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Blutaa, The Charged

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Blutaa, The Charged Empty Blutaa, The Charged

Post by Mizuko on Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:31 pm

Name: Blutaa
Pronunciation: Blue taa
Gender: Female
Type: Western
Species: Emperor Lightning Dragon
Age: 152
Date of Birth: 8/1
Personality: Blutaa is normally a very quiet person that only speaks a few words. However, she is also a hot head, who could be easily enraged by something as small as being bumped by another dragon. Blutaa also has a penchant for intimidation whether she uses threatening words or physically harms her target. She also tends to immediately go straight for a more physical solution to any problems or confrontations.

Furthermore, she also prefers instilling tough love to her comrades by giving them horrible glares and inspirational speeches. She believes that it is the best way for them to overcome their limits and grow stronger. Blutaa also does not discriminate creatures according to their social status or circumstances.
-Fried potatoes
-Creatures who judge her without getting to know her
-The deep deep ocean

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Verula
Tribe: Stormcallers
Position: Guradian
Language: Universal, Kishin, Some Aquactic
Home: Verula
Parents: None
Siblings: Peetree
Relatives: None
Mate: None
Offspring: None
History: Nothing special.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 100 ft
Length: 250 ft
Wingspan: 400 ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Blue and black. Elctricity can be seen moving through them.
Eyes: Electric blue
Accessories: None.
Armor: None.
Horns/Spikes: On face and tail.
Overall Appearance: Blutaa, The Charged Halloween_adopt_emperor_storm_dragon_by_noctem_tenebris-dbquoct

Abilities and Strengths

-Lightning: Able to travel in lightning storms as lightning. This ability is passive and she cannot control it at all. She'll end up in the craziest of places because of it. She turns into lightning until she is shot out of the storm then she is reverted back into her dragon self. Only when she's in a storm can she is lightning, she can't control where she'll end up at all and that means she could fall on someone or something

-Breath: Able to breathe lightning from her mouth. The lightning spreads out to whatever conductor is near it. Depending on the dragon's scales they could either be burnt or electrocuted. No scales equals more of a chance of being burnt while a lot of scales they'll probably just feel a shock. Her lightning is 1,100°F. Can hit up to 100 ft as long as nothing gets in its way. If no conductors than the lightning just goes to the ground. (Charge: 1 post, Cooldown: 2)

-Lightning Aura: Lightning is surging throughout her body. From her head down to the tip of her tail is where it mostly shows up. Her patterns glow brighter when more electricity is used and the amount of lightning as well. Her emotions are also tied to her lightning in her body. Stronger emotions equal crazed lightning coming from her body. This can lead to someone getting hit, Blutaa won't apologize, and then either a fight will break or something along those lines.
-Enhanced Reflexes: Blutaa can predict and react to attacks that others cannot keep up with and nonchalantly counters these attacks without having to turn around.

-Fast: In ground and air she can easily outspeed most creatures. 120 mph in the air. 90 mph on the ground.

-Strong-willed: Nothing will stop her from getting her duties done. She's coming for you whether you like it on not.
-Stubborn: She has strong morals. She believes that innocents should be protected no matter what. She'll gladly give her life for her friends and innocents. This has lead to major conflicts with some pretty bad people.

-Gruff: Her voice is intimidating, commanding and overall scary. No one likes or even tries to talk to her. For their sake of not having nightmares.

-Obsessive: She tends to chase after worthy opponents for battle. She'll go as far as stalking them until they give in and fight her.

-Ground: Ground base attacks are super effective on her. (Ever play Pokemon?)
Fighting Style: She'll try and get you in the sky.
-Storm Strike: She can manipulate lightning. If there's a thunderstorm by she can call upon the lightning to strike the earth. Of course, she can only call it to her area that means she can't tell it to specifically hit a part. It will just strike around her area.

-Lightning Emperor's Scythe: Changes Blutaa's tail into a big lightning scythe. With a swift motion, she whips it at the target. This is more of a short ranged attack and only goes the distance of  30 ft. The lightning can stun the target and even burn them. Many of her sparring partners have burn marks from her lightning. (If used before any lightning attacks it takes one post to charge up. If it takes after one, two posts to charge up) (2-3 post cooldown)

Hurricane of lightning: Blutaa focuses her lightning to the tip of her fingers to create a concentrated orb of lightning, which is then launched towards the target. Upon hitting the target, the sphere collapses into itself, taking in anything around it. Once they hit the center they will be shocked by lightning. Hits up to 5 ft. (3 posts to charge, 1 topic cooldown)

Bow of the Emporer: Blutaa extends out her wings to generate a large bow made of lightning, creating six large arrows that are fired at a target(s). These arrows are powerful enough to pierce through a barrier powered by one dragon. Hits up to 50 ft. (Charge: 2 posts, cooldown: 4)

Psych-up storm: Blutaa raises her tail forward and outstretched, with the blade facing flat toward the target, and fires a gigantic beam of electrical energy. Reaches up to 120 ft. Known to kill most on impact. (As long as their okay with it) (Charge: 4 posts, Cooldown: 10)

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Blutaa, The Charged Empty Re: Blutaa, The Charged

Post by Artemise on Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:16 am

Just wanted to point out your character's rank is misspelled.

"Horns/Spikes: Able to conduct lightning." -> Please mention this in Abilities, perhaps under lightning aura.

"-Can fly 120mph" Now, this is fine, but how long can she maintain this speed? Same goes for her speed on the ground. (This is more of a strength than an ability, fyi, so I suggest answering my questions in Strengths... Where you once more mention her speed, under 'Fast'. Delete this part that's under abilities.)

Lightning: Does she stay as lightning as long as she's in storms, or does she revert back after a certain period of time? Can she hurt someone else when in this form? Does she obtain the properties of lightning, such as its speed and its deadly electrical force, or is only her outer appearance changed?

Breath: I'd like more elaboration on this ability; it's very vague. State what happens if someone is hit by her lightning breath. Are they burnt? Electrocuted? If so, how badly? How long can she keep up this blast? What if there are no conductors within 100ft? How often can she use this ability? and so on.

Lightning Aura: There seems to be other parts of her body that lightning can come from. I'm aware this probably isn't an offensive ability, but I'd appreciate it if you were specific with which parts of her body that lightning can be released from, how far it travels, and how badly electrocuted/burnt/whatever someone would be.

Enhanced Reflexes: "predict and react to attacks that others cannot keep up with" -> This sentence is phrased in such a way that it's as if she can predict every single attack aimed at her, as well as has reflexes that are superior to every other dragon on Nuira. Sounds overpowered now, right? I suggest you adjust the sentence so that it says she can react and predict most, but not all attacks.

Strong-willed: This sounds more like a personality trait than a strength. If you elaborated that she's hard to mentally break or something else that would count in her favour in a battle, then yes, I would approve it. Otherwise, move it to her personality section.

Stubborn: The description you gave makes her sound more righteous and selfless than actually stubborn, lol.

How exactly is getting into conflicts with 'bad people' a weakness? I mean, sure, it's annoying when they come back for revenge, but 1. Members can't control NPCs. 2. Who'd go to all the trouble of making that 'bad' character just to do battle with Blutaa? Additionally, if she's willing to give up her life, doesn't that mean she'll fight with all that she's got? Wouldn't that be a strength?

Gruff and obsessive: I literally don't see how they are weaknesses. Wouldn't being scary work in her favour if she intimidates her opponent, and how is being obsessive a weakness?? Aren't these personality traits??

Ground: (I'm sorry, I don't watch pokemon, and I only have a vague idea of what you're talking about.) I know it's kind of obvious, but for clarification in the future, please explain why she's weak to ground-based abilities. Would throwing a lot of soil at her count, or is this ability limited only to large scale magic and abilities?

Storm strike: "she can't tell it to specifically hit a part. It will just strike around her area." So the lightning strikes randomly around her for as long as the thunderstorm lasts? How big is the area around her anyway?

Lightning Emperor's Scythe: How badly burnt will those hit by this scythe be? Regarding the "2-3 post cooldown", what determines whether the cooldown takes two or three posts? Is it like the charging up of her scythe: Dependent on whether it's used before or after other lightning abilities?

Hurricane of lightning: State how big the orb is. The description is kinda confusing, so let me clarify: It engulfs someone, then, er, collapses on itself and draws that someone towards the centre where they'll be shocked? Did I get that right?

Bow of the Emperor: So I'm assuming that they cause a light electric shock upon contact? Is it possible to deflect these?

Psych-up Storm: "Known to kill most on impact. (As long as their okay with it)" No one would be okay with it, unless it's an NPC or a character they know about. I'd rather you state that it causes severe, third-degree burns and electrocution and whatever other effects you want there to be.

Overall, you need to be more specific, and you need to pay attention to what exactly you're 'answering'; take 'strong-willed' for example. You're answering that it's a strength, and you need to explain exactly why it's a strength, and not anything else. Bump when edited, or dm me if you have questions! (:

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