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Neoma, Keeper of Beetles

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Neoma, Keeper of Beetles Empty Neoma, Keeper of Beetles

Post by dotdot on Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:20 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Neoma
Gender: Male
Type: Western
Species: Deathripper
Age: 20
Date of Birth: July 17
Personality: Dragon from the depths of darkness with a huge passion for arthropods, especially beetles. Caring for them had led him to the gentle kind of nature which, otherwise, would not have been possible. Also because of it, Neoma knows and had documented over 200 000 species of beetles so far over the past... 5 years. I'm not even exaggerating there are over 350 000 species of beetles and still counting to this day. However, despite Neoma's excellent memory of insect species, his memory falls flat in every other field, but not to the point he has amnesia. So it is not a strength nor a weakness.

Besides not admitting it himself, Neoma deeply cares for his friends, not just to his beetles, but to other dragons. Granted if Neoma can trust them first.  


~Take care of beetles

~Read and/or document information in books

~Get lost by accident

~Meet up with other dragons

~Comedy ensues


~Bugs, from centipedes and butterflies to crabs. He considers them 'friends'



~Doing nothing


~Blood and fresh

~Public places

~Cold Climates


~Hurting his friends

~Letting others hurt his friends

~Losing his friends

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: ???
Tribe: Stormcaller
Position: Scholar (dragon in training)
Language: Universal, may understand other any common broken languages except Vuarish and Aquatic
Home: In Tempest, supposedly
Parents: ???
Siblings: ???
Relatives: ???
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
History: No remembrance of origin. Neoma claims that he was raised by moths, for at least until he outgrew and outlived all of them sadly. He then joined the Stormcaller ranks after following them one musical night

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 64 feet
Length: 192 (Tail length; 207 feet)
Wingspan: 608 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Dark blue scaly hide with shiny plated scales on most parts of the body and wings
Eyes: Deep blue. Sometimes reported to have glowing amber eyes
Accessories: Unless you count armour, N/A
Armour: He is the armour
Horns/Spikes: Spiky boi, noted in ref
Overall Appearance: Temp ref: note that he has very short tail spikes besides the spade and he has a spiny mane located on back of neck. His teeth are noticeable, a set of carnivorous dragon teeth with a single vampire like fang located at the upper right. The fang helps to eat fresh but not very useful with combat most of the time.
Neoma, Keeper of Beetles DarkDragonMinion
Source with art credit: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/dark-dragon-minion

Abilities and Strengths


Super Strength: Neoma processes super strength, strong enough to crush a skull of a smaller dragon with one of his talons. Strong enough to lift a dragon three times his size (but won't be able to toss them away like mice) and he can carry a dragon twice his size during flight. Neoma can also push obstacles such as boulders out of the way but not shatter if it's not in their properties to do so, some rocks are not brittle enough to simply be shattered like glass.

Exoskeleton armour: Armour growth on Neoma's head, chest, back, wings, legs and tail. This armour is strong enough to hold up under pressure such as being crushed and many sharp object and blasts find it hard to penetrate it. While it is loose enough for Neoma to move freely.

Blue spirit magic: See magic

Neoma has a small but deadly spear tipped tail spade located at the end of the very long tail and can use it to impale his foes at an almost lightning strike speed with accuracy a major drawback especially if the target is moving about. Since his tail is very long, it is prehensile and can grab hold of things and is strong enough to support three times his strength.


Immunity to toxin based effects, such as poison, infectious diseases and gases that alters the body in any way.

Neoma can keep his cool no matter the situation, that doesn't involve beetles at least.

Apparently, Neoma can survive being frozen solid for up to a hundred years (The current record is well... One month)


Naive: Neoma's young age leads him to be inexperienced to a lot of things, including dodging in combat and lies.

The cold: Although he can survive being frozen solid, cold climates and ice is not a favourable environment for him to embark on. As it severely hinders his movement.

His friends: He is very overprotective over his friends he would do anything for them. Although dragons are capable of protecting themselves, beetles cannot and can be easily taken as hostages.

Soft hide: Neoma has armour because his hide is very soft at this age, save for the rough and toughened feet and tail though. A claw to the exposed hide is enough to make him bleed, yuck. Neoma himself can inflict harm to himself with those talons and tail too.

Explosive outbursts: Although Neoma can keep his cool the majority of the time, he can snap, and when he snaps, he acts like a whole new dragon. Although he shows off his true strength, he acts recklessly.

Fighting Style: The majority of Neoma's strength lies in his strength and magic abilities. He acts basically as an attack tank, minus the slow movement. This strategy can be dropped for full out offensive.
Neoma is capable of very powerful magic. He just has not tapped into the potential of it yet, that is because he decides to waste it on pointless little spells except for one, a basic particle ball. Here are what he had learnt:

~Grow/Shrink: So far, Neoma uses this magic on beetles and it works perfectly well with no issues. It has been untested on other creatures including dragons. The beetles can be grown to a whopping 5-10 feet depending on their species as well as shrunk to their original size.

~Blue spirit ball: A simple 20 feet diameter ball of glowing strange energy, it used to counter spells and can burn through a standard dragon scales, feathers, and leather. It can reach up to 140 feet at a speed of 30kph before exploding.

~Spirit of Moon: A larger and more destructive version of spirit ball, which requires a one post warmup to create the ball with either with his talons or mouth and then a one post cooldown after it had been cast. It is now 50 feet diameter and is sort of purplish in colour, travels up to 120 feet at the speed of 40kph before exploding violently. It even works underwater~


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Neoma, Keeper of Beetles Empty Re: Neoma, Keeper of Beetles

Post by Azreyus on Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:45 am


- Super strength
-> How much stronger is he than the average dragon? Please give a rough estimate; e.g. 2x, 3x being the limit.
-> Also, how long can he carry a dragon twice his size during flight?


- Soft hide
-> This weakness is rendered void by his armour, though I think there're some uncovered spots, so please list them out.

On another note, I noticed that the majority of the listed weaknesses are either non-physical ones or apply only to certain situations; for example, an opponent who doesn't know him well won't know to take hostage of his beetles, and there are very few truly cold places in Nuira. His explosive outbursts don't seem to be triggered very easily either, making three of his weaknesses void.

So in short could you either add some physical weaknesses that can be exploited by most? You can replace existing ones too, if you want, so your character doesn't become too weak.


- Blue spirit ball
-> How many can he create in one go?
-> Range of the explosion?
-> Is there a cooldown?

- Spirit of Moon:
-> Again, range of explosion?
-> How many of these can he create at once?

Do both of these abilities travel in straight lines or tail the target?



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