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Making the best of a storm (OPEN)

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Making the best of a storm (OPEN) Empty Making the best of a storm (OPEN)

Post by Sazoc on Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:45 am

Within a deep earthen den about half way up the sacred mountain, Sazoc lay grinning and purring to himself as he lifts up his newest work. An adorably cute knit rabbit was hanging from the yarn threads still stuck through with knitting needles. "Perfect! You adorable little minx you." Sazoc starts to finish closing one small hole on the rabbit where the knitting ends then ties off the string, cuts it, and puts the now finished rabbit on a pile of finished knit stuffed animals. Then he changes the color of the yarn he wants to use and goes to work on a sweater since the den was getting a little chilly and he could use a nice bright red and blue knit sweater.

Outside the rain heavily pelted against rock, weed, and wildflower alike that grew on the face of the mountain. While Sazoc's den was underground, luckily the water from snow melt and heavy rains always drained along other tiny seasonal stream and creeks down the mountain. He never had a problem with anything getting wet in his den unless he himself had come in wet from outside.

For now the male was content to wait out the heavy rain storm inside warm and happy as he knitted the day away.

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Making the best of a storm (OPEN) Empty Re: Making the best of a storm (OPEN)

Post by Xenithe on Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:37 pm

Xenithe flew high over the forests surrounding the mountain, her once light, dry plumage and scales dampened by the rain and downpour. She had made a wrong turn at one point of her journey to find herbs for her father, and was regretting the decision with a narrowed gaze, trying to maneuver through the rough winds and harsh rain.

It didn't help that some thunder began to pick up, and she gave a half whined growl as she beat her wings harder to press on, determined to make it home. "I thought it was going to be clear all day, ridiculous weather-"

It was at that moment lightning struck near her, causing a violently frightened shriek to rip out of her opened jaws as she dive bombed re-actively, swerving through some sparse trees on the mountains' side before she finally landed, roughly and with quite the crash. It took her a moment of panting and shaking before she shakily rose, wincing at a small gash on her chest she gained from a sharp stone she landed on, before she carefully and as quickly as she could go attempting to find shelter, being sure she lost nothing from her satchel in the process.

"Thank the heavens I didn't lose what I came for.." She sighed, perking up her small ears at the sight of a cave inlet.

She deemed it safe enough to rest at the entrance, not wanting to go further in in the fear of running into something, and began the long process of preening her feathers to as much dryness as she could achieve, and attempting to mend her small wound with her light amount of healing magic, causing light echoes from the caves entrance to travel deeper within.

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