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Tinuviel the Sarieth *Needs to be Approved*

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Tinuviel the Sarieth *Needs to be Approved*

Post by Whispering Soul on Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:59 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name:Tinuviel Kageye Bartholomeus Calitharette
Type: Bipedal Western
Species: Sarieth Mirror
Age: 167 (16-18 hooman age)
Date of Birth: December
Personality: Tinuviel is emotionally delicate and weak of mind. She's terrified of letting her emotions free, as they empower her sometimes unpredictable abilities. She doesn't show her negative emotions much to other dragons most of the time. Tinuviel tends to be self-loathing and self-punishing when she is alone, getting emotionally unstable at times due to loneliness. She loves learning about new skills, and is fascinated by all the strange and wonderful things that are new to her. Tinuviel obsessively hides her extremely powerful and uncontrollable abilities from every dragon she meets, for fear that she might hurt them. Despite all this, she is constantly trying to improve herself. She likes to show her best side to others, and dislikes getting angry or upset around others.
Hobbies: Learn about modern culture, doodle, practice magic, learn new languages.
Likes: Art, soft rain, learning, phisolophical texts. 
Dislikes: Hurting others, deep bodies of water, dragons that treat her like a hatchling
Fears: Death, Blood Razers, falling asleep(She will tolerate sleep, but dislikes it greatly) (Somniphobia), flying (Pteromerhanophobia), and eyes (Ommatophobia)

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Mirror Tomb
Tribe: Staying in the Kaamil tribe, but not part of it (Rogue for now)
Position: Wanderer
Language: Okay-is Universal, Katysesin (Extinct language), decent Aquatic.
Home: Temporarily in the Kaamil tribe
Parents: Talresen, Malishare.
Siblings: Hareen, Barune, Shigane, Juneosiren.
Relatives: no
Mate: naw
Offspring: nAW
History: Tinuviel likes to keep her past a secret, she will talk about it occasionally.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 34ft
Length: 52ft
Wingspan: 84ft
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Smoke colored scales, with Mauve stripes and gradients that change color. Dark grey stripes and orca-like patterns crisscrossing her wings and legs.
Eyes: Deep Crimson
Accessories: Leather gloves, emerald leather boots, Emerald aviator coat, her fathers Emerald brimmer, and a hand-crafted gold infused wood bow.
Armor: Gold Steampunk wings (Helps her fly steadier and faster, and protects them)
Horns/Spikes: Tinuviel doesn't have any horns or spikes.
Overall Appearance: Temporary reference image from FlightRising.

Abilities and Strengths


Energy Absorb:
Tinuviel can absorb the magic/energy from attacks or spells casted around her. Sometimes she does this without knowing.
The more damaging magics/attacks she absorbs the magic from, the stronger her abilities get. The energy lasts about an hour, (4-5 posts) before being released if not used. All of her abilities, except her invisibility, gets stronger when she absorbs magic or energy from other sources.

When doing this aspect of her abillites, any damage or spells casted at Tinuviel gets blocked or reflected to a certain point. The "shield" is completely invisible, and can cover either her front or back, but not both at the same time. After a few attacks, or even one or two strong attacks before shattering. Physical attacks damage the shield more than magic or breath attacks, as they get absorbed by her odd abilities.

Tinuviel can move things without psychically touching them. This ability grows stronger depending on her emotions, as her Psychokinesis is powered by it. Due to this, she holds her emotions down until they (usually) violently erupt when they cant be held down any longer. Normally, she can lift things up to five times her weight, and two times her size.
When she's angry or enraged, her abilities become violent. She can tear things apart with ease, throw things that are at least ten times her weight and size. 
These abilities can get to ten times or more powerful when she's feeling negative emotions or thoughts.

Advanced Pyrokinesis:
Tinuviel's abilities allow her to set things on fire without touching them. If she has absorbed magical energy/spells from other dragons/sources, she can even set water on fire, through a confusing reaction that makes the water flammable.
She can also set dragons and flammable materials on fire.

She can make small and medium plants grow at extremely fast rates, and influence plants of any size to move in any way, but can't make them uproot themselves. Tinuviel can also encourage plants to grow very quickly, depending on how much energy she has.

Tinuviel can turn completely invisible by creating a sort of magical field that blocks photons from giving others visual information of where she is (ScienceY!) but, when she is invisible, she cannot see and is essentially blind.
She can make it so she can see while invisible, but her eyes give away her position, as they show when she does this ability in this certain way.


Due to being small and lithe, she is extremely agile.

Detective Mind:
Tinuviel is great at piecing together puzzles and mysteries, and is excellent at knowing if a dragon is lying or not.

Tinuviel is extremely creative, and is good at coming up


Weak Psychic Defense: Tinuviel can't be taken over by mind controlling magics/abilities, but she is affected more by psychic magic and attacks.

Tiny Stamina: Tinuviel can't run or fly for very long(Unless she has her metal wings on), or do any physical abilities for very long and she tires quickly, especially in flight.

Psychically Weak: Tinuviel isn't physically strong either, she can't lift things physically or really move anything heavier or even not heavier than her.

Tinuviel's abilities come with a sort of curse that limits her usage of her powers. Repeatedly using her abilities for long periods of time can cause her to slowly weaken, to the point of falling unconscious, which could cause her powers to run out of control for a while.

Fighting Style: 
It's not really fighting, more or less defensive with attempts to escalate the situation.

Mirror Magic
Tinuviel can cast powerful Mirror spells from the ancient Tomes. These spells can only be casted a three times from said tomes, until the tomes can recover their runes. (Can only be used once a post topic)
These spells are normally wards and summoning spells.

Frost Ward
This spell creates a protective magic force around Tinuviel, manifesting as a spectral frost the covers her form. Any creature or object that hits her during the duration (1 hour, around 3-5 posts), will be hit by a shock of freezing force.

Dark Tendril
Invoking her abilities to summon dark magic tendrils that batter away all beings within 10 feet of Tinuviel. The Tendrils also drain some life energy from whatever they hit. This spell can cause Tinuviel's abillites to go a bit weird and do things on its own. The spell lasts a minute, and vanishes as quick as it is casted.

Tinuviel can reach out to a creatures morality, and cause them to become suddenly afraid of her, by causing them to see a much scarier version of herself. This spell struggles with making dragons and draconic creatures afraid.
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