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Yarghutz - A Forgotten Soul

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Yarghutz - A Forgotten Soul

Post by Savan on Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:07 pm

NOTICE: Before you get into this character's lore and info, you'll notice much of his information will be marked as TBR - which means To Be Revealed. I would like to keep him a locked tome for others to slowly pry open throughout his experiences.

Personality and the Basics

Name: Yarghutz
Pronunciation: Yar-Goots in origin (Lore-wise it is more commonly pronounced as Yar-Guts)
Gender: Male
Type: Wyrm
Species: Earth Wyrm
Age: 1267
Date of Birth: February 12th
Personality: Yarghutz at a glance may appear to be a battle hardened warrior, perhaps just another barbaric dragon seeking more blood.

Curiously he is the exact opposite. Yarghutz comes out from within his war-torn body as a jovial, down to earth Wyrm who would rather have tea and talk, than fight and kill. He values teaching others whatever lessons he has gained over the course of his unknown life, and enjoys a simple chat with those who would welcome him. He is an elder, a traveler, and also a figure that he sometimes forgets others could look up upon, as he's too focused on just being himself.

However... should he be left no choice but action...


Wandering/Traveling: Yarghutz constantly wanders and travels from tribe to tribe, location to location without any true purpose, than to simply absorb each lifestyle, each culture.

Training/Meditation: While it is be rarely seen, Yarghutz keeps himself at his peak, no matter what place he may be in, or predicament.


Tea: The herbs of many plants indoctrinated into a tea invigorates and heals, but most importantly, soothes Yarghutz' mind.

Sightseeing: It is alluring for this dragon to be drawn to the sights of many locations and monuments. It is also a calming activity.

Warmhearted Dragons:  The sight of gentle, kind, and/or selfless dragons is a sight he adores, to which brings something deeply more sentimental to him.


Remembering the past: While he needs to find those memories within the unknown of his mind, it brings a great sorrow each time he does.

Injured friend: Yarghutz cherishes those who chose to become a friend, especially those that openly welcome his presence. To see them gravely injured is something Yar would hate to see.

Being forced to choose for others: Yarghutz is an old Wyrm who would rather others choose for themselves. He wishes not to take part in what was not in his name in the first place.

Fears: (What is your character afraid of? At least 2)

Watching a Tribe Fall: Bastions of peace, shelters of the weak and ill. To see one fall, to see one crumble, Yarghutz wishes never to see.

Witnessing the death of a friend

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: TBR
Tribe: Past, TBR. Now, None.
Position: Past, Rank TBR. Now, a Rogue.
Language: Fluent Universal, Ki'shan, Vuarish, and Xoyan. Decent with Kenarun and Arretiz. Struggles with Aquatic and Vlow. Rusty with Ga'ar.
Home: No Home; Constantly Roaming.
Parents: TBR
Siblings: TBR
Relatives: TBR
Mate: TBR
Offspring: TBR
History: TBR

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: Can 'stand' up to 30 ft
Length: 700 ft
Wingspan: N/A
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Greens do earhten browns. Rough rugged scales. (What color are they? How do they look?)
Eyes: Reddish Orange
Accessories: Has a satchel tied behind his head under his frill, for having tea of course.
Armor: N/A
Horns/Spikes: Enormous dirt-hued frills behind his head capable of oscillating to a limited degree. The armored plates on his snout running to his head double as frills, clapping against one another loudly to intimidate foes.

Overall Appearance:

Image by me.

Abilities and Strengths


Burrowing: Yarghutz is capable of drilling out tunnels and going below ground in general due to his innate nature. However by doing so, he also causes tremors depending on where he is. These can range from serious, to light depending on his speed.

He is also capable of sealing up his exits and the tunnel itself by exercising his focus as he burrows, the telltale signs that the tunnel is closing is from a bright green energy quickly sealing up the holes, eventually returning them to the wall's original state, this is also seen from underground, the glow brightening up the darkness. The range he can seal up these holes is roughly (750)ft [To compensate for his length as he burrows].

By doing this as well, he can strike enemies from below as they struggle to find where he is below the ground, as well as the epicenter of the quake.

Earth Element Summary: Yarghutz' Earth element centers itself around defense and overwhelming power.

Earth Shot: A (50ft), (50 degree) angle cone of pure Earth element is shot out of Yarghutz’ maw in quick, repeating fashion, followed by a loud, thunderous noise with each shot that visibly echoes the cone; it is essentially his basic, shotgun, close range attack ,and can keep repeating this shock wave up for a few, accurate bursts, or a singular burst by choice, overusing it can exhaust him in the long run. Anything small enough is quickly blown back by the repeating shots, as larger dragons are damaged by the blunt force while being pushed back to a weakening effect.

Earth Beam: Earth beam is essentially Yarghutz’ power move against a single opponent, and is very powerful, but short lived. The (5ft) wide Beam is formed from Yar’s maw, reaching to about 200 ft, wherein the next moment the shaft instantaneously expands it to (15ft), hitting otherwise missed targets around its epicenter. Yarghutz may charge the beam for another post, allowing it travel further (300 ft), hit harder, and expand just a little more (25ft).

(For stronger beam) Charge time of (1) post

Cooldown of either choice of (2) posts

Earth Shockwave: If Yarghutz is surrounded by melee focused dragons, he is able to disperse a powerful spherical shockwave up (100ft) around his entire body, blasting away most of the competition. Not only that but it also causes the ground to quake for a short moment (1) post, causing most standing dragons to stumble around. Anything the blast hits that's not as large as Yarghutz is either tossed away like a ragdoll, or shoved back enough for one to fall, the impact is very painful, the equivalent to slamming into a rock face.

Cooldown of (7) post

Nok/Rock encasement: Encases chosen Dragons in hard-to-break rock prisons, basically balls of rock. The prison eventually weakens and crumbles harmlessly over the subject, and is primarily used by Yarghutz to stop a fight. The prison will be almost impossible to break out of for (1) posts, afterwards, it begins to crumble. These balls will tumbled back to the ground where they will stay, until they eventually crumble around the dragon after the first post, or is broken out of.

Neither outside nor inside may be able to harm one another during the first post, unless they're strong enough. The spheres will eventually suddenly move towards the ground, rooting itself into the nearest surface of solid stone, or equivalent material. The Dragon inside wont be tossed around, and instead will be suspended in conscious stasis until the last post.

Cooldown of (5) posts


Exceptionally armored: Yarghutz' Scales are the among the hardest and thickest ever seen, and to ever be tested. Not only that, but his head is also extremely hard to clock around. The natural armor also passively damage dragons who are reckless enough to charge into him.

War Torn: Yarghutz has no doubt been through the worst of fights, battles, and possibly wars. There is no doubt to his opponents that a fight with him will take far longer, and be far harder, than most others.

Hardened Mind: There are subjects laden into Yarghutz' mind that would scar an innocent dragon for life, things that would break one. Whatever he has seen, has steeled his mind against trickery.


Open target: Despite yarghutz being a skilled fighter, he is an overall easy to target opponent.

Water: While yarghutz may be able to swim and poke out of shallow lakes and rivers, his body isn't adapted to deep oceans or continuous surfs, and will begin drowning before long.

Weak Spot: Yarghutz' incredibly armored body does contain a weak point, which is the same way he moves: his underside.

Slow Attacks: Yarghutz' attacks are slow between one another, but they strike with great speed and... relative precision. One can distance themselves far enough while he alterates into his next attack.

Fighting Style: (How do they fight? Are they aerial combatants? Long ranged, short ranged, magic wielders, barbaric fighters?)

Tank/Juggernaut: Yarghutz understands what 'holding the line' is, and how to siege a stronghold or entrenchment of dragons. Many times, he can be the literal solution to breaching their defenses with his naturally heavy armor. His body also contains powerful muscles to withstand and throw his own weight around.


Telekinesis: Yarghutz has a practiced understanding of lifting with his mind. Range of 200 ft.

Struggling causes the telekinesis to weaken.
Telekinesis also weakens over distance.

Speech of the Earth: The elden Wyrm is capable of transferring/projecting his voice through the earth itself, allowing those above, or somewhere in a certain radius to hear his voice. He can also hear the others talk as well.

1000ft range - can only listen to others up to roughly 450ft (From his head).

Earth Armor: The Wyrm is able to add more rock armor to his armor, primarily his weak spot, allowing certain locations to be harder to break through. He can also impart rock armor onto other dragons near him for a limited time. Due to his size, he can only impart this onto certain locations such as his underside 1/3, or his armored back, this however, is not apparent for others, covering up to 2/3 of their body instead. The armor itself can be eventually shattered before it wears off, harmlessly crumbling into dust.

Uptime of (2) posts

Cooldown of (7) posts

Earth Ram/Siege Breaker: Yarghutz turns himself into a literal battering ram, swathing his head and the frontal half of his body in Earth magic, accelerating himself to - literal - earth shattering speed. Anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in his path during the charge is hit by a bone crushing impact, gravely wounding them. However a decent attack, Yarghutz learned this attack primarily to break through thick walls, and massive gates that would otherwise impede flightless dragons, including him.

70ft charge distance

Cooldown of (10) posts

Earth Flail: Since a Wyrm doesn’t have arms, Yarghutz has mastered an ability that allows him to emit a chain of Earth magic before him, which, after 100ft, condenses into a ball of blunt trauma, capable of smacking away dragons no matter their size. The flail can also be used as a wrecking ball against structures. The 'chain' can be retracted and extended to its maximum to help against closing in enemies.

In order to use the flail however, Yarghutz needs to use his neck and head as the arm and hand, for him to actually swing it.

Uptime of (3) posts

Cooldown of (1) post

Earth manipulation: An ability that allows him to manipulate the earth itself, he can use it as quick shield placements that jut out from rock faces, and its usefulness relies on where he is. Using this for too long, especially in quick succession can greatly exhaust him. While not in a fight, he can slowly meld the land around him, rather than quickly force it out. As said, focusing this can take a lot of energy out of him if he's not careful, allowing others to defeat him much faster.

Yarghutz may make as many of these slabs of defense as he wishes, however, can only make a dozen (12) without fatiguing his mind in combat. They can be used as defense of his opponents as well when the time is needed, making it a double edged blade, and a last-ditch necessity. He is able to make them in many more different shapes, the the effort stands of how many can be made in such a short amount of time, and will stay there indefinitely until someone breaks it, or he simply lowers it back into the ground. Each extends roughly around 10-20 ft per jut.

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