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Beach Party? (Open to all)

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Beach Party? (Open to all)

Post by Mizuko on Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:10 pm

Waves roared like the mighty beast that held them. Thunderstruck the waves as an attempt to tame them. The wind howled laughing at the two. This atmosphere fell perfectly aline with Mizuko's current mood. Emotions tossed and turned inside him. Fighting against each other in a battle that tore him apart. His mind trapped him inside until he decided what to do. Everything in his body was going to break him if he doesn't do something right now.

The Leviathan floated on his back trying to calm his mind. Even with the storm, he felt calm as the waves carried him up and down. Moments like this he felt at one with the water, rough and uncertain. Thoughts raced in his mind; was he forever lonely, forever trying to fill that hole in his heart that others dug for him? The only reason he became a Seal was to feel like he belonged. To feel like he was wanted and useful. In the end, he was just another faceless pawn ready to sacrifice himself for the Orcas. He would die on the battlefield alone just like all his many members before him.

Mizuko felt the wave under him die down which meant the sun would be out soon. In times like these, he would travel to land and lay down on the warm sand and sleep. His scales ached at the thought of the warmth and security. From time to time he would bury himself in the sand and sulk or eat any crabs that came by. Usually, he would stay until midnight letting his mind slip into the depths of his subconscious. Wondering the lonely man's path as he would call it.

Soon he reached the coast as the sun beamed down its hot rays. Mizuko leaped out of the water and onto the dry sand. Water droplets dripped down from his horns and spines. He could've sworn that the water evaporated almost instantly then again he wasn't really trusting himself right now. Mizuko started nuzzling and rolling around in the sand getting the much-needed heat that his muscles in his mind and body yearned for.  He dug his head spikes under the sand and lifted the sand into the air with a head toss. After a few more sand tosses Mizuko laid down and began to lose himself in his thoughts.

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Re: Beach Party? (Open to all)

Post by Solarlight and Darksky on Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:27 pm

The twins had been sitting on that beach all night. They were honestly getting away from some of there more anger citizens. Why were they angry? Two words. Ki’Sha. Alliance. Not too Stormcaller like if you asked Solarlight or Darksky, but there was tension between the tribes before they became Rulers. They never realize how much until they met with Athena, the new Ku’za of the desert tribe. Now some of their own.

At least they were getting something done while Advisors ran things. The pair were trying to learn elemental magic. Supposedly it was one of the simplest to learn, but that didn’t seem to be the case for the two head dragons. Or at least for Sky.

”Gah! Why can’t I get this!” Solar looked at his sister’s annoyed appearance, and gave her a sympathetic look.

”You just gotta keep trying sis. You’ll get it.” Sky just shook her head, pointing to the burnt spot on the ground.

”But you’re already spitting embers, and I can’t even get a spark.” Solar was about to say something else when he noticed a new figure appear on the beach. He quickly recognized the features as those of a leviathan. Interesting. The male of the two looked over to his sister, and asked whether she wanted to go check the new dragon out.

”I.... Um.... I’m not sure. I don’t really want to.” The black scaled dragoness then thought for a moment, and looked at her brother. ”But I got my way last time. So ok.”

Once it was decided, the twins picked up the book they were using and flew over to where the dragon was. They landed a short ways from the new dragon so they didn’t seem threatening, and Solar soon called out to the dragon. ”Hey there!”
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