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Time Heals (Savan)

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Time Heals (Savan)

Post by Solarlight and Darksky on Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:01 pm

After the what had happened, the twins went back to check on Savan. They had hoped to see him up and going, or at least awake now, but Inisha had said he was improving. The odd looking pair slowly walked their double-sided body to Inisha's place, discussing what had happened as they went.

"So. What do you think happened to Savan?" Sky seemed a bit nervous as she asked, which surprised Solar. There weren't many other dragons around, so it could be her being overcrowded. Then again, she was always a worrier. Solar cleared his mind, hoping Sky didn't pick up on it before answering.

"No telling really. Could've been exhaustion, or maybe a sickness of some kind." This didn't seem to make Sky any more comfortable, with the pairs' steps going out of sync for a moment. Solar sighed, not really having any idea how to keep his sister from worrying this time. The pair would soon arrive at the door knocking and waiting for an answer.
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