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Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal

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Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal Empty Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal

Post by Molag Bal on Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:38 pm

Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal 7abe8510

Personality and the Basics

Name: Molag Bal
Pronunciation: maw-lag bal (the a is flat, like in the word 'plan')
Gender: Male
Type: Western Dragon
Species: Magma Beast
Age: 813 years (35 in dragon years)
Date of Birth: August 5
Personality: Molag Bal is a dragon filled with determination. He is the type of character who will not stop once he sets his eyes on a prize. As an Uliugaan, Molag Bal is mostly a grim no-nonsense type beast who takes his job very seriously. He will do anything to fulfill his duty and will not fail to comply to the ruler's orders. However, this does not mean he isn't kind and thoughtful. . . Or very confident.

Beneath that thick, stony hide is a heart of fluff and sweetness waiting to be opened. Molag Bal is a rather kind-hearted dragon who wants to bring goodness and peace to the world rather than bloodshed and discord. The best way for him to do such a thing is to be an Aliugaan due to his strength and prowess, but truth be told he is not very confident in his abilities. Molag Bal humbles himself when praised and while some might think this is only manners, the dragon simply does not believe in himself.

Another small thing about Molag Bal. This gentle giant is actually quick to anger. He is patient and doesn't mind most things some might find annoying, but if you dare hurt or make a threat to someone he cares about, be it a friend, family member, civilian, or to all of Ki'Sha, he will explode. Molag Bal would stop at nothing to vanquish the evil who threatens those he cares about (except perhaps unlawful killing) and will seethe in fury if he doesn't.
◇Physical Training. Molag Bal is in superb shape and he would prefer to keep it that way. It is this reason he spends at least five hours a day testing his strength and speed in hopes to improve his skills.
◇Playing with Hatchlings. Molag Bal has an infatuation with the young of the world. His reasoning is simple. "It is a dangerous world beyond the safety of our great ruler, Saiya. These children are precious, delicate vessels of life who carry the destiny of the world in their blood. They must be defended and be taught what kindness, honor, and humility is."
◇Finally, Molag Bal enjoys basking. Being a creature of fire and blazes of the most deadly heat, he enjoys basking in the sunlight and other warm areas. This is natural for him, and if he isn't training or playing with babies he can be found buried in hot desert sands.
◇Aside from his hobbies listed above, Molag Bal enjoys naps. Who doesn't after a long exhausting day? Despite his love for them, it is rare to find this dragon napping. Most of his time is spent training and playing with hatchlings.
◇The male enjoys pretty things. This might be jewels, natural scenery, or females. As much as Molag Bal desires to focus on his occupation, he cannot help but admire a beautiful dragoness or a blooming desert flower.
◇Molag Bal's favorite food is charred seagull. It's a bizarre choice seeing as he fears the sea and seagulls are most commonly found near the ocean, but he loves the taste, especially when it's burnt.
◇Conflict. A common dislike, yes, but being a pacifist Molag Bal does not like anything that would disrupt the peace. This might be uncommon for warriors such as he who might pounce for a chance to fight, but Molag Bal would rather bring peace than bloodshed. However, this doesn't stop him from fighting for his Tribe if he must.
◇As a beast of fire, Molag Bal does not enjoy cold weather. He hates winter and can most often be found in his den on a chilly day.
◇Molag Bal despises wearing accessories or armor. He believes it weighs him down and prevents him from reaching his full physical potential. He does appreciate the purpose of armor, though. Accessories, not so much.
◇The Sea. It is understandable for a Magma Beast such as Molag Bal to fear the ocean. He is afraid of being completely submerged. If drowning does not kill him, his lack of fire within will.
◇Being Banished. Molag Bal has put much work into serving the Ki'Sha, and he would be devastated should he be banished from the only family he has left.

Origin, Culture, and Family

Place of Origin: Uoangi Desert
Tribe: Ki'Sha
Position: Aliugaan
Language: Kishin, Universal, and Ga'ar
Home: Uoangi Desert
Parents: Molag Bal was hatched from a Stone Beast father and a Fire Wing mother.
Siblings: Molag Bal has a sister whose name is Namira. She is a Magma Beast like himself and as far as he knows, she is currently living as a rogue. They had a brother named Clavicus, but he reached a tragic end years ago.
Relatives: Undetermined.
Mate: None.
Offspring: None.
History: Molag Bal was hatched in a clutch of three eggs in the Uoangi Desert, where their mother buried them beneath the hot sand to keep them warm. Molag Bal was the first to hatch, emerging from a black shell. Then, as is in the Magma Beasts' instincts, as the first hatched he dug out the other two eggs and helped his brother and sister hatch. The three ate snakes, scorpions, and cacti for two days and two nights before a hunter of the Ki'Sha discovered them and brought them to to Tribe. Molag Bal was brought up to be a superb Aliugaan, while his sister Namira was a Vuuaan, and his brother a Nftari. Life was good until the siblings were 520 years old.

Namira had found a mate and laid her first clutch which consisted of five eggs. She was a proud mother but was not keen on remaining close to her unborn young like most dragonesses would. Rather, she had her mate guard them while she went hunting. One fateful day, a particularly hungry and devilish wyrm came across the clutch while Namira and her mate were defending the eggs. They fought, but the wyrm bested Namira's mate. Just when she thought all hope was lost, Clavicus swooped down and attacked the beast. Yet again, a battle ensued but Clavicus fell victim to the dragon's fangs. The wyrm devoured Namira's eggs and closed in on the dragoness just before her escape. She went straight to her remaining brother in grief and told him of the tragedy.

Molag Bal was devastated. He had lost much that day: his brother-in-law, his nieces and nephews and most of all, his brother Clavicus. With a heavy heart, Namira confessed she could not face the Ki'Sha and inform them about what had occurred. She had felt like a failure of a mother already. With that and a final embrace with her sibling she departed to live a lonesome life as a rogue.

Molag Bal did not want to forget this. He wanted to do something about the terrible fate of his family. As a young Ugaan, the dragon set out with spread wings to hunt for the wyrm. It took many years of searching along with performing his duties that he was 580 years of age when he finally found the beast. This was the wyrm's final battle.

It was a long, bloody fight that lasted for hours. It began at dawn and it was midnight when Molag Bal finally pinned the wyrm and bit his throat, killing him immediately. Molag Bal expected to feel satisfied and fulfilled, but rather guilt and sorrow filled his soul. What had he done? After many years, he had tracked down the dragon who killed most of his family. Wasn't he supposed to be happy?

No matter how much Molag Bal tried to convince himself that the wyrm deserved it, the dragon could not stop feeling despair. He had ended a life.

But killing is my duty.

It took Molag Bal to be 630 to realize his duty as an Ugaan was not to kill, but to protect. He then vowed to himself to never murder again, not even for revenge.

I shall not kill. I shall only kill in defense, be it of myself or others of Ki'Sha.

Since this vow, Molag Bal became a superb Ugaan of great strength and honor.

"Honor before death. Death before the defeat of Ki'Sha."

Physical Appearance and Accessories

Height: 120 feet
Length: 170 feet
Wingspan: 115 feet
Scale/Fur/Feathers: Molag Bal has large, tough black scales that are plated and overlap like armor. They are sharp and lay atop each other as spikes which can shift and flare out according to emotions. The scales are rough to the touch, much like sandpaper.
Eyes: Molag Bal has eyes the color of fire. They can vary in shades of yellow, orange, and amber but can sometimes be all three.
Accessories: None. He believes they slow him down.
Armor: None. See above for reasoning.
Horns/Spikes: Molag Bal is actually a very spikey dragon. His scales in themselves are sharp like spikes, not to mention those large spines going down his neck, back, and tail. Spikes also adorn the back of his legs and edges of his wings, giving the dragon a sharp and deadly appearance. He has a long, straight crown of horns around his head which are black like the rest of his spines.
Overall Appearance: Molag Bal is a dragon with a muscular and bulky appearance, muscles rippling underneath his stony scales which holds an impressive amount of strength. He is wholly black but may shine a dark charcoal color in light. He has a long, boxed snout which goes down to a broad tip lined with large stony teeth and fangs. Fiery eyes are positioned on the sides of his head.

A noticeable trait of this beast is his huge, broad feet with large talons fit for clawing and gripping. Though this is quite a distinguishable trait of Molag Bal, it is not the most noticeable one. Those honors would go to the flame between his scales.

Between Molag Bal's scales runs veins full of magma and fire. This gives him orange, red, and golden marks along his body that glow in the dark and makes his body warm-- not hot --to the touch.

Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal Ed2c6b10

Abilities and Strengths

◇Fire Breath. Molag Bal can exhale flames from his maw up to 30 feet. The fire is 2100°F. He can use this ability once every three posts.
◇Fiery Spikes. With a swing of his mighty tail, Molag Bal can shoot enflamed spikes at 1900°F that travel up to 20 feet. They stick and embed themselves into the surface they land on. Then, much like the Needler from Halo, the spikes explode into bits of flame after one post. This ability can be used once every three posts.
◇Magma Spit. This male has the ability to produce magma in his front fangs and spit it out up to 10 feet. Like his fire, it reaches 2100°F and spreads to a radius of five feet. It remains magma for three posts and will burn if it is stepped on. After three posts the magma will harden to rock which will no longer burn unfortunate dragons but might cause a trip. Molag Bal can use this ability once every five posts.
◇Magma Bite, another magma ability. Should Molag Bal manage to bite a dragon, he can inject magma from his fangs onto the bitten spot. The magma, being 2100°F, will cling onto the dragon for two posts before it hardens into rock which might weigh down the victim but can easily be broken off. This ability can be used once every six posts.

Note, these abilities aren't as effective (if effective at all) when used on water or ice type dragons.
◇Molag Bal is a beast of physical strength. He is very strong and muscular, making him a good warrior for melee combat. His strength makes him a force to be reckoned with in battle.
◇He is talented at battle planning. He can plan a trap, ambush, or fight pattern with ease with his sharp, quick mind. His intuition also makes him good at detecting traps and solving riddles/puzzles.
◇The dragon also has a resistance to fire. Molag Bal has a 60% resistance to it but can still be harmed by heat-based attacks, seeing as magma is within him.
◇This Magma Beast is not well equipped for ranged or aerial combat. His abilities don't have too large of a length, and his body is much too large and heavy for his wings to carry smoothly.
◇Molag Bal has a weakness to water. Rain or a small splash is fine, but he cannot be submerged in water as deep as 70 feet. If he is, his fire might be extinguished and he might perish.
◇He can be distracted quite easily, particularly by females. This embarrasses Molag Bal and he tries to ignore them, but he cannot help but watch a pretty dragoness walk by.
◇Molag Bal is bound by honor, which can be good but also a weakness. He will try his best not to do anything morally wrong, which may prevent him from doing something to defend himself.
Fighting Style: Molag Bal fights using his brute strength, shoving and throwing his opponent around. He tends to use his fire attacks when he has his opponent pinned or when they are just close enough for them to reach.
Magic: None.

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Molag Bal
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Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal Empty Re: Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal

Post by Azreyus on Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:51 pm

1/2 Approved.



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Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal Empty Re: Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal

Post by Savan on Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:34 pm

A very curious character, and a solid sheet at that!

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Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal Empty Re: Made of Fire ♤ Molag Bal

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