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Ray the Ariuna

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Ray the Ariuna Empty Ray the Ariuna

Post by Ray the Dossian on Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:42 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: (Ray Ariuna)
Pronunciation: (Ra-ye Ae - ru - ien - ah)
Gender: (Female)
Type: (Wyvern)
Species: (Young Dossian)
Age: (15)
Date of Birth: (2003/1/29)
Personality: (Ray is a socially awkward wyvern who is oddly afraid of things smaller than her. She tend to talk to herself and inanimate objects due to living alone. Ray is usually silent and doesnt like to talk to anyone older than her much. Ray also tends to freak out if stressed. Ray has big issues with her lungs but yet is able to cope with low oxygen.)
Hobbies: (Ray loves to spend her time drawing when alone or when things are silent.)
Likes: (Ray likes to be around few people who are bigger than her. She also doesnt mind physical harm. Ray prefers to see people who care about her when she is feeling down.)
Dislikes: (Ray hates it when it comes to random foods, Ray hates mental harm and just dislikes it when people try to pick on her)
Fears: (Ray is afraid of darkness and also hates it when it comes to her past, as it tends to make ray tear up and eventually flee.)

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: (None knows, most people say somewhere in Layrian but noone knows for sure. Her family say they lived in Verula, yet they might be lying.)
Tribe: (Ray is rouge like her family and hunts and bigger creatures that seem weak.)
Position: (Ray has no rank whatsoever, or she has a rank but doesnt tend to say it.)
Language: (Ray currently only knows english and a bit of french.)
Home: (Ray wanders from place to place so she is always moving and makes small dens.)
Parents: (Ray's parent's names were Yharon and Ragnura, Yharon was an Ovis Dragon while Ragnura was a Dossian like Ray is.)
Siblings: (Ray has a brother who she believes is dead when he is alive, somewhere. His name was William. William Ariuna)
Relatives: (Not yet.)
Mate: (Ray has no mates currently, but if she finds one, we will tell you.)
Offspring: (Not yet.)
History:(We have a bit of ray's history: Ray was a child who was never liked for her odd ability to have strange flexibilty and hated for her looks. Only because her colours are like no other's.)

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: (Ray is around 5'4)
Length: (30 ft)
Wingspan: (Ray's Wingspan is about 25.5 feet, Noone has been able to count further as ray tends to run away.)
Scale/Fur/Feathers: (Ray is odd, She has dark purple scales with a spade-tail that has red scales under it.)
Eyes: (Ray's Eyes are mainly red, They tend to turn green when she feels safe and purple when she is very nervous.)
Accessories: (Ray has a small, red scarf around her neck to keep her warm when going anywhere even slightly cold.)
Armor: (Ray cannot wear armor unless you want her to be unable to fly.)
Horns/Spikes: (Ray's spikes are a bright red, unlike her body.)
Overall Appearance: (She looks like a strange dragon with a 3 red scales on her chest that look like gems upclose. She seems to be a bit kind on the outside, yet a first glance makes you think she is imaginary.)

Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: (Ray has enough flexibility to put both her legs on her horns without pain.)
Strengths: (Ray's Strengths in physical is her wings tend to be able to shoot out huge gusts of air and her horns are a bit sharper than they look. Ray's has only one mental strength: The thought of her brother.)
Weaknesses: (Ray's Weakness is the odd scales and Potions. Any potion that a human or dragon made can easily trick ray into thinking their enemy is their friend. But when it comes to physical pain, Always go for ray's lungs as it hurts ray way more. Also spiders scare ray alot, so dont use spiders unless you want her to be unconscious.)
Fighting Style: (Ray has no idea how to fight in any style, She can only hurt with air and stab with her tail, Which doesnt really hurt much.)
Magic: (Ray can only hold specific magic, depending on the gems she has. If all 3 are unharmed, she can easily befriend anything. If one of the gems are harmed ,any gem, ray's magic can petrify anything smaller than her. If 2 of them are broken, Any, Ray is able to fly away at a high speed, Which happened only once and ray ended up in a coma due to loss of breath. If all 3 are cut badly, Ray is defenceless and weak.)

Ray the Dossian

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Ray the Ariuna Empty Re: Ray the Ariuna

Post by Savan on Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:59 am

Majority of this is good! Buuut.

First off, there exists no humans or deities/angels/demons, simply dragons, and other wildlife.

Not bad, but you don't need to state the year/real life year they were born and can simply be month and day.

Wyverns can be as tall as 7-90 feet in height, you can find the information here: http://dragonshaven.forumotion.com/t18-2-types-of-draconiformes#50

It should be noted that no real world language exists within Nuira, and that certain fictional languages do exist and can be found here: http://dragonshaven.forumotion.com/t10-dragon-tribe-information

Note that you can have your character simply know 'Universal' if you don't want them to know any Tribe languages.

You can move her strong wing gusts and sharp horns to abilities, as this is what it's for. And I assume her brother is a strong point due him being an idol she looks up to?

So in other words, rather than potions, she's easily manipulated?

Are these gems only used to befriend wild creatures/animals such as deer, bears, or other such? or can they 'manipulate' or 'calm' a fellow dragon into feeling friendly to her as well?

Is there a specific cool down or wait time for how long she can do this?

How long does petrification last? Does she gain a boost to speed and/or agility when her gems are broken?

I assume these gems can be repaired/regenerate after they are damaged? How long?

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