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Thorn Empty Thorn

Post by Thorn on Tue May 21, 2019 2:13 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Thorn
Pronunciation: /THôrn/
Gender: Female
Type: Drake
Species: Uprooted Carnivorous Birdsnare
Age: 124, give or take
Date of Birth: September 6th
Personality: Mischievous, manipulative, and rather irresponsible, Thorn tends to live in the moment of things. She has little regard to the past, as well as the future outcomes of her actions. She does not trust others easily and is equally untrustworthy herself. Though it is within her nature to be one that is reclusive, it is not uncommon for her to humor the presence of others, even if it is for her own benefit. Upon first interaction, she tends to view others as less than her, more so focusing on if they are a threat, food, or both. It would take a fair bit of time and tolerance for her to consider someone to be on par with herself. Of course, the process of her considering another to be matched or better can be easily expedited through force, whether she is harmed or not. It would be a lie not to say she was arrogant. When confronted in combat, Thorn would never refuse a challenge, even if the odds were majorly stacked against her. However, unless it is strictly for hunting, she will never throw the first swipe. If one were to gain Thorn's trust, they'd find that she is incredibly loyal to those who have earned it. But that loyalty is fragile, and one misstep can lead back to square one.

 - Hunting, so to speak, though it usually entails her sitting still until something comes to her.
 - Basking in the sun, it makes her feel nice and rejuvenated. Also, she’s often lazy.

 - Fog, as it makes it so much easier to hide.
 - Stalking others. Creepy as it is, she finds it amusing to observe what others do when they think they’re alone.
 - Meat, especially fresh. The bloodier the better.

 - Arrogance. No trait bothers her more than one believing that they are ever so important. However, she herself possesses this.
 - Scholars, especially historians. She could not possibly care less about what has happened before.
 - Generally, anything that can fly.

 - Fire, it will snuff her out quick as paper.
 - Heights, they are something she’s never experienced and never plans to.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: The thick central swamps of Shiveki.
Tribe: Rogue (for now)
Position: N/A
Language: Universal, some Xoyan, some Arretiz.
Home: She wanders, though she prefers the murky swamps from whence she came.
Parents: Unbeknownst even to her.
Siblings: No.
Relatives: No.
Mate: As if.
Offspring: No.
History: :)

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 68ft
Length: 146ft
Wingspan: N/A
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Smooth, olive green skin.
Eyes: A solid, reflective black.
Accessories: No.
Armor: No.
Horns/Spikes: None in particular.
Overall Appearance: Thorn’s appearance is one which is rather odd. Her whole body is covered in a smooth, green film-like skin, which makes herself rather smooth as she possesses no horns or spikes. Instead of claws, her “fingers” simply narrow down into a sharp point. Along her neck, there are several rings of folded frills, of which are the same color as her neck. However, should she wish, she can unfold them, which may either spread out or bunch up, giving the appearance of large flower petals. The frills are a vibrant mix of yellow and orange, making for quite a display when open. Her eyes are flush with her head, so that should she close them one would think she hadn’t any at all. She doesn’t have any teeth, so to speak, but the shape of her maw is made of a hardened material, not to mention sharp and jagged like teeth. Instead of biting and chewing, she simply bites and swallows, as she has no inner teeth to chew with. Thorn has no nostrils but is capable of smelling and breathing through her skin. Her blood is not red, but somewhat clear. Her voice is another subject of debate, as she usually speaks with a sweet, smooth, and gentle tone. However, this is just a façade, as her real voice is grizzled and gruff enough to make a Xoyan-speaker blush.

Abilities and Strengths

 - Thorns: As her name suggests, Thorn is no stranger to thorns. In fact, she can force a carapace of spiny thorns through her skin, covering herself in an unpleasant defensive mechanism. The thorns are roughly a foot long, and reddish-orange in color. However, they must cut through her flesh, making it painful for her as well. As a result, this is only a defensive tactic in the event of imminent doom. As such, she normally HATES to use them, given the pain it also causes her, but she still will do so if the situation demands. She can have them exposed for about an hour before they dry up and she must shed them. After shedding them, and they take about three days for them to reform. When deployed, she is also immobile, aside from a slight shuffling. A hug with these would be unpleasant.
 - Lure: Thorn is capable of secreting a viscous, yellow, and very aromatic fluid from her mouth. It is similar in consistency to that of syrup. It gives off a strong smell of honey and cinnamon, though it tastes like neither, possessing a very bitter flavor. She can produce about a gallon or so in fifteen minutes. It is harmless on its own, but if one is close enough to taste it, it may already be too late.

 - Smell: As a result of her sup-optimal vision, Thorn’s smell is extremely sharp, able to hone in precisely on most living creatures within thirty feet. She can also, for the most part, tell whether or not they are from the Xoya or Valeterrene, but others she cannot discern.
 - Color: The pigment of her hide makes it quite easy for her to conceal herself within dense foliage.

 - Sight: Due to the nature of her eyes, she is incapable of seeing full color, only able to view the world in black and white.
 - Fire: The blaze of heat has a much greater effect on Thorn, easily torching her like thick paper.
 - Judgment: Something Thorn has a distinct lack of, which can get her from a bad situation into one that is considerably worse.

Fighting Style: Getting the jump on someone is always her preferred method. However, if confronted, she will try her very best to find any possible way to play dirty.

Magic: Nope.

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Thorn Empty Re: Thorn

Post by Oculus on Wed May 22, 2019 12:14 am

Just wanted to say welcome to the site! If you have any questions, feel free to dm an admin or moderator and we will help you to the best of our abilities. If you have a discord, feel free to join our discord server too! I’ll grade this soon, and I hope you enjoy your time on DH!

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Thorn Empty Re: Thorn

Post by Tharasis on Wed May 22, 2019 12:59 am

Hello welcome! Like Oculus said we have a Discord server, so if you have one yourself feel free to join in on our server here:
It’s much more easier to talk with people and ask questions there since most of everyone on the site is active at our server.

Hope you have fun on the site!

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Thorn Empty Re: Thorn

Post by Oculus on Wed May 22, 2019 2:10 pm

~1/2 Approved~

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Thorn Empty Re: Thorn

Post by Azreyus on Fri May 24, 2019 4:58 am

2/2 Approved.



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Thorn Empty Re: Thorn

Post by Sponsored content

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