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Dark Esclipsed Emblem

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Dark Esclipsed Emblem Empty Dark Esclipsed Emblem

Post by EcLiPsEd on Wed May 08, 2019 6:32 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Dark Eclipsed Emblem
Pronunciation: (Dark-Eclepsed-Emblom)
Gender: Male
Type: Cross-breed between Amphiptere/Eastern Dragon.
Species: Midnightgazer of Semi-Transparent Skin
Age: 7 centuries (700 years old)
Date of Birth: (10/25)
Personality: A somewhat immature specimen. He loves making fun of others, and as for being stealthy, gets light hits before swooping away. Though weak, he is smart, and capable to outrun other dragons.
Hobbies: Simply wandering about, or stealing wealth.
Likes: He enjoys taking stuff that's not his. Defeating others is something he absolutely ADORES, as well as bright gems.
Dislikes: He dislikes being beat at something, and getting caught stealing. Also, some dragons get him annoyed.
Fears: He is afraid of Horses, and very powerful competitors.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: The Grasslands near a huge lake.
Tribe: Rouge/Disbanded.
Position: Outcast.
Language: He can speak most languages, but mostly English and German.
Home: He uses to occupy the caves along the mountains or forests; can adapt to Wastelands.
Parents: Akarit (Mother) and Rossclaw (Father)
Siblings: Just one named Tadaki, but he died in a battle.
Relatives: None.
Mate: Just a lonely stalker.
Offspring: No Offspring, nor adopted.
History:(Find it out!)

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 2 Meters.
Length: 5 Meters.
Wingspan: 6 Meters.
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Black Scales, with some feathers on the start of the wings.
Eyes: Dark Blue, with a white pupil.
Accessories: No Accesories.
Armor: None.
Horns/Spikes: He has black spikes all over his spine and tail, and an aerodinamic blade at the end of it. They are all stained with blue on the underneath and the inside. He also has four huge horn on his head.
Overall Appearance: A black dragon, you can almost see through him. Stained with some dark blue and violet marks, he can camouflage in the skies.

Abilities and Strengths

Abilities: He is capable of stealing any kind of jewel expertly, and can hide within the midnight skies, with his specialized skin.
Strengths: He can fly at a tremendous speed, not being noticed.
Weaknesses: He has a weak spot under his neck-When he flies too fast, a simple claw or tail-slap can take him down-A really weak fighter in the time to melee-fight.
Fighting Style: He tries to avoid fighting, but as it is, he just uses his camouflaging ability to strike from behind, and from the downside if flying.
Magic: The closest he has ever been to magic, is to dissappear out of sight.

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Dark Esclipsed Emblem Empty Re: Dark Esclipsed Emblem

Post by Azreyus on Fri May 10, 2019 4:11 am

Please write a minimum of five sentences; you have only three currently.

As this is a completely made-up world, neither German nor English exists here. Refer to Dragon Tribe Information here for the different kinds of languages that are spoken by the Tribes.

"He is capable of stealing any jewel expertly." -> How so? Is it because he's stealthy? Wouldn't he be a good thief in general, then, or does he possess an ability that helps him expertly steal jewels specifically?

What's the fastest speed he can reach and how long will he be able to maintain this speed?

Please go into detail about his being able to disappear out of sight. Is it because he can camouflage himself or can he become completely invisible? How long can he remain in this state; are there any cooldowns, any tells that will reveal his presence? Will his shadow still be visible?


Overall needs more elaboration.

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