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Post by orkev on Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:43 pm

Link to Character List Page:
Personal Info
Name: orkev


[b]Gender: male

[b]Sexuality: heterosexual

[b]Personality: shy/ bashful is also very smart and loves to read the wrightings of the tombs and relics and also act like a lost puppy sometimes when he is confused

[b]Fears: squids

[b]Strengths: spike crystal scales and basic understanding of magic
[b]Weaknesses: stomach is biggest weakness

[b]General Appearance

Height: 200 feet

[b]Scales: crystal blue and shiny and spiky

[b]Eyes: silver

[b]Appearance: has spiky crystal scales that are shiny under direct light has silver colored claws which might be silver
[b]Tribe Information and Status


[b]Inheritance: crystal dragon

[b]Rank: none




[b]Skills and Abilities
Normal Abilities: acid breath that can melts metal to softer substance to be able to eat and underground senses can sense any animal or creature that is digging under ground

[b]Special Abilities: crystal shard breath can shoot shards of crystal that are 70 foot long at a range of 200 feet the shards will get bigger and sharper while he grows. Can make a crystal like creep that spreads over the ground and consumes dead creatures to make unique type crystal that orkev can shape into anything with same type of properties as other gems and stones.

[b]Combat Style: fights like a berserker when enrage gain attack boost and looses all thought process on full frontal attack.
History: was abounded after hatching in a cave that also had a tomb in it.
Has been living alone and watching other dragons and animals to learn how to hunt and servile.

[b]RP Sample: why would I believe anything a mad man has to say.

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Re: orkev

Post by Oculus on Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:59 pm

Hello! Welcome to DH!
I believe you have discord, so if you want to join, here is the discord link! https://discord.gg/nAVJ33j

To help get you started, as I see your character sheet is not in the correct format, I suggest this:

Here is the link to the character sheet template!

Feel free to ask any questions and welcome to DH!

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