, aWhite Scarf to cover it, and a small pack containing some spell scrolls.
Armor: Noo
Horns/Spikes: Mirrothosis has a set of small horns behind his ears.
Overall Appearance: To a first glance, Mirrothosis looks malnourished and very skinny, caused by a genetic mutation. Mirrothosis is covered in reflective scales that can perfectly mimic colors around them in a specific range. He has small ear shaped ridges on the sides of his head in front of a large frill(Dilophosaurus-like), accompanied by two long scarred ears. His eyes are black and he has a circular marking in the center of his eyes that looks like a third. The ridges on his back look like leaves. Mirrothosis’ tail is the longest part of his body and the tip has a large fluff of misplaced feathers. He has a violet gem in his forehead that helps keep him alive. There is a numerous amount of claw scars on his chest, back, and legs.

Abilities and Strengths


Mind Reader:
Mirrothosis’ mutation allows him to read minds, emotions, and feelings. Even if the dragon is guarded or have resistance to mind reading.

The unique nature of Mirrothosis’ scales allows him to hide his form in darkness, or on surfaces between the black or purple tones, due to the limited color range his scales can shift to.

Physic Manipulation:
Mirrothosis can also move objects through crystal on his forehead(Acting like a focus), along with being able to create damaging physic force and high or low pitched sound waves, with enough effort, Mirrothosis can move heavy objects.

Telepathic Speech:
Using his Physic Manipulation, Mirrothosis can speak with others.


Physic Immunity:
Mirrothosis has a certain immunity to physic effects.

Accelerated Learning:
Mirrothosis can learn things at a must faster rate then other dragons, as well as perfectly remember direction, time, and date.

Danger Sense:
Mirrothosis has a sense for any danger in a 30 ft sphere around himself.


Mirrothosis cannot be in a physical battle. His body is too weak to withstand any sort of heavy physical force.

Physic Ammensia:
If he uses his physic abilities and magic too much. (more than 3 times in a topic) Mirrothosis begins to forget things and loose memory, most of the time he recovers this memory. Mostly.

Borrowed Life:
The gem on his forehead keeps him alive, if it is broken, he becomes unresponsive for hours as the gem restores.

Ground Bound:
Mirrothosis cannot fly on his own, his wings aren’t strong enough to stay in the air very long. Unless there is a strong wind, he can only glide for a few short moments.

Fighting Style: Mirrothosis likes to hide when fighting his enemies, then use his physic ability to fight them while staying hidden. 

Magic Claws:
Using the jewel round his neck, Mirrothosis can summon two magical claws to manipulate objects with, as his wings aren’t strong enough to lift or move many objects.

Healing Magic: 
(Healing minor injuries, once a post), ( Healing major injuries, once a topic)

Ray of Weakness:
When this spell is cast, A black beam of enervating energy springs from the jewel on Mirrothosis’ head toward an enemy. If it hits, the target is weakened for 15-30 minutes.(3-4 posts)

Gloom Blade:
Using his physic ability, Mirrothosis weavesn together threads of shadow to create a sword of solidified gloom in the air. This magic sword lasts until the spell ends.(4-6 posts) It works as a normal sword and damages as so. 

Mind Spike:
With this physic spell Mirrothosis reach into the mind of one creature he can see. The target is affected by heavy physic damage. Most dragons resist this damage,  but if they do, he knows the exact location of the creature for 35 minutes. (1-5 posts).

Blade Ward:

This spell requires Mirrothosis toe trace a sigil of warding in the air. Until the end of the duration (1-3 posts), the warding protects him from weapons for the duration.
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