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Azreyus, the General of Defence. [WIP]

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Azreyus, the General of Defence. [WIP] Empty Azreyus, the General of Defence. [WIP]

Post by Azreyus on Fri May 31, 2019 8:12 pm

Personality and the Basics

Name: Azreyus Qerliva
Pronunciation: Az - ray - yus / Kur - lee - vuh
Gender: Male
Type: Western dragon
Species: Felbris dragon, a species known for their poison and shadow abilities.
Age: 993
Date of Birth: 3rd January
Personality: Azreyus is a calm and composed individual who has a very firm control over his emotions; as such, it is very difficult to scare or fluster him, and he can remain level-headed in even the direst and noisiest of situations. Cunning and perceptive, he uses what he has observed of other individuals to modify his behaviour accordingly, usually to achieve his own goals, but because of this he can make a good teammate as well. He has an orderly, methodical way of thinking and doing things, and is generally very organised. He's a quick thinker that displays adaptability and flexibility, making him a good strategist. Despite all of this, however, he has been known to occasionally reveal a sense of humour that manifests mainly through pointed and sarcastic remarks, or rarer still, jokes.
Hobbies: Az enjoys taking a stroll through the nearby forest, though can sometimes be seen testing the traps he's set up along the borders of Xoyan territory. He also loves puzzles, and can spend hours solving them.
Likes: He appears to be fond of plants, and keeps a few potted ones at home.
Dislikes: He dislikes incompetency and laziness, particularly if it's among his guards, soldiers, or generally those who work beneath him; the lack of discipline is not only disappointing and embarrassing, but also frustrating as it tends to interfere with him getting things done. As he prioritises efficiency, delays without a good reason behind them irritate him. In addition, because he gives his all in every scheme he plots, he takes pride in his work and considers it to be of the highest standard; as such, he hates having his carefully thought-out plans disrupted or seen through: it unnerves him and throws him off.
Fears: He fears losing the rank he's worked so hard for, as well as dreads the downfall of Xoya.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Shveki
Tribe: Xoya
Position: General of Defence
Language: As he was originally born in the Stormflighter Clan, he can speak Stormira, though is also proficient in Xoyan due to years spent living there. Due to the need to communicate with high-rankers from other Tribes, he can also speak Universal, Ki'Shin, Kenarun, Arretiz and Vuarish.
Home: While he usually stays in the room he has in the Xoyan palace, he also has a home somewhere in Xoya that he visits occasionally, usually during calm times.
Parents: NPC rogues living with the Stormflighters - his mother is a Felbris dragon, while his father is a Stormflighter. As he inherited the former's abilities, he chose to take on his mother's surname.
Siblings: An older brother named Hethros, who's currently a rogue.
Relatives: He has a few known younger cousins: Skonis (Stormcaller), Skia (NPC Stormflighter), and Inanis (NPC Skygger).
Mate: Soon to be Reiki.
Offspring: None so far.
History: Like Skonis, he was born in the Stormflighter Clan, but far earlier. His clan made frequent trips to Xoya to sell their handmade crafts; during one of them, his Stormflighter father met his mother, and Azreyus was born soon after. He led a relatively ordinary life, save for the fact that he preferred to think and strategise rather than hunt like the other males his age did, and stood out for it; at first he was scorned for it, but when he outwitted the other hatchlings again and again he soon garnered their respect and became their leader. Eventually, when he grew old enough to be able to sustain himself, he left the Stormflighters and joined Xoya, which he had been eyeing for quite some time. Soon, he was accepted into the Tribe and worked his way up to where he currently is now.

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 75ft.
Length: 150ft.
Wingspan: 300ft.
Eyes: Light grey.
Accessories: None.
Overall Appearance:

Abilities and Strengths

Fighting Style:



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