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Blade (WIP)

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Blade (WIP) Empty Blade (WIP)

Post by Athena on Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:10 am

Personality and the Basics

Name: Blade X'lyn Tergarson
Pronunciation: Blade (bl- aide) X'lyn (Zl-lin) Tergarson (Tur-gar-son)
Gender: Male
Type: Western Dragon
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 1st January
Personality: Blade, at first glance, is a reserved but charming character, smooth lipped and silver tongued. He doesn't say much, but when he speaks, it's in a voice like liquid silver.

He is rather obsessively hygienic when it comes to his scales. He prefers to keep them in top condition and will get irritated if even one is broken, despite the fact he often gets into brawls and fights due to the work he does. He is selfish and quite cruel, turning many dragons off. He uses dragons to get what he wants and will have no problem betraying you for coin, unless you gain his trust.

Blade is extremely protective of his loved ones. He would do anything for them. He isn't as affectionate as most, but he'll show he cares in small ways. He's humorous and dry, sweet and gentle. He is very patient, especially with hatchlings.

Hobbies: Well... he's a thief. Bandit, smuggler, whatever will get the food on the table. He spends his time doing odd jobs to provide for his little brother. He has many hobbies and skills, developed during long months of boredom, such as;

-Juggling (Mainly to entertain his brother)
-Sculpting, sewing (to make toys and things to amuse Eboni)
-And of course, lockpicking, pickpocketing and other skills a thief or bandit might need

Likes: Blade adores Eboni with all of his heart and loves to spend time with him. He also enjoys making things for his brother. He likes socialising and meeting new dragons.
Dislikes: Blade hates being away from home for too long. He dislikes going near the Xoya because of his history there. He also hates doing nothing, if he has nothing to do he goes crazy. He also hates killing dragons, he refuses to be a mercenary or an assassin.
Fears: Blade is afraid that one day he will kill someone and will be unable to recover from it. He also fears losing his brother, that would destroy him beyond recovery. He fears Eboni being taken away from him or being hurt because of his criminal work.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: In the Xoya tribe
Tribe: Rogue
Position: Rogue
Language: He speaks fluent Xoyan, Universal and Ki'shin.Home: He and his brother travel from place to place.
Parents: Relig (father) Hera (Mother, deceased)
Siblings: Eboni (Brother)
Relatives: He has some relatives in the Xoya
Mate: No
Offspring: No
History: Blade grew up in the Xoya and was expected to become a soldier. He lived in a fairly normal family until mother died, killed in battle during a skirmish with rogues at the border. Heartbroken, his father retreated into himself and became depressed, forcing Blade to fend for him and his brother. too young to become a soldier, he started stealing and thieving to get by. Eventually, he got involved with a gang of young males who committed proper robberies. The money was good and he could afford to look after his dad and brother. The adrenaline provided an escape from the grief of losing his mom.

But then Relig realised what was going on and became angry at his son. Bitter from years of neglect, Blade blamed his father for their situation, and in turn Relig blamed him for acting out like 'a dumb teenager.' He told Blade his mother was rolling in her grave and to get out, that he was a terrible influence on his brother. Angry and fearful his brother would end up neglected without him, Blade took Eboni, who was only four, and ran from the Xoya.
Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: Forty feet.
Length: Fifty feet
Wingspan: Sixty feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: He has silver scales that shimmer like the moon's reflection. They have a slight blue tinge to them,
Eyes: Brown
Accessories: Sometimes he'll wear a scarf for cold weather, sometimes he'll wear a satchel to carry items in, it all depends on what he's being paid to do.
Armor: No, he can't lug around armour.
Horns/Spikes: He has a pair of horns on the back of his head and rows of short spikes running down his body.
Overall Appearance:

Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: Blade actually can't do magic.
Strengths: (What strengths does your draconiforme hold? Mental and physical)
Weaknesses: (Are there any weaknesses your draconiforme has? Must have at least +1 more weaknesses than there are strengths)
Fighting Style: (How do they fight? Are they aerial combatants? Long ranged, short ranged, magic wielders, barbaric fighters?)
Magic: (Is your draconiforme capable of magic? What kind of magic?)


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