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Icon Contest!

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Icon Contest!

Post by Artemise on Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:36 am

Create an icon to represent Dragons Haven! It'll be used for our Discord server's avatar, post background, and more! Obviously, this isn't compulsory. Join only if you want to.

- The art submitted must be your own. No art theft or tracing allowed.
- Make sure the icon abides by the site rules that apply, meaning no profanity, suggestive themes, sexual images, no excessive gore, etc.

It'd be preferable if you included in your post the icon as well as a short explanation for the details in it, like what they represent. It's not necessary, but the more meaningful your icon is, the more likely it'll be picked.

The icon doesn't have to be super fancy! Design it how you like it, don't feel pressured to add details that you don't want to add.

Deadline: 2359 pacific time, 19 August.

That's all, good luck and have fun!

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