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Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP*

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Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP* Empty Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP*

Post by Reinnyss on Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:37 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Reinnyss, the Dreadded
Pronunciation: Ray-ness
Type: Western
Species: Cursed descendant of the Folle clan
Age: 45
Date of Birth: July 7th
Haunted by the curse of her ancestors, Reinnyss is unlike any other dragon she has encountered.  Usually reclusive, for fear of accidentally harming someone with her curse, Reinyss spends most of her time far away from civilization.  Her emotions can be as fluid as her the state of her body.  Often reacting in fierce rage or deep regret, Though frightening in appearance Reinyss only wants the best for others, even if she herself is the one endangering the rest.
Finding quiet places, reading, learning to control her powers, enjoying breathtaking views font=Times New Roman]
1. Being left alone.
2.Enjoying beautiful places  
Dislikes: 1. Hurting others
2. Showing weakness
3. Prideful dragons (a bit hypocritical)
Fears: 1. Being put back under the control of the curse.
2.harming those she loves

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin:
Tribe: Rouge Position: n/a Language: Universal,
Home: In the remains of the tomb of her ancestorsParents: Both Rouges Siblings: Zaerilyss (adopted) Relatives: unknown
Mate: n/a
Offspring: n/a
 Reinyss grew up alongside her parents until her parents were attacked by a  terrible dragon who fed on the lives of others.  Her parent told her to flee before throwing themselves into a fight with the fierce monster.  Fleeing to another more safe location of the gaiyan forest, she managed to survive alone, until she found a younger green hatchling wandering alone in the woods.  Taking her in as her own, Reinnyss raised the hatchling for a few years, teaching her hunting and fighting, as well as exploring.  They lived happily together for a few years until the fateful day they stumbled upon the tomb of Reinnyss ancestors.  Learning the horrid end of the history of the Folle dragons, Reinnyss soon found herself cursed to the same fate for ever entering the ruins.  Knowing her sanity was dwindling, Reinnyss caused a cave in, shoving Zaerilyss free of the cave-in just before Reinnyss sealed herself in the tomb, hoping to contain the wickedness of her people forevermore.  Although she found herself under the curse of Folle, Reinnyss never quite descended into madness as the people had.  Her last act of kindness undoing part of the spell.  However she was still cursed with her blood turning to a black viscous ooze, taking over her body and causing her to have to fight to stay solid or become a heaping mass of goo.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: Size can vary.  In her ‘natural’ state she would be 115 feet tallLength: 275 feet long
Wingspan: 380 feet
Mostly white scaled with dark brown spines, and black bellyEyes: dark brown, but reflect hazel in direct sunlight
Accessories: no

Doesn’t need any
Two large spiny horns on either side of skull.  Smaller spines going up the skull and several long spines at the back of the neck.  Spines shorten again as they go down from spine to tail
Overall Appearance:
In solid form appears as a large white dragon. Her most noticeable trait is a darker patch of scales resembling a rose on her right shoulder. Is also able to choose her state of solidity, and go from being a solid dragon to a sentient pile of black goo.

Abilities and Strengths

-  is able to almost completely de-solidify, and turn into a liquid state almost like oil.  
- cells and glands produce an oxygenated per-fluorocarbon emulsion, making it impossible for her to drown or suffocate.  
- Her malleable body also allows her to stretch herself to be bigger or condense herself to be smaller, as well as grow or absorb limbs.  The larger she grows the weaker her bodily structure.  The smaller she grows the more dense her molecules, causing her to be stronger and more durable.  Reinyss is able to stretch her molecules to become up to 4 times her natural size for up to 10 posts without severe consequence.  However, if all 10 posts are used, Reinyss is becomes incapacitated for an additional 10 posts, due to fatigue, and returns to her 'goo' state during said time.  Reinyss is able to condense her molecules enought to shrink down to be only 1/20 of her natural size.
-  Due to her malleable bodily structure, she is able to reconstruct any part of her body structure  relatively quickly, depending on type of injury and severity. minor wounds, such as cuts and scrapes heal within two posts, Severe wounds wounds can take up to 10 posts to heal in her natural state.
- has ‘cell hypersensitivity’ meaning she has full telepathic control of each cell in her body.  Meaning if a part of her body is severed or separated form the rest of her cells, she is still able to control it for up to a mile away.  This attribute, also allows Reinyss to break herself down so small as to phase through solid objects or even Bind herself with other living beings, using her own cells to carry resources to a host, such as oxygen, or take away from the blood cells of a host.  If she fuses enough with another creature she can even use her own cells to aid the body system of a host or slow it down.  This ability requires Reinyss to come into direct physical contact with the bodily system she wishes to influence, such as: to be able to influence a host's bloodstream with her own cells, she would need to do so by polluting an open wound first.
-Skilled in factual knowledge, and execution of a goal, strong willpower, unable to drown/ suffocate

In Solid form:
- high pitched noises of the proper octave: causing her to de-solidify
-Not a very fast flyer due to mass
- Difficult for her to sneak due to size/density
- Loss of the ability to breathe fire
In semi-solid/’goo’ form:
-Ice attacks: causing any affected viscous part of her body to freeze in place for 1 or more Posts depending on severity.  She then has to re-solidify that part of her body to break out
- Electricity: temporarily paralyzing her for as long as attack is held
- Fire: causes intense pain

Fighting Style: Reinyss fights by either condensing the molecules into one part of her body and striking with it, or using her ‘goo’ state to incapacitate or paralyze victims
Does not use magic

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Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP* Empty Re: Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP*

Post by Oculus on Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:00 pm

Need to have one more for a total of three!

1.  Desolidify
2.  Unable to drown/suffocate (move to strengths)
3.  Shrink/grow
4.  Strong Willpower (move to strenghts)
5.  Reconstructive body
6.  Clones
7.  Body Hijacking
Justing listing out all the things your abilities can do/are.  
You need to impose several limits to all of this.  What are the limits to how big/how small you can grow/shrink?  Being so small that you can phase through people is just going to be a no, as that can already be abused with the other abilities of this ability.  You also need to limit how many clones can you make?  Also, what type of injuries can you heal from?  You cannot be immortal so keep that in mind. Another big thing is with fusing with others.  This needs severe restrictions otherwise this would easily be overpowered, considering you could just cause a blood clot and kill anyone with no real defense in current state.  This overall needs balancing and limits.  Also, move the two strengths into the strengths category.

Don't forget to add above two

-Stabbing through heart:  This isn't a reportable weakness, as you'd die from being stabbed in the heart.  Saying a heart stab only causes you to be unconcious doesn't make sense, and makes it seem like you are making an immortal character.
Also make sure you have more weaknesses than strengths.

Sorry for delays, but bump/dm/pm me when ready for regrading!

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Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP* Empty Re: Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP*

Post by Reinnyss on Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:30 pm

Fixed some stuff, let me know what else needs fixed. *bump*


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Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP* Empty Re: Reinnyss, the Dreadded *WIP*

Post by Sponsored content

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